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VCR/DVD Combi servicing.

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Need a little help if anyone can.


I have a DVD/VCR combi player and a TV/VCR/DVD player. Both need to be serviced/cleaned professionally but I have been unable to find anyone who can complete the service. Does anyone here, referring to the UK members of this forum, know of anyone in their area who would undertake such work? I am prepared to travel as these items have significant sentimental value.


Thank you in advance.

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I hope they are not pain-o-sonics because the bill will be large.

Easy enough to service yourself if the machines are working ,just a screwdriver ,a hoover and a bottle of propanol ,might as well replace the belts while your there, most bits obtainable at a low cost

Dvd players nedd little more than a hoover and cleaning disk ,once you need to get inside to the lasef you might as well buy another


Theres still plenty of repair shops out there but unless they are repair centers for the big noises they wont get the spares and data to repair some stuff but a google for the machines in mind may reveal where

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