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    You're right Ant, 20 years young! I was one of the first to join, on February 19th, and almost immediately became a moderator. Technically I was 'involved' with AN before it even started. At the time Elton, myself, and many others were on the rec.fishing.coarse.uk chat group (ethernet?) where I'd be replying to requests on where to fish. Then Elton contacted me to ask if I'd like to manage the fisheries database on a website he's hoping to make. I agreed, and the rest is history.
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    BC, You know you can still look at the posts in the closed thread, as well as this one. I have a suggestion. Just select a "post from the past" and then all you will have to do is type #314 or whatever is nearly identical to what you were going to post this time. As for me have a #216 Phone
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    I believe that Anglersnet is in it's 20th year, if so, Happy Birthday! https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/3-coarse-fishing/page/1775/ Last month was the 14th anniversary of my joining, and looking back at the lively debates we used to have, (mainly about fishing believe it or not), it's sad to see what we have now. AN helped me through a stage when, for various reasons, I couldn't indulge in the pastime I've loved all my life, indeed I was on the brink of selling my gear, and packing in altogether. There are many names that have come and gone in those years, and I sometimes wonder what happened to them. There was a wealth of information, from anglers vastly more capable than me, but my input was discussed, and accepted, and was even found to be helpful at times. There were of course some disagreements, (mainly in the sea angling forum if I remember correctly), and threads were locked on occasion, but it was all reasonably amicable. I am as much to blame as most, for the lack of angling input, but now that I can get off more often, I find it difficult to post about the 'ordinary' results of my recent trips. I try to get off two or three time a month, but age has added different restrictions, to the ones I used to have, and my posts seem to turn into rants, or moans, (it must be an age thing). I used to be able to come on here, and talk with fairly likeminded anglers, but now, this Brexit thing has, IMO, caused many members to leave, and the animosity that it spreads, is depressing. It's taken over the whole forum, as well as the national media, so there is no escape, no respite, from it, and I admit my own part in continuing it, when I like an idiot, get 'suckered' back in. I wonder if this place will exist in a few years time? I do hope so, but with more angling input, and a more friendly atmosphere. So a big thank you to Elton for starting AN, it can't have been easy over the last few years, and a Happy Birthday to AN, with hopes for a happier, and healthier future for it and it's members, John.
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    As this thread seems to be a continuation of the closed thread why don't we close this one as well and get back to discussing fishing
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    It's been that windy outside I nearly put my t-shirt on!
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    River Kennet & Carrier - Marsh Benham 0745 - 1200 Bright and mild. River down an inch or two on last visit (10 January)- and quite clear. 3 Chub; All 1¾ - 2½lb. 1½doz Roach - all a 'nice' size but nothing over 8oz. 8 Dace - most small with one chunky one of 8oz. 8 Brownies 1-2½lb & 3 Rainbow's to 4½lb Another morning failing not to catch trout! Fished all the usual chub banker swims - but they were mainly full of trout. The rainbows as ever gave a very chubby like fight so was doubly disappointed to see that flash of pink as I got them to the surface.
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    Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1515 - 1715 Clearing skies after 24 hours of continuous rain courtesy of Storm Dennis. Canal very full and coloured up. 2 Perch; a 'pounder' - but not by much and a tiddler. Snatched session to cure a weekend of cabin fever!
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    Best of luck with that. I quite liked Gabbard and Yang but the party activist machine chewed them up and spat them out. I suspect that a lot of American's are feeing the same way traditional Labour members did when they stayed put as Corbyn and Momentum dragged the party so far left that they were left high and dry. I also suspect that Trump will win by a landslide in November, not because of a huge increase in votes but because huge numbers of ordinary Americans will simply abstain from supporting a radical communist with violent supporters.
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    Its not immoral its just illegal to buy (strange the "land of the free "has so many laws banning you from doing things)nothing to stop you eating your horse ,they go to canada or mexico for their last holiday where they are appreciated ,or possibly in the past to us for a certain lasagne (wink)
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    Your looking through your eyes and in the 21st century ,if witch burning and slavery were not seen as moral back then crowds wouldnt have formed at a witch burning and land owners wouldnt have had slaves as it would have been immoral then! Even hangings drew crowds until the very last public one it was perfectly moral in its time Even now things are moral in countries that are not here ,we tend to get in big trouble forcing our morals down other peoples throats!
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    If your criticism is aimed at me chap you have jumped on the bandwagon at the wrong end. My late Father held the Burma Star, along with his other medals it is proudly displayed aside his photo in my hallway.
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    All, Fortunately throughout my long tenure on AN every post has been perfect. It has been the hard-headed Brits that have been hard to train Phone
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    River Lambourn - Newbury 0830 - 1100 Mild and windy with some drizzle in the wind (Storm Dennis approaching!). River VERY full with just a hint of colour which is unusual for here. 8 Grayling; 4 'netters' biggest 2 went 1lb 7oz & 1lb 5oz. 2 Brownies - both around ½lb. This weekend had been pencilled in for months for an IAC fish-in. I'd booked Lower Itchen Fishery and filled all the places with folks coming from far and wide to attend. Unfortunately Storm Dennis had other ideas and the event was cancelled - pity as I was really looking forward to my annual late winter trip here. The day like all fish-ins' I organise these days was a charity event in memory of Paul and with no fishery to pay and most of my rods asking that their monies go straight to the charity - Storm Dennis will at least have benefitted Sue Ryder! So with the storm not quite arrived (the rain at least)and to ward off cabin fever - I sneaked a couple of hours on the Lambourn - so that I wouldn't be denied a grayling this weekend!
