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  1. If you can be bothered to read what I said rather than what you would like me to have said then you might realise I was making the perfectly reasonable point that anglers can help by not spreading crayfish eggs unwittingly . Obviously you are a self appointed expert in all matters relating to alien species and so I really cannot be arsed to dignify the rest of your ramblings with a reply
  2. There was an excellent section of Winterwatch on this subject this week , showing a beck which had been completely infested with crayfish - to the extent that the entire biomass was self predating crays. Hideous. The Angling Trust was involved and came out very well - and as anglers are absolutely part of the problem we are also part of the solution . The daft comment above about our not being the sole agent in spreading crays just illustrates the age old problem of anglers criticising everything and doing bugger all about it- I hope I am not the only one who disinfects my waders? I fish a
  3. grayson


    What works for me- and 50 odd years on I still get excited when I set off for the river- is lots of 4-5 hour sessions and an avoidance of single species obsession season long . This last 12months I have targetted trout and salmon on fly, grayling dace and roach by trotting , legering for chub and barbel , plugging and deadbaiting for pike , waggler fishing for tench and bream , dropshotting for perch and pike and stalking carp with floaters. I intend to do more this year.....
  4. Seven chub to 5-5 from the Swale on NYD ; about 20 grayling to 1-9 since then . And now a gazillion gallons of bloody snow water ...harrumph
  5. BB Fisherman's Bedside Book ; Trout Bum - Gierach; Rod and Line - Ransome ; Thy Rod and Thy Creel - Odell Shepherd(left field choice and well worth seeking out ) ; Where the Bright Waters Meet- Plunkett Green ; Somewhere Down the Crazy River- Boote and Wade; Casting at The Sun - Yates; Trout Lochs of Scotland - Sandison - no great work of literature but the author's my kilt's on fire enthusiasm makes it a lovely browse; Fly Fishing - Lord Grey of Fallodon . Oddly enough , nothing by Robson Green , Jack Charlton nor Ian Botham . Obviously the books of John Aston are in a different leagu
  6. My eternal inspiration is the wonderful Joni . It all comes down to you....
  7. I would love to but unfortunately the market for fishing books seems to have contracted hugely - and most people seem only prepared to pay peanuts or to download material free . Unless you are that whooping and hollering idiot Robson Green that is . Sour grapes, moi ? I am doing the odd magazine article but now write much more about my other passion - motor sport.
  8. They are now working perfectly . I will continue to carry a back up set for now - which rather defeats the object I know,
  9. They are not under guarantee; I asked for comments here to see if there was a quick fix. If there isn't I will speak to Korum.
  10. I might do so; this is the first time I have owned them and I was 'being prepared'. In the absence of a response saying 'just press button B and they will work perfectly for ever' it'll be back to the Reuben Heatons (or any other recommendations - I need something compact and light )
  11. Pleased with these which I have had a year. But they are now behaving strangely , a week or so after replacing battery. Display is bright and clear BUT when I put the weigh bag and fish on hook after turning on I get 0.00 or a random weight in ounces . Only after I remove bag does a plausible weight appear- 4-10 or whatever. I carry a set of old fashioned ones too and the plausible weight is correct . What is happening and how do I get them just to display the weight when I am weighing ?
  12. Grayling fall off a lot especially when hooked downstream (ie when trotting . not flyfishing). I have to use worms for my grayling - maggots not allowed - and any decent specialist hook works. But I fish far heavier than many who , for various reasons(and sometimes the wrong ones ) , fish very light for grayling. I use .15 mm Reflo which is nearly 6lb bs and size 12 Drennan wide gape specialists. I don't lose many even though I am fishing for 2lb plus fish in powerful water
  13. Greg- I don't want to be unkind but as one of many people who have provided info to you can I suggest that instead of posting yet more queries you follow up on what people have told you and get fishing ? All the stretches have good fish and all have good and bad swims , depending on time of year and water levels.Go fishing and find out for yourself which pegs work for you eh ?
  14. Look at the websites for Leeds ASA , Bradford City and Bradford No 1 AA and Northallerton AC. They will tell you where you can fish and how much it will cost. Tactics and baits- come on , they're either obvious or available on lots of websites and in many magazines. It's more fun working it out for yourself but if you try lamprey and sardine for pike and worms and meat / pellets for barbel I'm sure you will catch some. But forget the barbel until it warms up more- chub are far more fun and at their best at this time of year.
  15. Leeds ASA , MIddlesbrough AC , Richmond AC and Northallerton AC (and others) all have water on the Swale, as do both Bradford Clubs. The Swale contains both pike and barbel from Richmond to its confluence with the Ure . A bit of googling will give Greg the info he needs j
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