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  1. Rusty

    27 February

    Barbel once lurked under those willows Chris. I once waded over to the tree which now been removed and trotted past them, didn't catch one but a couple came out and swam upstream by my feet!
  2. Looks like lots of tree clearance has been undertaken Chris, have the fallen trees upstream of the pic location been taken out too?
  3. I know what you mean John but it was never going to be about the fishing, only one of them can fish for a start. I know lots of people who loved the series and only understood why I enjoy fishing after they'd watched it. I don't think a book of the series would be a good read, the enjoyment is in seeing them fish.
  4. The LS is lower than it should be given the October rain as well Chris, the main river is what I'd expect but not the side stream.
  5. Rusty

    22 August

    Have NAA got Padworth back then Chris or are they still sharing the north bank?
  6. Rusty

    20 May

    I had small roach almost every cast (which became a nuisance), a jack of about 1lb, a bream of similar size and a perch of maybe 8 oz. Bob reckons he stocked 500 tench to 1lb and 500 crucians last year, he said the crucians were 10 inches average size which seems very expensive to me - and I did double check with him - nobody's caught one yet. There are the usual carp but I also saw a large shoal of bream cruising around for most of the day. I only had maggots so will try different baits next time, it's very well looked after and at £6 for one rod, £10 for two, it's quite good value.
  7. Rusty

    20 May

    Life's too short Chris, you never know what's around the corner to stop you fishing, get out when you have the chance. I'm going to Barton Court lake this week, the first place I fished when I moved to Oxfordshire 15 years ago. Don't know what's in there and don't care, I'll be sitting watching a float.
  8. Rusty

    10 January

    Might well have been my hook. I lost a decent fish at chub corner to a parted hook length. Schoolboy error, rod held too low when I thought the fish was beaten then it had one last surge.
  9. Congratulations on your retirement Steve and good luck in future ventures. Wingham and your generosity in organising AN fish-ins provided me with an angling experience on my first visit which won't ever be topped. I still go back and read the blog entry every now and then, hard to believe it was eight years ago. All the best Steve.
  10. A beautiful 3-08 chub from the Kennet today. It’s been a while since I’ve caught a chub of this size so very pleasing that something other than a trout put a decent bend in the rod.
  11. It’s been a while since I posted here and it’s nice to see some activity again. I’m still as enthusiastic as ever partly because I’m now exploring new clubs and venues on the Thames. The decline of the Kennet continues, barbel are almost non-existent on the stretches I have access to and the big chub & perch are now fewer in number as well though there are smaller ones coming through. It’s got to the point where one of my clubs will be letting a prime stretch go at the end of this season. The combined cost of my two club books is £140.00 and it’ll be very hard to justify that next year
  12. Rules clarified by the tackle shop John, Jig head hook must be barbless, treble hook stinger allowed but only the point going into the lure can have a barb, the two protruding hooks must have their barbs squashed. That's good, my kit will be ok.
  13. If you're going to buy stuff John go here; https://www.thefriendlyfisherman.co.uk/ Just tell them that you're going to Rutland and they'll provide all you need. They tied my stingers but with trebles so not much use to you.
  14. Hi John, hope you’re well. All you need to know about fishing Rutland is here; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/5975726-zander-fish-in-october/?hl=rutland And here; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7576193-2015-rutland-zander-fish-in/?hl=rutland I can try and summarise important bits. 20g jig heads at a minimum (only if there’s zero drift), 30g & 40g preferable even a 50g for windy days. Jig heads should have stingers attached, of the few zander I caught most were hooked by the stinger. 10lb braid minimum but as thin as you can
  15. Yup, "stink fish" was the term used for pouting on a Mevagissey charter boat I was on many years ago. We caught loads but they all went back, no chance of getting them to the kitchen that day before they went off. Wonder why they do that?
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