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  1. Rusty

    10 January

    Might well have been my hook. I lost a decent fish at chub corner to a parted hook length. Schoolboy error, rod held too low when I thought the fish was beaten then it had one last surge.
  2. Congratulations on your retirement Steve and good luck in future ventures. Wingham and your generosity in organising AN fish-ins provided me with an angling experience on my first visit which won't ever be topped. I still go back and read the blog entry every now and then, hard to believe it was eight years ago. All the best Steve.
  3. Rusty

    Catch reports

    A beautiful 3-08 chub from the Kennet today. It’s been a while since I’ve caught a chub of this size so very pleasing that something other than a trout put a decent bend in the rod.
  4. Rusty

    Catch reports

    It’s been a while since I posted here and it’s nice to see some activity again. I’m still as enthusiastic as ever partly because I’m now exploring new clubs and venues on the Thames. The decline of the Kennet continues, barbel are almost non-existent on the stretches I have access to and the big chub & perch are now fewer in number as well though there are smaller ones coming through. It’s got to the point where one of my clubs will be letting a prime stretch go at the end of this season. The combined cost of my two club books is £140.00 and it’ll be very hard to justify that next year. The Thames is a different story altogether, a steep learning curve compared to chalk stream fishing but early signs are encouraging and I can get access to loads of it through membership to several clubs charging very reasonable fees…£12.00 in one case. Anyway, to the point. This lovely 1lb 2oz roach was caught on tares with hemp in the feeder. It’s one of the first fish I’ve ever caught with this bait, up until now I’ve had zero confidence in it.
  5. Rules clarified by the tackle shop John, Jig head hook must be barbless, treble hook stinger allowed but only the point going into the lure can have a barb, the two protruding hooks must have their barbs squashed. That's good, my kit will be ok.
  6. If you're going to buy stuff John go here; https://www.thefriendlyfisherman.co.uk/ Just tell them that you're going to Rutland and they'll provide all you need. They tied my stingers but with trebles so not much use to you.
  7. Hi John, hope you’re well. All you need to know about fishing Rutland is here; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/5975726-zander-fish-in-october/?hl=rutland And here; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7576193-2015-rutland-zander-fish-in/?hl=rutland I can try and summarise important bits. 20g jig heads at a minimum (only if there’s zero drift), 30g & 40g preferable even a 50g for windy days. Jig heads should have stingers attached, of the few zander I caught most were hooked by the stinger. 10lb braid minimum but as thin as you can get it, you’ll be fishing at up to 100’ and at that depth thick braid will drag a lot and you won’t feel bites. Take a cushion for the boat seats. Flouro for the leader and no link swivels between fluoro and lure, spoils the lure action apparently. Drogue essential, fish finder very preferable but not worth the expense for one day out. I bought a Rutland setup for when I attended the two fish-ins a few years back so I have most of what you need including the drogue (no fish finder though), you’re welcome to borrow it if you decide to go.
  8. Yup, "stink fish" was the term used for pouting on a Mevagissey charter boat I was on many years ago. We caught loads but they all went back, no chance of getting them to the kitchen that day before they went off. Wonder why they do that?
  9. I agree, Cricket Australia could have demonstrated true remorse to the world and sacked the entire team and management. The final test could’ve been played with a fresh setup, the result would’ve been of no importance but respect would’ve been re-instated. Instead they’ve decided to sacrifice the lambs and leave the establishment untouched, do they really think that will be sufficient for Australian cricketers to be trusted in future?
  10. We're just saving it up for later Presumably Bancroft was the fall guy and when the establishment realised that he'd made a mess of if on public telly they couldn't quickly think of a way of distancing themselves. "Oh shite digger, he's on the big screen, get on the radio.....oh no.....he's wrapping the tape around his cock! Better start thinking about what we're gonna say at the press conference......anyone??"
  11. I stopped off at Goring on the way back from a trip to Kent today, got there at about 1:00 pm. The sun was out and the river was in great nick, up a couple of inches with a lovely green tinge. Probably got a three hour window between it warming up sufficiently and getting too cold again (for me, not the fish) so I'll venture out tomorrow. It'll only be a short session so I've got enough maggots for both of us if you want to join me freezing my tits off.
  12. Yup it's been a slow start fishing wise to my extended break but having dealt with most of the essential stuff I will be out tomorrow on the Thames. Don't know what the river's like so it'll be an exploratory trotting trip travelling light. The forecast is a bit worrying, sub-zero temps overnight for the next week so I suspect the canal will freeze over ruling out any perch prospects.
  13. Rusty

    12 January

    I wouldn't wait until summer Chris, might be worth one barbel attempt this season? I saw the second fish I lost and it was a chub but I didn't see the first one, I assume it was a chub but......
  14. Rusty

    12 January

    Thank you for the day out Chris, it was brilliant! I was dead chuffed with my choice of first swim, the chub were there but having hooked a couple on the float I failed to land one. I wonder whether that pool needs to be explored with a feeder setup?
  15. Rusty

    New rod

    Good advice from Keith, the Okuma Sheffield will do all you want for a very long time.
  16. Rusty

    Ashes Tour

    Looking like the ashes have gone. We might scrape a draw but the Aussies now have a lead of 18 runs, six wickets in hand with a session and two days to go. If I were Steve Smith I think I'd bat on until tea tomorrow and get maybe 300 lead, I don't think I'd declare just yet. England's bowlers are tired with an old ball so keep them out there.
  17. 1. Me 2. Not sure but I don't buy into the 'replaced by Facebook' theory. I still like this forum and if anything spectacular happened on one of my fishing trips I'd post here but after many years of learning from people on the forum my ability and enthusiasm has plateaued. I still love fishing and still go regularly but targeting big fish is less important than it once was. Now I'm disappointed if the 12oz roach have moved on from their usual spot. 3. Me. Fish-ins need somebody to front the cash and then rely on the punters to reimburse them (even if they don't go) so you need a pretty close knit bunch for somebody to take the lead and organize the event. We don't have that anymore.
  18. Who do you think is on top after day one? England on 196-4 which is pretty respectable but with both Cook and Root back in the pavilion I’d give the day to Australia. Had either of them still been at the crease then I think that England may have shaded it but as it is the potential for the Aussies to rip through the England middle order with a new ball on day two is worrying. I reckon we'll get to about 250.
  19. Don’t think I have a least favourite fishing month, it all depends on the weather and that seems so unpredictable these days. Years ago I guess December/January would be the times I would be least likely to go out but that’s no longer the case with our milder winters.
  20. Rusty

    Reel theft

    I doubt the thieves will be able to shift them, if they remove the serial number and engraving they'll look even more suspicious.
  21. Rusty

    6 September

    Have we still just got access to short section before the fence Chris (the paddock?) or were you on the opposite bank?
  22. My fave is Rock Salmon but there are so few chippies selling it now.
  23. That's my take on it John. The advantage of using plastic bait is that you can be confident it's still on the hook when your bait's in the water for a long time, to be effective the feed should contain the real stuff. I've tried trotting plastic maggots thinking that the fish wouldn't notice in the flow and with all the loose feed going in but bites stopped, a switch back to real maggots generated bites. Anderooo used plastic hookbaits with great success, they do work in the right circumstances using the right method.
  24. Good shout, I hadn't thought about the older Drennan rods. I have a 14' DRX Ultralite float rod which is about 10 years old and would be perfect for the job.
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