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    A friend of mine has been taken into hospital with covid19 and put on one of those Dyson respirators, just phoned to see how he is and apparently he is picking up nicely!
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    I ordered a Chinese meal last night. Chinese driver came to our door and I walked out to meet him. He started shouting "isolate" "isolate" I said you’re not that late, I only ordered 25 minutes ago!
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    you pair should get married!
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    A suggestion Paul. Why don’t you write all this stuff down, and present it to your mp, or your favourite media source, when “this is all over”. That will ensure that there are “questions to answer”, and it will spare the rest of us having to endure your constant drivel, telling us what we already know! John
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    Richard Horton is the same as every other wannabe politician and second or third rate ‘celebrity’ who is going to claim this and claim that, rather like the guy who shouts at the ref at a football match, they always know better and are obviously experts. In this case Horton needs to get his memory checked because the government wasting precious time during the onset of the virus, as he puts it, was because people like him were saying things like this and the Government followed the advice of the scientific community. Despite claiming this is not a political issue, your common or garden mouth piece will always make it so Ant at the same time agreeing that it is not political he will continue to post crap that supports his view. let’s just hope people will pull together and we come out from this without too much loss of our nearest and dearest. As for the ravings of a loathsome individual, well, there is a block feature on here, the site becomes readable and enjoyable again if you use it and leave the ramblings well behind a curtain.
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    I only wish I had a large pond in my garden with some Tench in it like the lucky blighter who lives up the road from me does. This weekend (Fri to Mon) the wife and I were booked into a Warner’s hotel near Hereford which has its own fishing lake (see pic below) but of course we’ve had to postpone our stay now till after the Conovirus lockdown. The fishing is good too, as well as the entertainment and food. At least when we do eventually get to take our break the river season might also be open so we might get to wet a line in the river Wye and catch a couple of Barbel and Chub. Hope everyone stays healthy and manages to avoid the Conovirus epidemic. Keith
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    Blimey, you can catch it anally now! Obviously the soap didnt work
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    He smells of fish ,i dont need two! Lol
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    Looks like the mighty EU is faultering ,they all got together for 6 or so hours in the web (strange they wont discus brexit doing it) discussing the crisis ,never achieved anything and they all but told their members to sort it themselves (strange wheres this EU cohesion first gone?) .They will be back in 14 days to speak to any leaders still alive ,best not rush things its just a pandemic The italians are out burning strangely extremly flammable EU flags (so much for the material fire proofing directives) ,the spanish are being grumpy as the donkeys have all ran off so they cant throw them off towers to vent their frustrations .the french are bemused so much so they forgot to block the channel ports and germany is getting miffed others are not doing as they tell them .
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    This is not about politics, this isn't about whether you are a Tory or Labour supporter, it's not about red or blue, people are dying! I see and read about Donald Trump and his views and actions. He doesn't give a cr@p about the American people, he only seems to care about the economy and screw the people. I see the opposite from Boris, it seems to me that he's saying screw the economy, lets save lives, we'll deal with the economy later.
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    The attempts at political point scoring are pathetic.
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    I am on the left and I think they are absulute fecking scumbags.
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    Looks like the Fishing season, Club level at least is done till next year!! Stay Safe Everyone!! Hope this great little community can see us all through it. We need this site more than ever!! - It'll give us a bit of sanity re our Cabin Fever!!
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    Its a review about a bedsheet
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    Alcohol kills the virus!! I should be pretty well immune then - Hic'
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    Whats all this continual questions out there! Its simple ...if your making shoes unless they are for the NHS you are not an essential worker If you are painting cars you are not an assential worker , if you are in a food or medical related business you are! Its pretty simple to understand. Then theres the other questions (made up but pertinent) if i wear brown shoes can i catch the virus ,if i visit someone elses grand ma can mine get the virus? Christ what is going on with society use your fricking brains ,if you go near someone theres a chance of catching so do not! Hopefully the stupid catch it and die but unfortunately they will probably take many innocent people with them because of it! Its time boris officially closed all non essential companies my son in law has had double pneumonia more than once so is high risk his company says if he takes a day off its a holiday ,he needs holiday time to take his daughter to hospital for yet another operation so she is also high risk if he catches it and gets sick . Force the companies to close or force them to produce something essential ,i am sure bending ornamental light fittings isnt essential at the moment! On reflection there is one profession that should go on crowded tube ,its the thousands of scammers ,pick pockets and phone pinchers ,historically they dont go punished for their crimes by humans perhaps a microscopic virus will do the job the law refuses to!
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    Ant, My bad as well. I am now a product of being housbound for 5 days with the prospect of another couple weeks minimum. While I am indeed a "snowflake" under the proper circumstance I favoUr the death penalty. This virus thing is horrible Phone
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    My apologies Phone old chap. I should take that back as it was aimed more at a certain type of extreme left, the type we have in the UK that would bend over backwards to defend and excuse such lowlife. I myself would describe a lot of my own views and ideals as being leaning towards the left. My bad for my previous post on the subject.
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    Ant, TISK Tisk tisk - perhaps the "left" would be me? - I often find articles like this are simply sensationalism. The accusation was an elderly couple were "coughed at in the street". Suppose it was unintentional by the scumbags and was escalated by a 70 year BNP leader with potty mouth. If the story unfolded as it is portrayed somebody would likely be in jail right now - not released. I am a genuine snowflake liberal Phone
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