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  1. Big Whiting (KING GEORGE Sp) are referred to as "Elbow Slappers" in Australia and are sometimes over 50cm/ 20" long and 1 to 1.5 kgs wt
  2. "Vegemite" on toast.This product was developed after WW1 to make a tasty dish from de-bittered Brewer's Yeast by a Aussie Chemical Warfare Expert.It has a shelf life of over100yrs but we Aussies love it dearly
  3. It's a done deal ,you are most welcome. A word of warning tho' Nov Kingy's are the biggest & toughest mothers you will ever find I use 100lb and still get busted off ! I am off on a round Oz trip in the next couple of months but will be ready & willing when you are back in Sydney. I am sending you a pm , hoping that you will be. Able to post it on this site towards the end of the month , you have the pics to go with the post I believe.
  4. John as you can see I am incorrigeable in chasing Kings no matter what . This is my good mate George who had been unable to get a Kingy for a month. In 2 days I was able to find 7 for him to have a shot at ,after loosing a 12lb one he nailed this. In the previous 2 days I got 3 to 70cm/2'3''.Have not lost my touch as I only got back to Sydney 4 days ago ! It would be my pleasure to get you onto them John. Just a reminder that they are only in the Harbour from Nov to May.They move to offshore Reefs in winter so a Charter is the only alternative at those times.
  5. Stunning as ever John,your photo's capure so much "atmosphere", and are more than just scenic. Just one small point, my mother who was a WAF during WW 2 said that the Germans reported sinking the ,Ark Royal, several times ....... I assume you have built a new one by now As for us we have no Aircraft Carrier as the last one kept ramming and sinking various of our own & allied warships(The Melbourne)
  6. Nice session,those pollack are quite a handsome looking fish,and quite a nice size too.
  7. "Joeys" ?I was born inLlittlehampton Sussex,but don't remember seeing any baby Kangaroos.Of course now that I live in Australia ........
  8. No I think that was a stunted feline call Hex Runt !
  9. That's just cheap rubbish!My Diawa Saltiga EXP 6500 costs £770 now in Oz.Our sales tax is lower than yours ,so it might run to 800 now. Luckily I got it 2yrs ago at only£550!
  10. John , Peter Le Blanc fished a charter in Sydney Harbour recently and hooked a Kingfish which was eaten by a Shark ,the angler played the shark (.probably a Bull ) for 5 mins on 24kg tackle before he was bitten off , in the end the shark had destroyed 150m of quality braided line ! Don't know if you saw that dock on TV of Great Whites leaping out of the water, but one of the lures they used to entice them to jump was shaped like a small surfboard !
  11. The number of bodies found is 181 as at 9am AEST. There is a charge that arsonists who cause death by a fire that they have lit face.It carries a 25yr max sentence to jail.Some say even that is not enough.
  12. John it was thought to be a Bull Shark. Another attack happened this evening too,a Surfer at Bondi Beach this time !
  13. Went out to fish near the Harbour Bridge today ,the rain stopped when I started fishing and began again when I finished ! Landed 5 Squid,3 Silver Bream to 35cm , & 2 Kingfish which I released as they were only 60 cm / 2 ft long Will be eating well tonight ! Also NO Sharks which , given recent incidents was a bonus !
  14. Thank you all......Brilliant just top shots
  15. 30kg or 66lbs in weight ! She is only twice as big as the fish!
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