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  1. Hi dave ,iv'e had Pike up no more than 6-7lbs from crummok although im told a lot bigger fish lurk there,Size in Pike is not something im to fussed about as i use ul tactics from the Yak so anything over 4lb gives me a good scrap
  2. Hi there ,I Kayak fished Crummok last year for Pike and done allright, although access aint great, mainly fish Derwentwater, Bassenthwaite and the sea off the Yak, from what i can gather theres a few of us in cumbria who kayak fish though im still to see one in the flesh,Windemear and Coniston seem to get a few fellas kayak fishing.
  3. firstly when i mentioned mackeral being badly handeled i also said that this was something that both sea and course anglers do ,again please bother to read the thread in full if you feel you have to give an opinion,and secondly i also stated that i took budgies point as being a newcomer to pike fishing i would have to take his word on wether pike mercy killings never take place ,if you guys say thats the case fair enough,the problem arised after i offered some advice witch was straight away dissmissed as rubbish and as u can see for yourself was good and sound advice ,thanks to the guy who posted the link.seems to me theres a bit of a click on this forum as there are with a lot of them and if this is how new posters are treated then people will look elsewhere ,look whats happened to the kayak forum.ps after reading some of the past pike related topics on here it seems the majority of pike anglers cant have a reasonble debate without falling out with each other so this has come as no great supprise.
  4. can someone please show me where i showed my unwillingness to be bothered to learn how to unhook pike?as ive allready mentioned ive spent plenty of time learning how to do this correctly reading various different material and watched lots of video fottage on the subject,all i asked is if the worst thing happened and the pike was seriously injured ,hopefully of no fault of my own ide know how to kill the fish quickly and effecintly to save it anymore suffering ,sorry if the thought of this happening is to emotive a subject for the majority of people on here to dicuss rationaly but it must be something that could happen ,again hopefully not. i think your right foul and abbusive lanuge shouldnt be tolerated ,and if i moderated on this forum ide ban that budgie fella straight away.
  5. what a load of total bollaks ,it was your arsey responce that led this thread to degenerate to this noncence in the first place by assuming ide done no homework on the subject ,by the way i have no intention of killing pike or any other fish for that matter knowingly or not, unlike urself who still thinks it aint a problem to handel mackeral poorly and then when shown the error of your ways dismiss the info out of hand if theres any problem with this web site its whoppers like u.
  6. cant be arsed with this ive asked for some info and took it on board unlike youself on the other hand ,obviously u think u know it all and wont take some advice when offered ,go ahead and google relesing mackeral and youl find the heat from your hands burns the fish killing them, and as i said before as it seems u have problems reading that the best way is to shake them off the hook and a damp cloth is much better than a bear hand .ps theres even a link on this very forum sumwhere with this info u whopper.
  7. sorry but i cant imagin there never being a time where a mercy killing isnt the best thing to do for the fish but as a novice pike angler ile take your word on that.as for finding out about propper unhooking and handeling i think your presuming that i havent bothered to find out as much info as possible witch i can assure u i have i mearly wanted an answere on something ide never heard disscused or writen about .and by the way if you have indeed been sea fishing for the last 40 odd years then i can only assume that youve been fishing with your eyes closed if you havent noticed the huge decline in mackeral mainly due to large factory ships witch incendently dont even bother to fish my area any more due to the decline of stocks .ps the best way to unhook mackeral is if posible to shake them off the hook and if that dont work then handel them with a damp cloth ,never handel with bear hands wet or otherwise as the heat from your hands burns the skin eventually killing them hope this info is somthing the hundreds of people looking in may take in to account next time they fish for them.
  8. no agenda at all mate sorry u think that ,just thought ur post witch included somthing along the lines off cant be bothered to find out somewhat condessendin as by asking these questions thats surley what im doing .the point i made about mackeral is only put there to asure u that i do take fish consevation seriously and thought it would be a good peice of info for a course fishing forum thats all as they seem to be the worst offenders .
  9. ok mate i take your point but even if prepared as much as humanly possible ,and belive me i take great care towards fish handling and im also fully equiped with revelent tools for the job **** happens sometimes and it would also be good to be prepared for this eventually ,belive me sumtimes i despair at pike anglers who during the summer stock up on mackerall for bait whos populations under sever threat ,dont mind them being caught for the pan or bait but it realy pisses me off to see course or sea fisherman after getting their fill returning fish using bear hands and without doubt leaving the fish to a slow and painfull death, thought this might be some usufull info for all u pike experts out there who never seem bothered to ask simelar questions when as u put it ur stocking up on mackerall for the winter ,mark
  10. hi again ,dont suppose any of u experts fancy answering my question about dispatching pike would u or is this somthing thats frowned upon in fresh water fishing do u leave injured fish to die a slow painful death?
  11. Hi all ,first post in this section of the forum having turned to the drinking water from the salt water variety of angling recently, and as a novice pike angler im glad this question has come up.one thing i noticed in the artical is it says never return a pike that still has hooks in it so does this meen dispatch the fish quickly and efficiently as possible and if so how?ive done this on numeras occasions with sea fish when iv'e doubted their chance of survival and for instance know that various technics apply to different species for instance the quickest way to kill a mackeral is to inseret your finger in its mouth and snap its neck(not bash its head on the peir wall like some numptys i regular see).So is there a technique for pike ?Please note this would only be a last reasort and only taken on in the belife that the fish wouldnt survive and in so saving it from slow lingering death. PS are treble hooks realy nessercery when pike -pearch fishing and do single hooks result in less hook ups? if possible ide like to use only singles and barbless to aid unhooking . Mark
  12. aright mate yust to let u know im a newbie like urselff and have just had only my second paddel in my new manta ray 12,im a big guy at 6 3" and find it very commfy and stabel and suprisingly fast and easy to paddle for a novice like me, dont think u can go too far wrong with a manta mate love mine so far . ..mark.
  13. thanks jtr looked in to that and it looks a great bit of kit .
  14. allright there u cumbrian yakkers ,anyone gonna try and get out this weekend if so let me know and ile try and get along .mark.
  15. had a dog pick up my bait off the peir once david ,luckily it only hooked in the mouth although it required a vet to remove it couldve been worse ,also caught me cat sniffing round my gear a couple of times lucky escape me thinks ,hope cassie recovers well she looks quite old .all the best mark.
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