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  1. Sounds like you've had a rough ride - but we're glad to see you back. Hope the family have been okay through it all.
  2. Ken L

    7lb cat

    I hear rumours that a small catfish was caught from the lower Severn last year and of course, it's five years since the 94lb monster cat was caught from the Severn at Ripple. Sounds a lot like they're breeding, and if the Ripple fish has found a mate, that's millions of eggs per year.
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hpaAZsCqdLG8/
  4. That was a tough read, especially as my brother has been going through a similar set of tests recently with (so far) negative results. As everyone seems to be pointing out, survival odds are much better than they used to be and many people go on to live many years, with a good quality of life after treatment - my old neighbour was one. Hopefully, you will feel much better soon now that the infection is being dealt with and be in a better place to fight this bloody thing.
  5. You really have no clue why the people of this country voted to leave the EU do you?
  6. I'll go with the one that we now have with the European Union. Much better than the old arrangement.
  7. The "deal" that the Tories signed up to is extremely disappointing but with people like your good self shouting so loudly, I can understand why a government acting upon the democratically expressed will of the people wouldn't give a **** about the fishing industry. It's rather like all of those staunch Labour constituencies who have voted Labour for generations and loudly proclaim how much they hate the conservatives and are absolutely shoked to discover that as a result, the government couldn't give a fig about them.
  8. The important bit there is "the opposition Labour party has claimed". Well, they would wouldn't they? - especially as the shadow secretary for international trade (who presumably made that statement) is multi-millionaire communist Emily Thornberry...
  9. I see you haven't changed your tune. Still living in your delusional world. Meanwhile, the EU edges ever closer to falling apart, with Macron reeling from a report that Frances standard of living per capita has dropped from 5th place on the global list to 26th in the 46 years that it has been a part of the EU. His political rivals are waiting in the wings ready to Make France Great Again... In Italy, Salvini has gone from a lightly pro EU stance to heading up a coalition that is openly hostile to the EU, saying to Brussels "We don't want your money, we want freedom!" - and he's
  10. Looks like the Labour Party Membership are in step with Cod on rejoining the EU.
  11. Yaphet Kotto - American actor, best known for playing Dr Kananga in 1973 Bond film "Live And Let Die" and Parker, the chief engineer in Alien.
  12. Sorry to hear you've lost a mate. They live on in our happy memories.
  13. Here's a useful guide to help you out.
  14. Not nearly as much fun as watching sign language girl on the news reporting on the 2015 Cockermouth floods.
  15. Meanwhile, trade with other countries gets easier.
  16. You mean the Guylian ones? They are supposedly "Belgian chocolate" but they are suspiciously shiny and hard as well as tasteless. They're bad, but not as bad as the Hersheys chocolate that tastes of vomit.
  17. Cadbury to move Dairy Milk production from Germany to UK - £15m investment https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1393462/brexit-news-cadbury-plant-germany-uk-bournville-dairy-milk-plant-uk-economy Nissan to invest millions at Sunderland plant after launch of new Qashqai https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/nissan-invest-600m-sunderland-plant-19868771 Local construction firm picked to build Siemens new train factory https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-9242203/Next-stop-Yorkshire-Local-firm-picked-build-Siemens-train-factory.html New aircraft part
  18. I didn't pull the numbers out of thin air. If you copy the text into a search engine, you might even find the source.
  19. UK GDP rose by 1.0% in Q4 2020. It also increased by 1.0% in the US, but fell by 0.7% in the Eurozone.
  20. The comments are all turned off but the like to dislikes ratio on the official Whitehouse YouTube channel is hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteHouse/videos
  21. It's not about the underware, it's about having a shell layer on top to keep the warm air trapped. That said, the warmest gear that own is a couple of windproof fleece tops. In 2010, I waked a couple of miles into town when it was -11 with one over a t-shirt, and it was toastie.
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