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    107 pages, 1063 posts, see http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/82897-big-bream/page-107.
  2. I'm still catching well on floating baits, carp, chub and F1s, with a better average size than those on the bottom fished rod.
  3. Yes, that's been posted on here before, which is not surprising since the orginal German report dates back to 2010... http://www.fischundfang.de/Service/Aktuelle-Meldungen/Traum-Rotauge-aus-dem-Neckar I could believe the weight on this one.
  4. It fooled Anglers Mail as well, based on their front cover... http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/fishing-magazines/anglers_mail_140114.html
  5. Thanks for the hoax information, I didn't see that in my random surfing.
  6. It's hard to say from the photo, but is the weight believable? http://www.tcfmagazine.com/news/item/1705-10lb-perch-caught
  7. That was a surprise to see my name in the left hand column! It's good to see that the advice from others had a better result than mine.
  8. It looks like an ide to me too, in immaculate condition. This 5lb+ German roach was posted on here a while back... http://www.fischundfang.de/Service/Aktuelle-Meldungen/Traum-Rotauge-aus-dem-Neckar
  9. I had a week in a fishing lodge just after ice out at Pakwash Lake way back in 1980, according to google maps that's SW Ontario'ish. We trolled minnows (shiners) along the bottom on rigs with small spinners and beads and had lots of walleye (the North American version of zander). Large lures produced northern pike, small lures produced perch. Another party had a nice smallmouth bass.
  10. Here you go... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Choice-Baskets-Wicker-Fishing-Basket/dp/B006072Y7Y
  11. An excellent read, and a super PB perch.
  12. Still use mine every trip, it gets the occasional "you don't see many of those these days" comments from the really old guys. Mine was lined with old lino about 40 years ago to keep the rain out. I do put an old cushion on top of it to stop indentations. It is surprisingly light when emptied, it's all the gear that's put in it that makes it heavy.
  13. A nice report, but surely you can't regard touching the edge of the landing net a catch ? My personal rule is if I don't have the fish under sufficient control to put it into a theoretical keepnet then it doesn't count.
  14. I thought the two episodes last night were pretty dull, fortunately it was recorded so the fast forward button was used. It made me appreciate what great entertainment Mr Green is .
  15. Hey, isn't this thread for banter and witty repartee, so don't go posting useful information on it .
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