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    I managed to get out on a small river in cheshire today, lovely little river and I had a short but decent trotting session.....
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    Why would anyone be surprised when we live in a world where "Bug chasers" and "Gift givers" are a thing?
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    TThis is my idea of a great band, and one that I have loved since the late 70s. One of my favourite Pink Floyd songs is ‘Comfortably Numb’ and my eyes still water when I hear the guitar solo being played at the end of this song, so if you only listen to one song then fast forward to 16:30 on the video counter put your headphones on and listen to this. And this Keith
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    Leedafeeder, What an interesting diatribe. May I ask since the UK GDP consists of - " In 2018, agriculture contributed around 0.63 percent to the United Kingdom's GDP, 17.51 percent came from the manufacturing industry, and 71.04 percent from the services sector.Jan 23, 2020" what logical attachment does the UK have to your EXAMPLE NATION? The only guess I might have is that UK citizens certainly are slaves to the EU right now? What else? In conjunction with the World Bank WTO also trades in the service sector. Could that have a bearing on the UK's short term future? Phone
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    After reading another post on here I thought I’d ask a question: You should see the food that Ive occasionally eaten when I’m out fishing. Ive eaten food after handling maggots several times; and handling lug worm and garden worms and slugs and other things like that and not felt ill. I think I might have built up a resistance over the years as (so far) I haven’t suffered any ill affects, or I may have just been lucky. And I remember when I was a lad; I accidentally ate some maggots when I had blindly placed a ham sandwich on the grass next to me after my float went under; I thought the sandwich was a bit gristly and after swallowing a few bites I noticed that my maggots had been spilt onto the grass and had crawled inside my sandwich. I wasn’t very happy about it and I started gagging a bit but I didn’t feel I’ll or anything. It is a well known fact that some anglers up in the midlands and the north used to place maggots under their tongues on a cold day to keep them wriggling. Perhaps we are a little too careful and paranoid these days, and some people these days don’t seem to have the same resistance to germs and viruses that we used to have; because of this? What do others think, are we a bunch of pansies today? Keith
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    The only thing I like "Up the Butt" is a Centrepin!!!
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    Why would you keep them in all day? Just a minute or two brings them into life. You keep some in a tin in your pocket (or bag if your from the north?!) To keep them from freezing ,use the stiff ones in your bait box as loose feed and the one you put in your mouth as bait Silly person if you had a mouthfull where would you store the rest of the worms!?! You only have 2 ears so space is limited ,the aluminium cigar tube up your butt keeps some groundbait from freezing solid but orifices are limited! Mind you i expect theres fox labled usb powered maggot warmers about today ?
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    We used to dream of shoe laces ! Me and my sister only had one pair she got the left one on odd days me the left one on even days on a alternate sunday we painted our feet black wit dust from coal mine We could only afford 2 sundays a month so added 4 hours to each day to make up the week on the others
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    I used to get mine trapped in my shoe laces, just saying.
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    I've always thought that kids these days should get some muck under their nails (& even eat bogies) It builds resistance in later life IMHO. We've all done it!!
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