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  1. Not being funny but unless you allow technology to be proven then progress is never made forward. CLEARLY a combi is a better option for the environment and your wallet since over time on conventional systems you certainly find yourself heating two tanks of water a day, when indeed some days you may well use very little domestic hot water. For example, a person like me with an electric shower and a cold feed dishwasher will in fact not require ANYTHING LIKE the amount of hot water produced in a day on a conventional system. In fact some days I suspect I could well use virtually none besides hand washing water in the basin... Furthermore they take up far less space - I have no tanks in my loft anymore so can now utilise the space the feed/expansion and header tanks took up, and the boilier cupboard has now been shelved to the floor (where the cylinder used to be), making it a far more useful space. Our boiler has been running four years to date without any trouble at all, except an exploding pressure vessle which occurred within a couple of weeks of installation - and yes - whilst I accept that isn't ideal, I am a realist and accept that in the modern world we do sacrifice an element of workmanship in favour of mass-production and lower consumer prices. I also have to say on our combi (compared to the old conventional boiler) rads heat up a LOT faster and in fact get dangerously warm! Whilst this may be a negative to some (we've had to fit rad cabinets for the nipper), it is actually very welcome when you come into a cold house and want to get some heat running quickly! Scale is a problem for combis - fit a water softener and it's not a problem. As someone who contracts IT work for a local water treatment company (www.pozzani.co.uk), I have to say its surprising how few a people consider their waters chemistry when looking at their overall cost of living (kettles, irons, dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, the additional expense of cleaning products etc). For £350 you can fit a water softener costing £6 a month to run....yes an up-front cost, but for a recurring bill of £70 or so, probably a very good long term investment!
  2. Went on the Calder and Hebble up towards Hebdon Bridge last year on a canal boat and the guy leasing them said the same - from the boat you do not need any licence OTHER than a rod licence. People and clubs only buy banks rights in the main.
  3. If I was plumbing for a cheapish 1995/96 era car I'd go the Primera http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1996-NISSAN-PRIMERA-...1QQcmdZViewItem I owned one of these and as well as being very smooth - even at 130,0000 on the clock in the 7 years my dad and I owned it (from virtually new) it never broke down, never failed an MOT (except on emissions once), always gave fairly solid economy, and to be honest we are 'car abusers' - it's certainly not a family tradition to believe in regular servicing of vehicles etc just as a matter of course (probably had 2 services in 7 years). The other thing is I've had three Nissans now (two micras and a primera) and they've never been any bother When I sold my 96 Primera on eBay last year it finished at about 600 notes - it wasn't at all perfect, but it certainly wasn't scrappy, and given a good clean, TCUT and a bit of TLC would (and probably is) making someone a very very good car (like the original Mondeos these were reps cars originally pushing 13 to 14k so were built to last!) Ian Other thing about Nissans is you struggle to fault Nissan customer service - if you ever need it they are more than helpful with keys, radio codes etc and exceptionally professional about it all.
  4. Hi Folks http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Browning-First-Premi...1QQcmdZViewItem If you are an AN member (or know one) drop us a line via eBay and we'll elasticate the pole FOC - cannot say fairer than that. Truthfully 38 sets left tonight - we are listing 30 on eBay, have them on our site as well. Ian, Manager UKFT
  5. Ah - one of the benefits of living near Lincoln is you get to see the displays and training quite often - in fact - at a funeral service I attended at the crem last year the red arrows were doing a display at the same time (nice tribute!). Boots for soldiers in Iraq or the Red Arrows then I'm afraid they get the chop - However - I will say keep them because you damn well know with this government if they save money somewhere then they'll only bloody squander it on something more useless anyway.
  6. I don't think Vaughaun should ever have returned to the side, much in the same way I feel taking Giles to australia for the ashes set us on a doomed path as well. The England team is all about the Establishment and not about class or skill - whilst I admit I feel Nixon has performed well in his position, the fact they gave Chris Read (widely accept as being the best keeper in the UK, with a very good batting history at Nottingham), just TWO matches to prove himself when Jones was dropped proves something isn't quite right. Jones, meanwhile, was given 18 months to prove himself as a batsman and failed..... Of course, ditch Vaughaun and who replaces him - we have a bunch of misfits, most of which teeter on the brink of being ditched due to their form. People quote Strauss - but I don't think he's the man - Flintoff never was and never will be. I think Kev would be the first to admit he's no captain - although his well documented selfishness and relative isolation within the England side could be advantagous for a captain. We don't have a Fleming character who you have to say is exceptional - New Zealand are good, but not -that- good if you look at the team players BUT probably perform to 110% every time they get on the field, which makes them very tough opposition to beat. English cricket is a sham - I remember 2 years ago returning from an England victory during the ashes and telling people on here not to get too excited - it wasn't the return of a great side. In truth the 2005 ashes was a very level series in terms of form BUT don't confuse form and skill! I have the DVD box set for that series, and Australia really didn't get the run on decisions that England did at times (some very dubious calls given against them). Vaughaun was unlikely yesterday - snick showed the noise was after the ball passed the bat - definitely a noise, but bat on ball - don't think so. That said you make your own luck in cricket - if you don't play loose shots that virtually edge a ball then frankly the doubt isn't even raised. Nothing worse than people moaning about LBW calls and the like for batsman that have misplayed a shot - yes - a few calls may well have missed the stumps, but simply put an old school forward defensive shot would alleviate the need for the decision in the first place. Sri Lanka proved yesterday that they have the heart to win the tournament - or at least go to the final - with 130 required of 25 overs and 7 wickets in hand England should have p1ssed it frankly - and the fact they didn't illustrates our lack of desire. Anyway, we are effectively on the way home - a loss to the aussies will seal that if my maths is correct - certainly make qualifying very very unlikely.
