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New/second hand tackle

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I want to get back into small/medium stillwater trout fishing - something nice and enjoyable for the warmer months when coarse fishing is a bit crap. It's been a while since I've bought any fly gear and would appreciate some views on the following:


1. fly lines. Seems to be preference out there for cortland 444 or snowbee XS lines. Any preference between the two, or any other suggestions?


2. rods. I'd like a new rod, 9' #5 or #6. Am I better off getting a decent second hand rod or a new rod? With coarse gear I know I'm better off getting second hand if I know what to look for. e.g. I've seen a couple of suitable Sage rods on ebay recently for about £150. Thoughts?


3. venues - any nice catch and release stillwaters you can recommend?


Ta :)

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Hmm. OK


Rods - as you know, I am a massive fan of Sonik rods, so if I were buying new, that's where I'd look first. I've never fished with the Sage/Hardy end of the spectrum, so not sure how much the extra cash buys you. I bought fly fishing outfits for my nephew and niece for Christmas, and I was really impressed with the little Shakey Sigma fly rods I bought them from John Norris - really lovely little 7ft 3 weights (originally ordered the 8' #4 but they were out of them). Only twenty odd quid, quite fancy one myself even though I've no need for it. Not quite the sort of thing you are looking for, but really puts value for money into context!


Lines - I also bought them John Norris own brand fly lines, and having had a swish about with them I thought they were outstanding value for money - £7.99!




My preference is for the Snowbee XS, I think they are the best lines I've used, but I thought the John Norris was closer to it than some lines which cost as much as the Snowbee.


Venues - catch and release - bit tricky, especially since you are looking for summer fishing. A lot of the smaller waters get pretty marginal for trout water temperature wise in the summer - they can become very difficult, and the survival rate of released fish is dubious. For that reason the place I used to fish, Churn Pool, stopped stocking trout in the summer and allowed coarse fishing. They've now stopped stocking trout full stop and are a dedicated carp fishery.


Bushyleaze/Lechlade seem to produce fish year round, but are catch and kill.


Manningford has a C&R lake, but I've never been there and it doesn't sound great from this review;




To be honest, it might be better seeking out some more varied river trout fishing?

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Anderoo I have a Sonik 5#/6# that I am very happy with but has had little use that you are welcome to have a try with ,Steve is your club bit available day ticket?? if not any other thoughts on reiver sections I would be up for a go and Rusty used to chuck fluff as well I believe

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The club bit is day ticket through the coarse season but members only in the closed. I actually remembered to join this year, it's only £25 and gets some nice bits of river fishing for chub, barbs, perch and pike. Also possibly big roach, the bad weather has killed my roach quest so far this year.


Would be good to scout out some more brownie fishing, though. There is the Bull at Fairford which is day ticket on the Colne, but it might be expensive in the trout season, it's about £30 a day in the grayling season.


There is also the Bristol Bath and Wilts Amalgamated ticket - it's available now at £50 for Jan 2015-June 2016, so two closed seasons, what's left of this one and all of next one. I might buy that actually. They have some trout fishing for wildies. I've only fished one of their waters for trout, I blanked, but I saw plenty of the buggers, just before they saw me! Proper Hiawatha stuff!


They've got some outstanding river fishing, actually, if you fancy a bit of a change from the Thames;




This is where I was doing my red Indian impressions, near Bath;






This is the one on my club ticket;


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You just missed out on the superb Access rods in the Orvis sale the 9' 5# was available for £171 half their original price; not bad for a US build. There are some vailable form outlets such as Uttings or Fishtec but not at that price.


Airflo Superdry are well worth a look they seem to have got the problems they had with floaters sorted, I have not had any problems with them. I agree with Steve about the John Norris lines, but my experience of them is limited to a WF9F warm water line that I use for Bonefish and Tarpon.


Try http://www.fishskb.co.uk they do an excellent range.


If its too warm for Coarse fish then most small still-waters will be for too warm for trout, the rivers may be a better bet. see if you can get a hold of Trout in Dirty Places by Theo Pike he lists Trout fishing in some surprising venues and the fishing is either free or really cheap.



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