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Pythagoras' theorem

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Three Red Indian Squaws found themselves to be pregnant. As the time for giving birth drew near they went to the traditional birthing teepee to have their babies.


One squaw lay on a Deer hide, another lay on a Buffalo hide and the third lay on a Hippopotamus hide (no, don't ask, I don't know either).


The day arrived when the babies were born. The woman on the Deer hide gave birth to a boy. The woman on the Buffalo hide also gave birth to a boy, but the woman on the Hippopotamus hide gave birth to twin boys.


This therefore proves Pythagoras' Theorem:-


The squaw on the Hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws on the other two hides.

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This how I received this joke



An Indian chief consulted his medicine man about a sex problem that had been going through his mind. He told him -


"Being chief have three wifes. Year ago I receive gift of skin off a hippopotamus from friend who go to Africa. Skin on floor of teepee along with skins from buffalo.


One night get drunk on firewater, make sex with two wives each on buffalo skin and third wife on skin from hippopotamus.


Nine months later wives who had sex with on buffalo each give birth to a son, but wife who I had on hippopotamus had twin sons. Is there magic in hippopotamus skin?"


"No." said the witchdoctor "Is simple mathematical equation."


"Squaw on Hippopotamus is equal to squaws on other two hides!"

Regards from Gareth.
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