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  1. I have now bought a selection of lures and spinners, I'll post some pics when I sort them out, but amongst the ones I chose were; Storm wild eye shad @ 43grammes each, pack of 4. they are 5" long. 2 red holographic double shads in red and silver, I think they are made by Cannelle and are perch imitations. A Rapala Xtreme XR10. A selection of soft baits that look like worms with curly tails in orange green and yellow and white. A shakespear super S and a small selection of spinners. Dead bait wise I've gone for whole joey mackeral, lamprey, small roach, brown trout and smelt. Also I have in
  2. The water in question is Rudyard lake near Leek in Stafford. It's around 12' deep in most places and at the moment the water is quite murky, almost tan in colour. There doesn't seem to be much weed cover around though there are plenty of overhanging trees and rocks at the waters edge. The rocks are a nightmare to spin over. I have booked a small boat for the day so should be able to cover plenty of water.
  3. I agree the Greys prodigy is ace, I've owned one for a few years and it's a lovely rod, well used and handles everything you can throw at it.
  4. If you had to choose from all the pike lures you've used or had which 10 would you take with you fishing if tha's all you could take? How would you retrieve them and why? If you could only take 3 or 4 deadbaits which would you choose?
  5. For now I'll stick to the 2 1/2 lb carp rods, The largest deadbait I've used is a joey mackeral, I don't think the bigger the bait the bigger the prey, smaller pike must eat larger prey, especially when dead. If I decide to take it up full time and move away from bit bashing Then i'll look into more specialist tackle. Some of the lures I've seen, ie rapala are around £14 each so just a small selection can set you back a lot of money. Possibly all lures have their day but when you're starting out it's very difficult to make the right choices. That's where you guys come in?
  6. I'd try using a finer hook link, maybe buy hooks to nylon in smaller sizes, 18 or 20's. Also you could try natural baits such as worm. If you feed loose feed I'd try to mix it with ground bait so it goes straight to the bottom where your hook bait is, and that way you shouldn't need as much, just throw it in when the bites dry up. Put some in a couple of places you can fish but not close together and alternate between the 2.
  7. Do you take mirrors everywhere you go, you're not beck's are you? :-) And I try not to blank. I love fishing in the rain if it's not windy, I find it peaceful.
  8. In the northwest there isn't really a closed season any more unless I travel to yorkshire. I went to the river swale a few years ago near ripon, I think it was the BlackBull stretch. I arrived around 3am thinking I would be early only to find people camped in the fishing pegs. It's a beautiful river for good chub and barbel. I didn't fish it that day, instead I drove around and found a small pond, caught loads of little carp. Had a great day. I don't know if everywhere is the same and I have fished the swale since and had some nice fish.
  9. In the quick launch icons bottom right there should be a sound card icon, you have probably changed your settings in there, you can choose if you want your sound filtered so it sounds like water, church, hall etc. Just select none and and it should go back to normal. Otherwise use control panel, to device mangaer to uninstall your soundcard and then restart your pc, it will reinstall it with default settings.
  10. I was fishing for pike last week in a small boat on Rudyard and it rained all day. It was freezing. Looked more like the south atlantic :-)
  11. Have a look at this site and it should answer any questions you have. http://www.whatisrss.com/
  12. You could use dvd shrink which is free to download, and you can specify how small you want the file and which bits to use. It will also let you save as an iso but that would mean requiring another programme such as image burner. join a torrent site like http://www.demonoid.com and read the faq page and it will tell you how to turn it into a torrent. A file file of that size will probably require zipping into 15mb files and even if you turn it into a torent you will have to leave your pc connected to the intrnet as the people downloading it will be downloading from your pc through the torrent.
  13. Dave-C

    Any tips

    I agree with the natural baits probably working best in your pond. lobworm or slug. Corn and hemp should aslo work well if you prebait near to natural holding spots around fallen trees and weeds or the margins. Floating bread and chum mixers should work well on the surface. In summer over feeding isn't normally a problem but is still possible. However loose feed and prebaiting will give the carp confidance to feed. Try to keep noise down to a minimum and your shadow off the water if fishing the margins.
