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My neighbour's ex husband has managed to get back into her house and use her computer. It seems he waited for one of the boys to get in from college and followed him in while the door was unlocked


He's managed to infect it with stuff that I'm struggling to remove.


safesearch is one thing, it hijacks the browsers and pops up loads of adware.


Also snap.do which refuses to go away and can't be removed via uninstall program


I've just changed her password so hopefully he can't make it any worse if he gets in again.


Any ideas??

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My neices computer was full of the same crap ,in the end i reinstalled win7 but warned her not to except anything but what she wanted to get and not use quick install ,the mcaffee was a pain it never took you to where you wanted to go

Once it was a fresh install the machine came alive it could take five minutes just to get something to open

Even my favourite system care could not shift the stuff

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my standby follow through guide:

download this:


unzip to desktop> right click file and choose "run as administrator"

follow on screen prompts


once it restarts

download CClearner:


download Malwarebytes:



install and run malwarebytes:

do a full scan and remove everything it finds


install and run ccleaner

run the cleaner tool and remove everything it finds

choose registry and run the scan

remove everything it finds


open control panel

open internet options


at the bottom of the screen you will see two options: RESTORE ADVANCED SETTINGS and RESET

click both

the RESET option will give you several options about deleting homepages and personal settings; tick everything and click OK


restart the pc


once its restarted:

go back to control panel>internet options

under GENERAL make sure you reset the HOMEPAGE to something that you want.

choose the PROGRAMS tab and then choose MANAGE ADD ONS

on the left are four options highlighted in blue: click each one and disable anything in the right hand area that you don't know or don't want.


restart again


open control panel>programs and features (or add remove programs depending on OS)

browse through and uninstall any software you don't need like search toolbars and other crap. chances are most of it will be installed with another piece of software; so look for emoticon toolbars, weather toolbars, free youtube downloaders, free music streaming or any other **** like that; and get rid of it.


good luck!

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safe search will be mostly a browser based bho file.

so resetting the internet options and roguefix will do a good job of cleaning most of it out.

then manage add ons and changing homepages etc for the rest

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