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I’ve fallen in a few times over the years.

The first time I remember was when I was a small lad fishing the Thames and the overhanging bank I was standing on collapsed beneath me and sent me straight into the river. I couldn’t swim then and the guy in the swim next to me had to dive in and save me.

I spent the next couple of hours next to my dad with a plastic Mac over me with my clothes drying out on the fence behind me, and every boat that past seemed to be pointing and laughing at me 😄

I also remember having a mate taking a picture of me holding a Tench just after dusk and then walking straight into the water because the flash had blinded me, I was sure there was firm banking where I trod but obviously I was wrong.🙂

The last time I remember going for a swim was a couple of years ago when I was doing a bit of surface fishing for Carp on a private estate lake and was the only person there. I put my rod down for a second whilst I searched in my bag for something and my rod was dragged in because I hadn’t opened my balearm; and as my rod was being dragged out into the middle of the lake I stripped off and dived in and swam after it. (NB: Luckily my rod handle was floating and was still visible above the surface)

I managed to grab hold of the rod and continue playing the Carp to a lot of cheering and laughing from a group of ladies from the estate whom I hadn’t previously seen, and trudged back to the bank and crawl out of the water and get dressed again amongst the applause 🙂



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Happiness is Fish shaped (it used to be woman shaped but the wife is getting on a bit now)

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