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  1. Superb Ken. Absolutely spot on. Am just checking it out now. Thank you very much mate. DR
  2. Not 100% sure on the route yet. I love the mountains so will probably head through the heart of the rockies first. Girlfriend wants to see Grand Canyon so a bit of a detour to there (OK a lot of a detour) and I should say the wife as that is what she will be by then Love to check out Utah as well. Yellowstone or one of the other national parks. Possibly the Napa valley, although again that is a long way from San Fran, our final destination. In short I am not sure at all at the moment. Found a couple of rental places but they have failed to get back to me with quotes as of
  3. Severus - We are starting in Denver and driving over to San Francisco, then flying home from there. Not sure if my profile information is accurate, as I am now 30 (unless you consider that a bit young for getting married.....LOL) Have just been and checked it and it said by birthdate was 1998, so I can totally see why you thought that. There is nothing like trying desperately to hold onto your youth right Cheers for the info Newt, much appreciated. Off to google to do a search now. Tight Lines all. DR
  4. As a total stab in the dark, I am hoping that somebody here may be able to help me. I am trying to hire a sports car in the USA (Mustang, Dodge Viper or similar) for a few weeks next year for my honeymoon, and am having an absolute nightmare finding somebody who does this sort of thing. Any ideas anybody? I have already tried all the biggies such as Avis, Alamo etc and think I will need somebody a bit more specialist. Any help appreciated. Thanks DR
  5. Looks good Budgie. Thanks mate
  6. Thanks guys, looks good. Will mail them closer to the time to see if anything available, as we may well have to go during the close season now due to work etc and therefore will need to be stillwaters.
  7. Hello all, I am after a little advice. Myself and 3 friends are looking to take a long weekend fishing break in the Spring of 2007. I have trawled through numerous websites and the angling press looking for a place where we can stay and fish their lakes. Essentially what we would like is some good general course lakes (monster carp are not a priority as none of us generally fish for them) and if at all possible some good river to fish, and somewhere to stay. We live in the South East of England though are willing to travel to pretty much anywhere within England, Scotland or Wales for
  8. On one of my local lakes you can catch literally 100's of small perch in one session, with a large one very rarely showing. It has not been my experience that the bigger you catch the bigger ones first, or that you can fish through the small ones to the bigger ones but this may be indicative of this lake alone. I find the best way to target the larger perch is to either fish a plug for them or livebaiting.
  9. Excellet Chris, thanks for the info. Will give it a try and let you know how I get on. DR
  10. Hello All, I recently fished a smashing little lake complex near where I live, which holds a good head of silver fish along with some good carp. I fished it on the pole and caught plenty of silver fish, and then along would come a carp which I would end up having a long fight with, loosing a couple of big ones and landing some up to 7 pound. I am heading down there next week and would really like to target the carp, but my pole isn't up to the task. I was considering fishing The Method, but was thinking it may be a bit early in the year? What do you guys reckon? DR
  11. Didn't even notice the change to be honest. Si's work was so good I didn't even notice see Mental note to self - pay more attention on AN
  12. Well Tiger Tim has lost. Well done Murray.
  13. Murray 4-0 up in the first. My predicition not looking too good at the moment
  14. They had to take a number of Wonder Bra billboards down due to them causing accidents.
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