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  1. Used to be that this forum was so active 20 odd members were actually logged in on Christmas Day morning Sad that it's crashed.....
  2. Zigs

    Hello Again

    Did something wrong, pics didn't attach...
  3. Zigs

    Hello Again

    I guess it must have been hell of a party All quiet here at the moment, a few shots of the campsite that my wife and I run
  4. Zigs

    Hello Again

    Cheers all, will try to pop in a bit more often
  5. If he creates a new account the mods should be able to merge it with the old one
  6. Zigs

    Hello Again

    Hi Ken Cheers mate
  7. Long time no posting. All sorts, gone on, got divorced, lost the house, had a mental breakdown and spent the last 3 years homeless All better now though, moved to Kent and got married to a lovely lady Not been fishing here yet but was asking what the local beach at Sandgate is like and I was told it's only good for Dogfish as there is a catching ban on them Any truth in this or was the bloke making it up?
  8. Zigs


    I got a Womble peppergrinder for Christmas, it's rubbish, everything is either underground or overground.
  9. Made hard cheese from 2 pints of Channel Island Gold top a few years back made I sweat
  10. Happy New Year to all, lets hope its a good one
  11. Blimey, this could get interesting. An EU Monarch ruling a non EU country.
  12. Cheers Ayjay Been busy splitting up with the mrs, trying to sell the house, getting a new Girlfriend and admin on 2 other forums, thought i'd better come back and see how you lot are. Even the top of that hill is saturated.
  13. Chesters is right, CO2 is at it's lowest point in the atmosphere since the Carboniferous period, look back over the last million years and the planet has been mostly cold. Civilisation has grown up in an interglacial period, we're gonna have such a shock when the ice starts to cover Canada and Northern Europe again. That's a hell of a lot of Folk to re locate.
  14. Hi Guys Been a bit soggy down here, I live on the levels. It floods every year, we're used to that, in fact I don't even think i've mentioned it on here before. Just that in the past 2 years the floods have been higher and stayed for so much longer than ever before.
  15. I can see her point. Ebay was being very condecending "Can't Mum or Dad answer the phone for you?"
  16. Cheers Ajay, not a problem, in fact I leant her the money to move out Don't have to hide the wine anymore There will be more fishing involved, planning on moving to Spain for a while, don't tell the Captain
  17. Not too long, plans got changed when evil wife went. Just me looking after Willow now.
  18. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/nuisance-spammer-ban-this-ip.38718/ Worked that time, the threat was only to xenforo boards so not to worry. Yes, a lot of wrangling going on there, but we've been really happy with the new board. Not been on here a lot as not been out fishing for a while. Hope to rectify that when we sell the house.
  19. Isn't it? Looks a lot like it, in that case forget about blocking that isp. What board is it then Elton? Happy New Year BTW.
  20. Can't seem to post a link at the moment, but there is an ISP you need to block, if you haven't already, its
  21. Total insanity. Would have been amusing if they'd done it while the Moon wasn't visible from Russia though.
  22. All the best to you both Judy. Stunning pic BTW.
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