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Winter Session in ... Portugal !

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MAny thanks for the answers, but I have a horrible feeling that this place is not going to be the right type of venue for the Forum Lads, well certainly not for the ones that have a bit of experience behind them. I can find plenty of places close to home where i can catch single and doubles all day long. If I was going to do something like this it would need a water that was totally unkown and enjoying the pioneering aspect of the event or a venue where you don't find yourslef wading though buckets of small carp. A farmer saying a 18 Kg fish 20 years ago doesn't really float my boat when you have only expereinced singles and doubles. You being convinced that there are bigger fish in there does not warrant me forking out for a flight or the time, don't take this the wrong way its just how it is mate. I've a feeling the other guys may be the same.

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