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DAIWA amorphous whisker tournament (AWT13M)

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Norm B:


Norm B:

Anyone got one of these rods doing nothing?


they are like rocking horse shiete


and i want one  



:cool: They had a pair in Torbay Angling last time I was in there, mint but loads a money. :D
:cool: I had one of the early ones, too pokey for me so I sold it to a mate for £100. Sick now.
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thats like selling a ferari for a fiver....lol

:cool: True, but hindsight is a wonderful gift.

The first ones were real tournament rods but the later ones were softer and more suitable for fishing, I had the early one. Ask World Shore Champion Steve Allmark if he'll sell you his, but I doubt it. :D

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You could buy yourself a Daiwa Tournament X 130M.

A very nice rod indeed, more casting potential that most people will ever need and it fishes brilliantly. £400 recommended retail price but you can usually get them for £270 or so.


[ 24. August 2005, 11:42 AM: Message edited by: Socksy Squirrel ]

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