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  1. Many years ago I used to use the tubes to hold my various rods and would set up the one needed on arrival at a venue / peg depending on peg, conditions etc. Two reasons for this: I could not afford any rods to get damaged, rods were stored in tubes in the cases they came with to protect them from rattling about inside. I only owned two reels - each with multiple spools to cover needs. These days all my pole kits are stored in tubes for the same reason - to protect them but its now another story for the rods. As I have progressed through life and my career several things have happ
  2. RUDD

    New rod

    An Okuma Aventa if you can get one is a good investment
  3. February. Lakes frozen and Suffolk beaches devoid of fish.
  4. RUDD

    North Sea Cod

    No decent Codling run in East Anglia for several years. Lugworm beds doing alright!
  5. Artificial baits only seem to work in conjunction with samples of the real thing. Fish are neither intelligent or stupid, they only have one instinct - survival. Some times this instinct favours anglers, sometimes it doesn't.
  6. In the last two weeks Drennan sent me a replacement widget (locking screw) for my super specialist landing net handle and Mastermind sent me two new reel handles after the Quick release button failed on one of my reels. Top service from both companies as both bits of kit are well used and a few years old.
  7. My season starts on Jan 1st these days. I fished the whip to roach and had a nice morning. At midnight tonight I will be trying to get some sleep, it's hot, muggy and close hence trying!
  8. The complete book of float fishing by Allan Haines is good.
  9. I use it when soaking 2mm pellets for the method feeder. Makes them very sticky which is handy for deeper pegs.
  10. On the water I am fishing I am catching on the waggler with 6mm expander pellets. Catching Tench, Crucian and big Roach. I have caught in 3ft of water in one peg and 7ft deep in another. Over 50 decent fish in two weeks during short evening sessions, last one was a 6.5lb Female Tench followed by a zoo creature breaking yet another hooklength - I suspect a large eel as it didn't charge around, just pulled back hard. Fellow anglers using the method are catching,but not many. On both pegs I have caught at the bottom of the marginal drop off. The waters clear so a pole could easily spook alr
  11. Line diameters are just unregulated lies.
  12. I am back on the deep dark mysterious water not far from my house. Been float fishing one of the shallow areas just over a drop off about three feet deep. Tench to 5lb, Crucian to 3lb, Roach to 1.5lb, some small carp to a pound and small Rudd. This week been smashed twice by something big, spade ends to 5lb hooklength. This evening caught a bunch of razor mussels, hook inside one! Four Tench, three Crucian, a Rudd and several nice Roach. The Tench were all small so they must be breeding well. A 9lb 9oz bream caught by a mate a few days back, no bream for me yet. Skimmers to 2lb have made
  13. Sounds like it's going to cost you around £1 per Lb caught!!!
  14. Email receipt on smart phone, always take phone fishing, job done. Still want the card to go in my fishing card holder.
  15. Marker braid. Once on a line try to get it off! Slips and is expensive, a small rubber band or bit of pole elastic does a much better job. Looks the part alongside all the other dispensers in the Fox tackle box though!
  16. The angling trust.
  17. Hi, good in open water, do not use in margins or snags. It stretches to far and fast. I use middy hi viz solid, does a fine job and cheap compared to overpriced hydro.
  18. Sea fishing in the UK this time of year is the pits. Scratching around you are targeting Rockling or a Dab. Bring on the spring run of codling. There was no autumn/winter run.
  19. No legs has already been done. Daiwa interline.
  20. I own a good few Dave Harrell MAP rods and highly rate them, all are a joy to use. http://talkangling.co.uk/fishing/showthread.php?t=26389
  21. Having to use nylon or wooden utensils with teflon frying pans should give a clue.
  22. As per boat rod thread, I use an 11ft Shakespeare Mach 3 pellet waggler rod. It's handled commercial carp up to 12lb with 5lb mainline with ease. For mullet I would recommend a pellet waggler rod over a specialist as the action will be far more forgiving and line pick up on the strike a bit faster.
  23. I would think any 11 ft pellet waggler rod would work well from a boat. 11 ft is not to short to feel you can't control your float and not to long allowing a bit more control of a decent fish. Pellet waggler rods also have a shorter handle allowing the rod to be moved across your body. I have a Preston carbonactive method rod and it's good but would recommend a Shakespeare Mach 3 pellet waggler - I own one and it's a very very nice rod, my other five waggler rods are all MAP branded but even their parabolic model didn't impress me like the Mach 3 did: http://www.ukmatchangler.com/match/art
  24. A life jacket at this time of year allows the recovery of the poor sole who has died from shock or a heart attack. I washed my right hand in a local pool at lunchtime and wished I hadn't, in all honesty it hurt (feeding mashed bread and some fermented corn).
  25. Having lived on the Suffolk coast all my life all I can say is tonight The East Anglian coast received a reprieve from nature. Whilst there was a big tide and storm surge coming down the North sea, mother nature changed the wind direction. At lunchtime the sea was high but flat calm due to wind direction. At around 1300 the wind did swing from a SW to A Westerly, this has pushed the pocket of water off shore. Tonight's high tide was massive but the wind has remained constant. The surge appeared as predicted and minor flooding has occurred. If the wind had swung to a Northery or further r
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