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  1. HI, Anyone had any expereince of fishing in ones of these, would like to know pros and cons if poss and any comparisons with the other popular models. Stu
  2. Aprantley the pictures of the stolen stuff will be posted on their website tomorrow, so Let do them a favour and ebay search for anything similar and look in your local classifieds to see if any of the items come up, theres a fair few of us on Anglers net from all across the UK we may turn up something, my guess is though that these were nicked to order so we might not get anywhere but its worth a try....... isn't it ????
  3. MAny thanks for the answers, but I have a horrible feeling that this place is not going to be the right type of venue for the Forum Lads, well certainly not for the ones that have a bit of experience behind them. I can find plenty of places close to home where i can catch single and doubles all day long. If I was going to do something like this it would need a water that was totally unkown and enjoying the pioneering aspect of the event or a venue where you don't find yourslef wading though buckets of small carp. A farmer saying a 18 Kg fish 20 years ago doesn't really float my boat when you have only expereinced singles and doubles. You being convinced that there are bigger fish in there does not warrant me forking out for a flight or the time, don't take this the wrong way its just how it is mate. I've a feeling the other guys may be the same.
  4. I'm in the fortunate postion of working for myself so can take pretty much time out I want to and this offer does look interesting, but I have to agree with Rob it would be a lot of effort if the lake turns out to be stuffed full of singles and low doubles, so would like some more detail of what we can expect to catch and what you have caught before before I am prepared to commit. some other questions :- How much for Bivvie Hire ? How much for Bed chair hire ? Will you pre bait, if so what with, how long and if there is a charge what would it be ? Has the lake seen boilies if so what types ? You say you will pay for food and drink, does that mean I don't have to pay for any meals ? What transport are you providing (3 people with tackle is a lot of kit) ? Will access to the lake be exclusive to the party ? Is a boat available ? What weather can we expect in that part of Portugal at that time of year ? Many thanks, Stuart
  5. Simon, It was me, and I can't come, so please don't go making the effort to bring your spare yak, but many thanks anyway. Stu.
  6. Rob, No, it came to me last night they were Magno's, anyone remember them ???
  7. Redmire will always hold a special place in my heart even though I have never been there, although that may change soon. Linear is a fantastic place I have basically grown up there moving around the day tickets as they have opened and closed then eventually onto the syndicate. But and its a big but, the most special place for me was a small 1 acre lake near home which I used to cycle to as a kid with my mates, sunloungers on backs, bags of Kevin ________s cream RM30's in the pocket, rods strapped to the frame of the bike, wibbling and a wobbling the half mile there heart beating fast all the way with excersion and unbounded exitement. Setting up the monkey climbers and little box alarms with a dodgy orange vane device that would go off at the strength of an ants belch. Getting a fire going and getting the brolly and velcro storm sides up and hunkering down for a night waiting for a wildy to bite. Wooooooosssh middle of the night, the alarm has failed to work again and I'm on my jacksey boots full of water reaching for the rod butt which is travelling at speed towards the water. Oh my god I'm in. Will the rod hold out, is the line going to part, watch the shopping trolly hurled in by early 80's chavs (what did we call them back tthen or did they not exist, OR PERHAPS I WAS ONE AND DIDN'T KNOW). Struggling to get the pan net down the bank with a maglite sticking out of the beak. Unfolding the mesh of the net theres a long lean almost silver carp of about three pounds and Am I chuffed, really chuffed, no one can beleive it, its a wild carp and mitchells got one. Well I was the dogs dirty bits for the next week at school and rode on the enthusiasm and for months, that was until Nick (good at sport, school and always got the best birds, remember him) caught a seven pound mirror, bloody massive and one of the only mirrors known in the country at the time !!!??? (well for us anyway). Anyway back to the sunlounger for a kip...... ratchets gone so I'm on the floor once again, knackers. Its very rare, no, its not happened since that a water has wound me up and gave me as much pleasure as that little one all those years ago. I guess you grow up !!!!!! Where did you lot start, would love to hear of your first experiences the tackle you started with what gave you the buzz and how strong was it. What were those alarms called:- blakc box with a V shaped rod rest and an orange plastic vane, they even had a sensitivity control that tensioned the spring that was attached the the vane, and made a bloody stupid noise hen the battery was low. Stu
  8. One of my mates went on one of these trips and said it was a fantastic day out and Hugh was a really pleasant guy.
  9. Carp is the UK's largest freshwater fish. It is prized in Poland and served at Christmas, fried with potatoes and vegetables.
  10. That was nice. I was only asking for answers to a legitaimate question posed by the golfers at work, first time i've been basically told I'm an idiot on here Budgie, doesn't feel very nice.
  11. Super Arguments, but...... CAN IT BE DONE POll please Oh and i didn't stipulate that it had to be a golf ball driven as hard as possible in a prefect trajectory, it could be a high lob shot where the trajectory would be inclinded more towards the verticle plane, meaning that the ball spead would be slow at the fulcrum of arc given greater oportunity to smack it with a lead.
  12. So in theory at least, a lead could hit a golf ball in flight. You're surely not talking about accuracy though, are you? As in literally knocking an airborne golf ball out of the sky??? cheers Davy, Yup your right, I'm thinking it may be possible, possible stupidly, but I've purposley knocked a spod out of the air a couple of times....
  13. Folks, Just havin an argument at work between the fishers and the golfers, the two questions I need an answer to are.... 1) Velocity of a lead in flight ( say a tournament caster was casting a 3oz lead) 2) Whether an angler could knock a golf ball out of the air with a lead. Replies needed quick, I'm loosing the battle Stu.
  14. Dunno mate but I have had a number of rods which only had a weave on the Butt section or half way up the tip section, so I don't think you have been sold a bummer.
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