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Venue suggestions required.

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My family has decided to organise a fishing get together over a weekend.

Any one know of any good mixed fisheries we can day ticket / over night between heathrow and newbury area.

everytime i catch a fish i'm lucky when i blank i'm a hopeless angler.

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Lake or River?


What time of year?


If now - Barton Court is worth a shout. Precious little DT access to the Kennet - Aldermaston Mill being about the only other DT water of note.





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Prefer lake as some will want to fish for carp. No date planned yet but thinking is end of may.

Then still Barton Court, there's a well kept lake on the estate as well as river fishing. Overnighting is allowed, car parking is good and there's an all important Portaloo if you're going to be there for a while (or if ladies are present). Speak to Bob (the bailiff) on the number in Chris's link.

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