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  1. PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT Scalextric Triple Ignition Set - Brand New Retails at £129.99 but am looking or £100 delivered! Bank Transfer would be ideal but am also willing to accept personal cheque and paypal (add extra £5 fees) I have feedback of over 420 on ebay so can be trusted. Cheers Simon
  2. that photo has been around for years so i find it hard to believe your son took it days ago!
  3. to be honest im not really a fan of your title, im 18 so its not a problem with me but i just feel you are wrong infact i feel strongly against this title of post so would be appreciated if it could be changed, take a step back and think what you have written tut tut any decent father wouldnt even consider writing that
  4. is it soon? reason i ask is that i have been speaking to pike anglers and they have told me their going on their last trip of the season! is it just the pike stop feeding or what? cheers
  5. i got one for sale mate, let me know if you want it!!! if your gonna be fishing hythe anytime soon ill pop down as i live in folkestone! pm me
  6. what baits did you use for the bass?
  7. i was down there with a few lads on saturday nite, not fishing jus walkin and there were 2 trawlers working all the way along the coast behind the castle
  8. only ever posted in the sea fishing forum apart from when i wanted to try for pike which i never got round to. i would happily have stopped fishing if people had approached me about the rules on the river bank
  9. thanks for the support steve but i may have been a bit hasty, i think i was using about 6lb line and a size 12 hook. ill get more lighter gear on friday when i start off my freshwater career (Mat feel free to ignore me, therefore you wont need to visit this topic again)
  10. i dont mind paying my way, thats really not a problem. its just when people start getting arsey when i was only trying a new area of fishing that i havent tried for years. i found it quite fun today so i will probably be taking it up so i appreciate your point of view and i appologise for my attitude but i was quite angry. hope you'll help me out in the future btw ill be gettin a license before friday
  11. we didnt even go to a tackle shop, i only wanted a lil bit of help so end of topic someone delete this topic
  12. lol, you guys are unbelieveable how should we know the byelaws if we are not informed of them??
  13. actually shut up, i havent been freshwater fishing for years so am i just expected to know about all these things? no, so hush ya gums. now i know ill get a rod license and i wont fish for another 3 days
  14. how was i supposed to know
  15. river stour in canterbury, why the do you not believe me or something?
  16. well me and a few mates from college went and fished the river today after we finished. we had a very enjoyable day catching what we thought were rudd/roach/chub and i had a rainbow trout. we had the most simplest of tackle setup with some very very cheap telescopic rods each, a reel, 2 or 3 shot and a size 12 hook. after a while my mate caught a massive chub about 4 1/2lb we reckon. only thing is we dont really know how to catch the bigguns more often as we were only catching small ones all day. the bigger ones just werent intersted, they just swam by out bread. also at the end of th
  17. i have seen the picture in the herald so its deffinitely true. think it was on fresh peeler though. i will deffinitely be trying soon.
  18. 2 1/2lb doesnt look like im gonna beat it either
  19. with the westerlies here all week things should start looking up by the end of the week, especially with the big tides this weekend. you still heading for the warren? mite try a bit of early bassing on saturday monring
  20. are they 2 different types of codling because they appear to be different. this has always baffled me, can anyone shed any light /?
  21. maybe a cheap chinese copy? just a thought as theres a few other cheap copies on there
  22. i havent posted on this forum for ages because it has become a bit boring but i do check it everyday for decent posts. i have only tried livebaiting as a last resort and have never caught anything, but this year im going to actually use this method properly. i can understand why people dont use this method but its up to them, more big bass for us (hopefully) has any one got any tips on live baiting, methods, what livebait, when etc...... thanks pals
  23. well i know for a fact that 90% of small pounding and winding that i throw back from the pier will jus float, only flatfish seem to survive the drop. in the end the gulls get them so they're not wasted
  24. whats with letting a bow develop? i always thought it neccessary to keep a straight line
  25. that whitings a beast, never seen one like that before. how much did it weigh? anyone else caught one so big?
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