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  1. Its offical Andy Britain has gone mad, 30 years ago you could have asked the local scout group to do it and they would have swung into action. But these days its all forms, lawyers and officals. Crazy world
  2. No not all public events, but this is proposed on Council property which makes it mandatory.
  3. Make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for, there are a lot of legal issues with organising a public event, and the red tape is ridicules. Also it will cost you, you will need insurance "As the event you will need to arrange insurance cover to indemnify yourself against civil litigation. This is referred to as 'Public Liability Insurance'. The normal minimum cover should be £5million. Seek expert opinion about your particular needs which may necessitate a greater figure. If you are part of a national charity or a voluntary group, contact your headquarters. You may already
  4. I spent Friday hunting big perch with lobworm at a lake called Morton springs. I had over 30 small perch a rudd of about 1 1/2lb and 2 small roach, no big perch, I fished into the dark as it was very bright in the day. all ways next time.
  5. I would also like to add that some of the younger anglers on here take great delight in showing us there catch, each photographed as it’s caught, and that has to be a far better way than bagging them up. I highly commend them on this form of recording the catch, the Mobil phone camera is by far a safer method than a keep net!
  6. In the old days I used a keep net (I still have one but never take it with these days) The lasting memory of releasing fish from the keep net is the dead floating fish and the amount of scales that float off when you empty it and wash it out. They have to be bad news. They also have the potential to be lethal in the wrong hands, I have seen kids tipping the contents of there keep net on to the bank (regardless of gravel, grass or tarmac, and counting the fish then giving them the big heave hoe back into the water. I say they should not be encouraged for use with new anglers and ki
  7. I have just the book you need Encyclopeedia of Angling by Norman Marston Published 1966 Published By Paul Hamlyn It is not up to date but is very comprehensive. You could Google it and see if you can get it on the net if not I could lend it to you. Why Russian if you are from Lithuania? Are you a Russian or a Lithuanian? are you looking to target a larger market with your book? I lived in Latvia for 7 years and had a hard time learning Latvian and Russian names for fish and Tackle; I can see the advantages of such a book. There are now a lot of Latvians and Lithuanians in
  8. I have been using circle hooks for 1 1/2 seasons now and can say without a doubt my hook up rate has increased. I fish for Pike, Zander and perch with circle hooks. It takes about 2-3 sessions to get used to the hook up, (no striking) but once you have it its great. In the two seasons I have had no deep hooked fish and no fish released with a hook still in them, it has reduced the time the fish are on the bank and makes fishing a whole lot let stressful. I will never use a treble hook ever again I was inspired by a thread on this forum, I then went a brought all the bits and dabs an
  9. You get top marks from me not only for the pike but for the Hat
  10. Hi Jan I lived in Sweden for some years; I lived north of Arlanda in Rimbo. I fished a lot in Norrtalje for Sea trout (Öring) and caught quite a few but the best Sea trout fishing I had was in Älvkarleby I caught my personal best at 22lb on a fly. The fishing in autumn for sea trout was great; I also enjoyed the salmon (lax) fishing earlier in the year. I used to fish in knivsta for Zander (gös), I used lures and live bait, top fishing I have to say. I have even caught a sea trout in the center of Stockholm!! There are not many capital city’s in the world were you can catch a Salmon o
  11. I used to fish the Chelmer at paper mill lock some years ago, I found the chub fishing challenging, I did catch a good 5lb+ chub next to the bridge were the side stream enters the main flow, however it was on a dead bait being fished for pike. some chub are under the bridge but are very shy, after dark is your best bet, bread, no float and a single shot just to get the bread down is best flicked in front of the bridge and allowed to roll under works. I was told some barbel fingerlings had been stocked at peppermill lock (about 8 years ago) I wonder if they have managed to get established.
  12. I would like to see a program that covers different social and economic aspects of fishing. For example Perhaps have a program following an urban angler that enjoys fishing his local cannel. Then perhaps a rural angler that fishes a small stream. Then a London executive that flies up to Scotland for a days Salmon fishing. Perhaps show the differences but also the similarities. Fisherman all have a love of water and the surrounding environment at heart. if you sit on a cannel in Birmingham fishing, your are a world away from the housing estate, like wise if you fly up to Scotland to catch s
  13. Thanks guys, All 3 items are now in my display case, I had never seen a gorge hook before. Pretty barbaric Item. I had kind of though that’s what it was for just by looking at it but was not sure. Anyone like to guess a date, I think properly 1940's - 1950's Cheers
  14. Hi I would use Harbor rag worm with a fish meal type ground bait. Good luck
  15. I purchased today from a charity shop 3 bits I found in a box A Pike Gaff head A home made lure (which is fantastic and very well made) and an item that I have never seen before, it is a lead with a steel rod running through, each end has a point and a barb, there is also a lope of steel for I presume attaching it, this is in the center. This is definatly for angerling but I have no idea. If anyone knos I would be keen to learn, also aproximate date, I presume all 3 items are of a simmiler age. cheers {I cropped and resized the photos to make them fit into a single screen on most m
  16. I only ever fished one match, which was back in the 1981; I fished on a lake in Northants. (St James lake, Brackley) I pegged out my keep net, baited up and settled in, I was in a un fancied swim. I started to catch from the first cast, first of all I was catching perch, a fish a chuck, then I got into some tench about 1lb mark after about an hour I reckoned I was well a head of the rest. The tench and perch dried up, so I decided to fish caster on the drop at range next to a patch of lilies, I started to catch Rudd, I was a again catching a fish a chuck, I was spraying maggot and casters an
  17. she was only the fish mongers daughter but she could lay on the slab and say Fillet.
  18. Well we had a change of plan and ended up in Dorset at a small town called west Bay. We camped on a site next to a small river that ran into the sea, the river had trout and sea trout as well as mullet both thin and thick lipped. Well what can I say; we fly fished the river and caught one brown trout and 2 sea trout. We also course fished the river with rag worm and had 8 nice thin lipped mullet. This as done during the low tide in the sea, the river level remained high due to sluice gates, it was ideal as our tent was right next to the river. The best though was the sea fishing; we
  19. Thanks guys just off I will let you know how I get on
  20. At very short notice my brother (who lives in London) and myself have decided to take a 4 day fishing trip, we have chosen Kent, we want to fly fish, course fish and sea fish, I will be driving down to London at 10am Tomorrow to pick up my brother and then on to Kent, we will be throwing a tent in the car with no fixed plans. Any suggestions are welcomed, either for campsites or fishing venues, (must be day ticket waters I guess) really fancy some good shore or rock fishing (or piers, breakwater etc), some fly on a river or if not on a lake and any decent wild course fishing. Cheers
  21. Nice thread, lovley to see some fish in excerlent condition. love the fact you got in and sorted out he swim.
  22. During the mid eighties I was a chef, Signal crayfish became available to the catering trade imported from France this was before crayfish fish farms were popular, these were always delivered live. Many chefs keep crayfish as pets. These were feed on prawns and the like. They were often taken home and put in goldfish bowls. I am sure many were released into rivers canals and lakes. Chefs tend to move around and would have released them when they moved onto there next job. I am convinced that the wide spread distribution of Crayfish is to a large part down to the catering trade. I knew many che
  23. Hi firstly I would say dead baiting for perch is not very productive unless you keep moving the fish as in wobbling it. (I also find this more likely to attract pike than perch) Use a grayling float (perch bobber) or a very small sliding bung. Fish the fish just above the snags. It can then only swim in circles. Spray maggots around the float as this will attract small fish and hopefully the perch.
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