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Just a quick question I will be trying Zig rigs tomorrow. The question I have is do you use a back lead. I know that the line needs to be tight but won't that lead to line bites. Any advice would be useful thanks

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How long will your rig be? As I use it (a zig-rig) it is simply a very long popup. Until pva string came along the most difficult task was preventing tangles. Line bites (or bumps) are a part of the game but I never found zig-rigs to produce more or fewer than any other rig.

Line 'tightness' is a matter of discussion. It is not necessary although it can be treated the same as a "bolt-rig".




Edit: In the day my zig rigs were often 60ft in 80-90ft of water

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Use a foot long hook length tied to a micro swivel.

Use a heavy lead on a run ring with a rubber bead in between run ring and swivel.

The bead prevents run ring going over swivel.

Heavy lead creates a bolt rig.

Cast out and wind in all slack.

Bait is fishing a foot off bottom.

Let out a foot of line at a time until bait appears on surface.

You now know depth of water and can adjust rig from on surface to a foot off bottom.

Best using two rods and keep adjusting both until you find depth (which will alter during day) that fish are cruising or sitting around at.

A fluorocarbon hook length works well and a buoyant bait counters it's weight plus there's only a foot of it keeping its weight to a minimum.



Different floats for different folks!


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