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    Fri, Feb 14, 10:33 PM (16 hours ago) to In a train from London to Manchester, an American was berating the Englishman sitting across from him. "The trouble with you English is that you are so bloody stuffy ... You set yourselves above the average person. Do you really think your stiff upper lip attitude really works… Look at me: I'm me! I have a little Italian in me, a bit of Greek blood, a little Irish and some Spanish blood. What do you say to that?" The Englishman lowered his newspaper and replied, "How very sporting of your mother."
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    I noticed that too Bob, but didn't want to be the spelling police lol. Re Qld & Wales - quite like the sheep with Black Legs!! - Look like they're wearing "Stockings"!!
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    Nice fish! I had a creep along a 400 yard stretch i have permission on while having a break detecting ,just trout and the odd crayfish all the course fish see to have disapeared perhaps the EA have been looting again . I will have a gander on another stretch i have on the other branch but i suspect i will see the same ,but theres hope theres an old leat that has potential and the EA cannot get up it with their damned boat and electro wands as its beyond what was a flock mill and to get round it they would have to come onto private land its only 3 feet wide at its narrowest but i have seen movement . Not seen the big shoal of chub that used to inhabit tices meadow in farnham for a while which is strange they have been there as long as we have!
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    Sneaked a quick session in this avvey before the storms hit. The wind was already gusting and with enough power to bend my rod round! I did have a few chub, like peas in a pod, hee's a pic of the forst to oblige...
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    A couple of hours roving the river again this afternoon and I had a decent few chub, a few pic's of some of them...
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    River Kennet - Hambridge 1200 - 1400 Bright and VERY breezy with one brief shower. 10ºC. River still quite high but down around 4 inches on my last visit here (30 December) and quite clear. 2 Chub: 2lb 2oz, 1lb 9oz. 7 Grayling to around 12oz. 3 Trout - a rainbow of over 3lb and a couple of brownies. So the second venue of the day pretty much produced the same as the first - chub wise at least. I think its the first time I've ever had a rainbow from here (and it had me convinced I was into a good chub - rainbows don't seem to come to the surface and splash around like brownies!)
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    River Kennet - Brimpton 0800 - 1100 Bright & breezy (becoming very breezy!) Mild 10ºC. River full with little colour - up around 12inches on my last visit (19 October) - but looked in fine fettle! 2 Chub 4lb 1oz & 2lb 13oz. 1 Brownie. Plan for today was to try and get a big winter chub - and visit a couple of favourite swims that have produced 5lbers earlier in the season. Despite the rivers settling down after a relatively quite period - rain wise, I was a little worried if there would be enough 'quiet' water at this venue. I needn't have worried (though I'm glad I had my waders!) - the 2lber pretty much first cast and the 4lber an hour or so later. Rested and fed well as per last time here - but they were my only bites. Dropped into another pool on the way back to the car (which produce my first 6lber from this venue last winter) but only had the splashy troot!
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    There are a remarkable number of these things that begin in China, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu, Sars; probably more but I cant remember them all. The main problem is the numbers of Humans, Pigs and Ducks living in close contact. It's high time the Chinese government sorted it out.
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    I had several hours roving the river today but despite the temps being up and covering nearly 3 miles of river I had very little success. All I caught was two small chub and one looked as though it had had a narrow escape from something or other.... Some pics of the chub with the recent looking scars...
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    River Frome - Wool 0800 - 1400 Dull, overcast and cool - AT around 6ºC all day with a breeze picking up. River VERY full, barely within its banks and that only recently given the state of the field. 1.30m at the East Stoke river gauge - much higher than I'd usually fish it - BUT after a dry week it was reasonably clear. 10 Grayling - only 4 needed the net - biggest 1lb 11oz but that was the only really 'decent' one. 1 Sea Trout (1¼lb and still with sea lice on it), 1 brownie - small. Bit of a gamble - but the river levels have been so high on the Frome since the start of the season (1st Nov) it looked like my DDAS ticket was going to go to waste - and with more rain forecast this week - it was a case of now or never! The venue is never prolific so it was nice to get a few, and would often get a fish first trot when I moved swims. Frustratingly I lost nearly as many as I landed including a large fish which I had on for sometime before the hook pulled (again!) - hope it was just a troot! Resting and returning to swims was the order of the day - all fish coming from just 3 spots (and one of those only produced one fish!) One of yesterday's 'hotspots'.
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    I had the last hour of daylight on the river today and it was more than enough! Ok, it was only 6 degrees but the wind made it feel much colder and it made my hands and especially my fingers ache like hell. Anyhow, the hours trotting/torture produced quite a few small chub and I lost one that felt quite decent to a hook pull.
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    Cory, First, the event is certainly a good deterrent for the dead chap. Your logic is misplaced. The death penalty would be far more effective if it was conducted in the town square. Everyone asks how to justify. No one asks whether to justify. Having the death penalty and using it properly are two entirely different matters. I believe death to be a once in a lifetime experience. Whether to justify the death of the criminal is easy for me, whatever serves the greatest good for the greatest number, it is the moral choice. Should you extrapolate your facts based on the data you provided instead of 300 million guns we would have 3 billion guns in private ownership. YES people with guns kill people. As for my religious brethren, "Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord" I choose not to judge for I am far from perfect Phone
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