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  1. There are a few interesting admissions here.
  2. Did you even bother to read my post? Your "reply" is nothing, but you vomiting up your usual guff without answering a simple question: "What measurable indicators would cause you to accept that you were wrong and that Brexit is in fact a success?"
  3. You are still avoiding the question, which is, and always has been, one of: What future conditions would cause you to accept that you were wrong and that Brexit is in fact a success? If the EU was in recession at the end of 2021 while the UK economy was surging, would that cause you to accept that you were wrong and that Brexit is in fact a success? If the EU applied a ban on tacking recreationally caught cod, or imposed a limit of just two fish per angler (as they did for bass), but the UK implemented no such restrictions, would that cause you to accept that you were wrong and that
  4. I voted to get away from the EU, not to move to it, but if you are such a Europhile, you go right ahead. You get to be ruled by an unelected commission and you get your parts deliverd quickly (if the distribution is unaffected by Covid), so what's not to like? I don't see Brexit as being in the mud at all, I see it as the sunny uplands of freedom. "What’s best about it all is those who voted brexit and are now feeling the affects" and we’re loving it. You got any closer to determining what measurable indicators would cause you to accept that you were wrong and that Brexit is in
  5. You do realise that customs work both ways and regardless of whether there are fees to pay, packages still have to go through the process - as per the last sentence in your copy/paste. We now have a border. It's what we voted for. If you don't like it, move to Belgium.
  6. I presume you mean "valve". Customs - most countries have them. You lost me after that.
  7. It's one example of a solution for one manufacturer's parts. I didn't present it as anything else. That said, although you keep citing parts shortages as a Brexit problem, they're not.
  8. 50 tonnes per week is 2,500 tonnes per year, which is utterly insignificant. An estimated 6.4 million tonnes of edible food are wasted in the UK each year. Tesco admits that 44,297 tonnes of their food went to waste in 2018/19. The rage-bait peddlers that you read don't care about reality.
  9. My dad is a big fan of hemp and tares for roach. He feeds hemp, among with one or two tares on a little and often basis and fishes the tares on a stick float - usually a bit latter in the year than this though.
  10. And as if by magic, the CBI are suddenly singing a much more positive tune.
  11. Difficulties breed solutions and opportunities.
  12. Comparing yesterday's results with the result of the 2019 general election is fascinating. The Lib Dems gained just under 7,000 votes. The Labour Party Lost just under 7,000 votes. The difference between 2019 turnout and yesterday's turnout matches he differences between the Conservative votes in the GE and in the BE. Conservative voters simply stayed home. As for Boris being seen as a "charlatan", well, that would explain why people stayed home, but it implies that what they want is more Conservatism/Libertarianism, not less.
  13. Ken L

    Cheap reels

    Just remember that Aluminium and saltwater really don't go together unless special coatings are used. Give it a wipe over with an oily rage, or better yet, a bit of car wax before you go and make sure you give it a good rinse & dry it off when you get back.
  14. Weird that the contents of your Guardian article doesn't name names or provide an actual quote and isn't reported elsewhere. This is what we who have a nose for such things call "Fake News" if we're being polite and "bullshit" if we're not. It'll be in the Independent, the Mirror and the Metro tomorrow though.
  15. The left wing remainer media managed to find a remainer voter to present a remainer position in a remainer constituency? Imagine my shock!
  16. My apologies, it's a 300% increase in jobs, but still 4x as many.
  17. Do you think there will be no corresponding increase in supply chain jobs created as a result of this massive expansion of the Sunderland plant? And why have you posted another video from your unhealthy basement dwelling friend? You really shouldn't keep trying to deflect away. Two weeks ago, he was whining about increasing food prices and now, he's whining about policies that protect against rising food prices while protecting British farmers. These are not politics of principle. These are the politics of hate.
  18. Yes, but it took them 37 years to do it, and as you stated in your post, they were only employing 7,000 people - actually 6,000. The new "Gigafactory" will dwarf that, increasing jobs by 400%.
  19. Again, nothing to do with the EU - or are you just deflecting from the Brexit success in Sunderland?
  20. Huge new Nissan car production project underway in Sunderland supporting 24,000 jobs. Well, I guess we can chalk up another Brexit success.....
  21. Ken L

    Cheap reels

    Fair point - for the few that can be othered to keep the box, receipt etc.
  22. I tried his. I still don't understand how it's supposed to connect me to the interweb thingie.
  23. The Liberal Democrats have pulled off a stunning by-election victory, overturning a 16,000 majority in a seat that has always voted Conservative. With their infringements of personal freedoms, failure to protect free speech, senseless lockdowns and disgusting proposals to force vaccinate care home staff, it's good to see the conservative get a kicking from the voters. They deserve it! What's fascinating though is that while the Liberal Democrats Party's candidate Sarah Green won with 21,517 votes, the increasingly irrelevant Labour Party came in fourth place, with just 622 votes.
  24. What's this got to do with the EU? Let's take it over to the Keir Starmer thread.
  25. The International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has today struck an historic deal with the US to resolve a long standing dispute over tariffs. The UK is closing in on its next post-Brexit trade deal. This time with New Zealand.
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