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    Last night the wife was wearing a sexy black Negligee for bed - I could see right through to the Cardigan!!
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    Wow! that's a major swerve/U-turn, Corbyn was your new 'messiah' a few months back. Talk about fickle! Anyway on to more serious things. Paul, in your self appointed role as the chief spokesperson for the Tories Are Wrong All The Time, (TAWATT for short) party, could you please enlighten the nation, (or at least the half dozen or so on here), by sharing a little of your vast wealth of knowledge. What would you advise the Government to do in the future, to fight this pandemic? Your expertise in epidemiology, ably supported by your 'experts' in the media would be of great value in this fight, and could bring some much needed solace, and reassurance to the people. Thanking you in advance, I await a reply with bated breath. John.
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    A suggestion Paul. Why don’t you write all this stuff down, and present it to your mp, or your favourite media source, when “this is all over”. That will ensure that there are “questions to answer”, and it will spare the rest of us having to endure your constant drivel, telling us what we already know! John
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    I'm not doing too bad myself John, apart from losing track of what day it is and twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something to keep me amused. I spoke to my doctor last monday on the phone as they have shut the surgery in Lichfield and they are doing phone appointments instead. I had a good chinwag with him as we are friends as well as him being my doctor. I have to see him every 4 weeks and have done for the best part of 25yrs, so we know each other well. He always tells me i'm his favourite patient as I always cheer him up, basically I wind him up and make him laugh. He's 84 and sounded rough on the phone and told me he has coronavirus, silly sod should be in hostpital not still working! Anyway he told me two of his patients had died that weekend of the virus and when I asked him what the situation was around Lichfield his exact words were "it's rife". I had to drive down there to pick my meds up as the pharmacy is in the surgery. I don't mind admitting I was petrified going in there knowing that the virus is in the building, eek! On a lighter note the tiny village I live in is all pulling together. It is tiny, you could walk from one end of the village to the other in less than 5 minutes, so most people here know one another to say hello. We don't have a shop in the village but we do have a pub They've closed up but are still doing meals and delivering them in the village, they are even delivering pints of draught ale and only charging £2, yippee! The nearest supermarket is just over 5 miles away and myself and a few others from the village have made it known that if any of the older folk need anything but are too worried about leaving their homes then we can fetch things for them, just a case of passing around a few phone numbers and it takes a little worry out of their lives.
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    Everyone fine in our house thanks. Its sunny so the sitting room carpet was washed with the vax to get rid of the grandkids odd crayon or pencil calamity and my unfortunate dragging in bits of vapourised car tire my son cleverly cut up with my disk cutter (some short cut making plant pots dont ask!) Hopefully after its over people will have little stock piles of items nicely rotated for the next one but i wont hold my breath! Once parliament start up again it will be the usual opposition slagging off the government for its failure never having to answer how they would of done it or indeed why was the system not changed to the better when they had the reigns so it didnt happen now .when things dont change they stay the same ,i dont expect change historically governments have reactions rather than proctions !buying stockpiles waiting for things that may never happen is quite sensible only if they do happen and the opposition quick to point out the 'waste' of tax payers money the years until it does happen! They cannot win whatever they do ,you cannot please everyone all of the time as the saying goes. The ministries will still exist in victorian england ,the buyers will buy things because the seller says they work (like certain metal detectors ) and because they go unpunished will cheerily do so ,its not their money after all. Hopefully everyone on here continues to be here in the near future ,cod will be cod, cory happily cavilling ,ken being ken and me being marmite . Long live AN and Elton and his family get well and continue to let us play ,amuse ,chat ,argue and contradict as we always have ,some things shouldnt change lol Nothing to moan about ,our pills and potions finally arrived ,i ordered all our repeat prescription a week early on the 22nd february ,they were rejected ,i said the app we use will crash both on the app and on the phone to the doc enquiring where it was because people will panic blah blah blah they said everything will be fine ,it did crash ,it still is so i cercumvented it going direct to the chemist who supplies it who did it direct but it was still late ,luckily we order when theres 2 weeks left so it arrived in the nick of time! Will the doctors go back to the old system that worked ,not a chance someone said this one will work it doesnt but no-one learns no-ones punished ,the british disease is alive and wel!l hopefully every one else will be! PS you cant remove politics its all around us ,it caused the problem hopefully it will eventually cure it
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    ALL - Someone notify an administrator Phone
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    I really thought this was "WOW" so thought i'd share. "Heavenly happenings at Charing Cross Hospital London tonight as a choir sings out and can be heard in the surrounding streets."