  14. I didn't mean the actual disc I meant the reader could be the problem, at least it's worth a try.
  15. Thanks for the links newt, I found them really interesting and will give them a try next time out. I've got a 7 foot rod I normally fix a swing tip to and will be using that. Where I am going fishing there is little weed but lots of rocky cover for the fish and this can make it hard to fish spinner without getting snagged so the rigs you mentioned should be ok. Does every lure have a unique retrieve or is it really a matter of trial and error? I think I'm getting information overload, everyone has their own way of doing things so I guess I'll have to find one that suits me. I have just put a 3
  16. Try using windows media player to rip the dvd to hard drive or you can convert it as stated in the previous reply. You could also try exploring the dvd and finding the file you want and copying it that way but media player may give you an error message about copywrite in which case you will have to change your settings in tools/ options/ ripping. Hope this helps
  17. If you let me know make and number of your writer I'll let you know about duel layer. No matter what speed it's capable of writing at try using no faster than 4x or it can miss files or fail all together, depending on wether or not you continue to use you pc while writing and your power supply wattage. + discs tend to work better with most modern dvd reader and players and your writer should recognise which disc you use. Some dvd recorders will only play -discs so if you want to see your pics on tv use those and make a slide show.
  18. I will be fishing from a small boat for most of the day and as you said it's hard to watch a float fished deadbait whilst spinning so would opt for just the one rod. The last thing I want is a deep hooked pike on a rod I'm not able to give my full attention to. If I fish from the bank I'll use a floated deadbait and legered deadbait on a drop back indicator through my optonic so no real worries there. Thanks for the advise and please keep it coming especially about lures and spinning.
  19. There are so many lures to choose from I'm like a kid in a sweet shop. Some are quite expensive so a small selection can set me back a hundred quid. Also there are so many retrieves I'm almost overloaded with info just on the back of lure boxes. Is there special ways of retrieve to get more takes from specific lures or are they really mostlt the same ie. bring it in slow or do I use a quick slow retrieve? Dave
  20. It shouldn't make any difference what the boot order is in bios once set up is started the boot will be always be from cd while the install is taking place. Once windows is installed it should boot from hard drive so long as there is no bootable cd in drive. It's best not to remove the cd during install but you could after the first restart change the boot order in bios to hard drive then cd drive then floppy. After you save and exit that should be it. Your pc should boot from HD each time but only after windows is installed. Another thing you could try is the actual cd drive, it could be faul
  21. Thanks for the welcome. It was a real buzz getting my first pike spinning and I won't give up the dead baits. I think like all methods of fishing it will take patience and once I've caught on them my confidence will grow. When you blank on a bait or method you always quesion yourself as to wether or not there is something I am doing wrong or is it that 'today the fish just aren't feeding' As the the spinning rod I have looked around and there is quite a variety to choose from ie. weights they will cast and so on so I think I'll probably look at around 10 to 30 grammes to start and see how I g
  22. I have recently took up pike fishing, as yet I have had no luck with dead baits and I don't like the idea of using live baits. Last week on a trip to Rudyard I decided to use a spinner and caught my first pike followed shortly after by another 5. The pike were only jacks around a lb so nothing big but it was a great days fishing and i thouroughly enjoyed it. I am using my carp gear at the moment but will be looking for a decent spinning rod soon as I can't cast small spinners on a 2.5 test curve rod. Any advise on lures and spinners, or just general pike fishing tecniques would be greatly appr
  23. I have reently started pike fishing and am having trouble casting dead baits with a float. I am using braid and have a stop knot but everytime I cast the stop knot moves, sometimes by quite a bit, i have tried using small shot but these just fly off, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please. Also any help regarding rigs and simple set ups wouls be great. Thanks.
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