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World cup cricket

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I see he has failed once again, out for duck. I think he needs to be dropped now, so what if he is the captain. I would have dropped him 2 games ago, no good if you can't score runs, which is what he is supposed to do. 5 matches now with an average of 15, rubbish. Do the team a favour and drop yourself.


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your right he has struggled,anyone who has sky should put it on as the match is on a knife edge at the mo

The salary of the chief executive of a large corporation is not a market award for achievement. It is frequently in the nature of a warm personal gesture by the individual to himself.

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I don't think Vaughaun should ever have returned to the side, much in the same way I feel taking Giles to australia for the ashes set us on a doomed path as well. The England team is all about the Establishment and not about class or skill - whilst I admit I feel Nixon has performed well in his position, the fact they gave Chris Read (widely accept as being the best keeper in the UK, with a very good batting history at Nottingham), just TWO matches to prove himself when Jones was dropped proves something isn't quite right. Jones, meanwhile, was given 18 months to prove himself as a batsman and failed.....


Of course, ditch Vaughaun and who replaces him - we have a bunch of misfits, most of which teeter on the brink of being ditched due to their form. People quote Strauss - but I don't think he's the man - Flintoff never was and never will be. I think Kev would be the first to admit he's no captain - although his well documented selfishness and relative isolation within the England side could be advantagous for a captain. We don't have a Fleming character who you have to say is exceptional - New Zealand are good, but not -that- good if you look at the team players BUT probably perform to 110% every time they get on the field, which makes them very tough opposition to beat.


English cricket is a sham - I remember 2 years ago returning from an England victory during the ashes and telling people on here not to get too excited - it wasn't the return of a great side. In truth the 2005 ashes was a very level series in terms of form BUT don't confuse form and skill! I have the DVD box set for that series, and Australia really didn't get the run on decisions that England did at times (some very dubious calls given against them).


Vaughaun was unlikely yesterday - snick showed the noise was after the ball passed the bat - definitely a noise, but bat on ball - don't think so. That said you make your own luck in cricket - if you don't play loose shots that virtually edge a ball then frankly the doubt isn't even raised. Nothing worse than people moaning about LBW calls and the like for batsman that have misplayed a shot - yes - a few calls may well have missed the stumps, but simply put an old school forward defensive shot would alleviate the need for the decision in the first place.


Sri Lanka proved yesterday that they have the heart to win the tournament - or at least go to the final - with 130 required of 25 overs and 7 wickets in hand England should have p1ssed it frankly - and the fact they didn't illustrates our lack of desire.


Anyway, we are effectively on the way home - a loss to the aussies will seal that if my maths is correct - certainly make qualifying very very unlikely.

Ian W


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