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    I’m so sorry to hear this Elton, here’s hoping mrs Elton has a speedy recovery, and your family can get back to some kind of normality. It must be hard with a two year old, they don’t understand what’s going on. My grandson who was 5 last week, and is, ( according to him), “grandads best mate”, can’t understand why I cant visit. When we FaceTime, he will often turn his back and not speak to me like he’s fallen out with me. It’s bloody hard, and probably the worst thing about this self isolating. Stay safe everyone John
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    At last we have a new Labour leader, now FECK OFF Corbyn, you steaming pile of sh!te. MP's lie, but you continued to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence. You're a republican, when nearly everyone supports the Royal Family. You support the IRA, to the extent that you invited several IRA members to the House of Commons just 2 weeks after the Brighton bombing when they attempted to kill the Prime Minister. You have no sense of shame. You destroyed the Labour party. It was because of you that I voted Conservative in the last few elections, not because I supported them, but because I did not want to see a streak of sh!t like you becoming Prime Minister. Yours sincerely you gobshitting prick. John, a Labour supporter.
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    As the title says, how is everyone doing during this time? A (hopefully non political) thread where we can each have a moan, or offer advice, (helpful or humorous), to help others cope, or just to distract from the general crap that we are going through. Anyone joining me in climbing the walls? Keeping 2 metres apart of course! I'll start with a moan. What else would you expect from a miserable old git? My wife is working from home, and I have set up a small area of the kitchen as her office. The IT crowd at the Leeds office have built their own PCs, laptops, etc in house, and have done a pretty good job of it. My wife prefers, and got, a desk top model. Not having owned, or seen one for many years, I was amazed at how small the whole thing was, compared to the 'towers' of old. I decided to get the guitar out, and see how far my poor playing had deteriorated over the last couple of years since my last aborted attempt. Before I had a chance to do anything, I had to clean a couple of years of dust of it, put batteries in my tuner, and then attempt to tune it. Sadly the strings had stretched, and proved difficult to tune. I eventually got them near enough to try a few chords. At first I had difficulty with finger placement, but after a while it began to sound almost pleasant. I gave it a rest while I finished a job that I'd put off doing for months, ie, putting some roller blinds up. Later that evening I went back to the guitar, and chord practice for an hour. The following day I awoke to a pain in the wrist/thump, on my left hand, this gradually got worse as the day progressed, and I have now got a heat pad and support bandage on it. I can't grip with my left hand, and can only assume it's the onset of arthritis, which doesn't bode well for any return to angling. This morning I woke to find I can hardly walk as my sciatica has decided to pay me a visit, so getting the garden sorted is back on hold until the muscle gel and painkillers both kick in. On the bright side, it's warm, the sun is shining, the birds singing, and it's joy to hear kids laughing as they play in their gardens. Hopefully a sign of things to come. John.
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    I've just sent Vagabond an email, will let you know if he replies....
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    Mr Bush Civilian control of the military how naive! Civilians only control one thing the box they tick when voting ,then they are in the hands of those that get elected. After that they control little but when to breath in and out. As to the military they are not voted in so cannot be voted out ,if you riot its the military that will be shooting you like 1969 and 1970 i class the police as military they just kill in the home country whilst the army are free to roam worldwide. We do the same we are not innocent of killing the masses in northern ireland ,the police and army had a fine time! strange we had no control over it ,i saw no box to tick saying stop shooting innocent people Cods point the elderly being expendable its probably the right choice if there is a decision between someone with little chance of surviving and someone with more, being elderly myself i try to avoid being part of that decision by doing all i can not to get involved! Didnt the young sacrifice themselves in the war to save the old? The government pretty well ordered the young to do it ,few complained
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    Ant, One of my favorites Phone
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    Not according to the headline it says Charting Cross hospital lol If you laught but not out loud is it L or LI? Or can you infact laugh silently?
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    I've found it! It was on another site, I'd been lurking on. That beer must have beer stronger than I thought I've copied it over here, just to prove I wasn't hallucinating John.
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    He smells of fish ,i dont need two! Lol
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    you pair should get married!
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    I only wish I had a large pond in my garden with some Tench in it like the lucky blighter who lives up the road from me does. This weekend (Fri to Mon) the wife and I were booked into a Warner’s hotel near Hereford which has its own fishing lake (see pic below) but of course we’ve had to postpone our stay now till after the Conovirus lockdown. The fishing is good too, as well as the entertainment and food. At least when we do eventually get to take our break the river season might also be open so we might get to wet a line in the river Wye and catch a couple of Barbel and Chub. Hope everyone stays healthy and manages to avoid the Conovirus epidemic. Keith
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    I ordered a Chinese meal last night. Chinese driver came to our door and I walked out to meet him. He started shouting "isolate" "isolate" I said you’re not that late, I only ordered 25 minutes ago!
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