  7. Got some cheap Fladen Charters in stock, 14ft - Fladen Vantage 14ft Beachcasters (cork handle, carbon blanks - much nicer), and if you want a notch higher some Quantum 14ft Intro Surfs. PM
  8. I can see last weeks argument rearing up again folks!
  9. Hi With Cory - any proprietor (bricks and mortar or otherwise) has the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. Typically in T&C's you'll find a clause along the lines of 'we reserve the right to refuse any sale from this site for whatever reason'. Specifically most will cary a clause for technical or pricing misrepresentations which will ensure customers are refunded in the occurence of such an event.
  10. Labour support isn't as -high- as you'd of thought - only 3% true voting difference at the last general election which represents a real difference proportionally of something like 19 seats in the houses of parliament - technically with the libs, that would be a hung parliament. However, given we don't have proportional representation the bizarre democracy we have allows a bunch of cretins who took no more than 3% above their biggest competitor to hold 50% more seats in the house of commons and thereby have a fairly clear run to pass whatever crazy laws and rules they feel like. Proportional representation has it's fall backs and throughout history it has lead to the odd undesirable gaining a political voice (Hitler being one - the chances are on a PR system in the UK the BNP would win one seat).
  11. I think about 20 quid for 100 fish, but that is for inch long fish I think - not much more than fry - but if you get a good survival rate then it's excellent value. I think for trout the pond needs plenty of aeration - some big koi piston driven aerators are probably a good idea.
  12. Gravel Gravel Gravel When I emptied my pond last year I took the opportunity whilst cleaning to add about 3 inches of gravel to the bottom - I bought a washed (chalk free) white pebble from the builders yard. I needed quite a bit, but it pretty much traps silt down on the bottom and stops the fish stirring it up. It also has the added benefit of providing a breeding ground for bacteria, to breakdown the trapped waste AND baby fishies/tadpoles etc can use the nooks and crannies for cover. Looks nice as well - fish show up better against the white background. Ian
  13. Special Offer on Browning Syntec Access Match Rods (Overstock). Twenty to go folks at bargain prices...Browning RRP 59.99 plus delivery, sale price 42.50 Delivered. Pairs at 80 quid all in (UK minland only) http://www.zebco-europe.net/zebco/upload/F.../B1_2007_UK.pdf Page B23 PM If interested
  14. Hmmm, being awfully cavalier with a lot of peoples lives methinks. Yes, we think we are right, and Iran clearly think they are. This isn't a bloody pub quiz though and I think the British public ought to have a bit more common sense than Taking our government or security services word for this (i.e. remember Iraq had nukes) and Taking the Iranians word for it either. What ought to be reported is their welfare and what is being done to secure them. Frankly if they were kidnapped in bloody dover it would be irrelevant - the important issue is how to get them back and ensure their safety. Of course, the same government feeding us the media on this event is also responsible (in the main) for our current foreign policy with regards to Iran, and the breakdown of communication between us and them over the last two years. What is wrong is government ministers making press statements to the media instead of getting on planes and fixing the bloody mess. Of course, no cabinet minister has the balls to step foot in Iran so maybe we need to question if the people running our little island are actually the right people.
  15. Both Gerrard and Lampard are probably our biggest issues BUT both are world class. To be fair you are putting what are essentially two very selfish players in midfield and neither plays well with the other. It has to be said folks, that lampard and gerrard are both exceptional at the 'running at a couple of players and cracking it from 20 yards' trick, and as I said, both up there in the top few in the world at that game, BUT we are missing a central holding player who can pass the ball. In my opinion strikers ought to be strikers, midfielders ought to support them - correct me if I'm wrong (by all means) but a lot of our midfielders want their name on that sheet, and you sometimes get the impression that are not playing the right balls or being in the right places for their actual job......this means the strikers get no support, the ball gets handed over, and then everyone piles back to prevent the other team scoring. Repeat for 90minutes and you've pretty much got an england match. We need someone who can slow the game down, control the pace, and play the right ball at the right time. It's all well and good having well paid, over-enthusiastic, twenty somthing superstars BUT a down to earth rock solid central midfielder is what you need. It's hard to quote a definitive example, since for the last ten years we've been out an out a wing based team (always looking for a cross).
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