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  1. Thats a roach i would be more than happy with. The grayling Arbocop showed with battle scars is I swear identical to the one I caught on friday! I would prefer mine was over 2lb though like that one. Best check my pic when I can upload it Yep its different! Think these are cormorant attack scars
  2. had our day down there today and the river is quite good but more coloured than you might think it would be after all the dry weather. Even so there were a lot of happy anglers. The strange thing is that around the small salmon hut it was corn that seemed to do the trick with the usual smaller grayling and the trout whilst maggots produced lots of salmon parr. It was a different story at the top end where 3 red maggots produced some very good fish. The very last swim produced a pb for me and another grayling of 1lb 13oz. The pb unfortunately will never have a known weight as it slipped to free
  3. You may be ok on some river banks but I like to use a dog exercise ground spike with some rope tied to it and the other end tied to me in case I slip in. If you have ever tried to climb out of a river you will get a good idea why!
  4. On no account ever used unsoaked and uncooked chick peas or similar. They are particularly good at taking on flavours but small ones in natural flavour are sometimes good bait for big roach
  5. Yes of course that is so and I have accidentaly caught a good tench on floating crust but surely this thread is about how you would target them. I hope our friend Steve Burke will not mind me mentioning his name but he suggested recently it sometimes pays to zig rig for tench and bream in deep water if nothing is doing on the bottom and this of course will mean the bait can be at all knids of depths and still be picked up but generally my advice would still have to be to fish a well raked lake bed close to lillies or other vegetation and keep the presentation as fine as possible without riskin
  6. Whilst you will definitely succeed in cathing tench in daylight all my better specimens have come after dark right in a vegetation covered margin or close to lillies. Well balanced tackle presented in a way that would trick even a crucian seems to do well although in carp waters they will pick up boilies etc and not be shy at all. Best bait I have found so far is a good sized bit of paste made from special g groundbait or green koi swim stim pellets
  7. never used ham but bacon grill might be ok. Cheapest chopped pork and ham by miles is from Lidl and a damn fine barbel bait it is too!
  8. Depends whether you want a net head, the pole or both but dragon carp may be worth a try. Some makers like ABU make an all in one net and handle that folds down and when LIDL do fishing tackle they also have a good strong cheap folding net with pole that all fits into a short bag
  9. The only comparison I have is the twin tip barbel version I bought recently during my problems with Greys. I have had quite a few battles so far with the rod and it is faultless. At £70 it was good value too especially considering Greys want £40 per section to replace them and I needed at least 2 sections. If your carp rods have the same qualities as my rod you have a good deal going
  10. Nothing sounds bettern than a V8 especially running on blown nitromethane! Roughly 10 gallons to the mile rather than miles to the gallon
  11. I have averaged 44 MPG over the last 950 miles most of which have been travelling to and from work and the car has not been in 6th for long. Mapping has improved the MPG as well as the performance. My son's 2 wheel drive car with the same engine and box does around 50 MPG as does my Mondy 2.0 TDCi
  12. I think I am right in saying that perch have their hearts much closer to the throat than most fish which I think explains why they bleed when a hook goes in deep. All you can do is make the whole set up as sensitive as possible and that way bite indications are so much faster. An alternative which seems to go against that advice is something I do when I trot a worm down the river in the slacks for perch and that is to use a carp controller instead of a float. What seems to happen is the perch tugs away at the worm biting bits off until it reaches the bit with the hook in and when it does so it
  13. He he definitely thirstier unless the Evo does at least 40 mpg. Doubt whether the Audi is as quick in a straight line either
  14. I have really enjoyed the banter on this one Scoobies are masters at 4WD and the new Elton fishing wagon should prove excellent if a little thirsty. My 4WD, an Audi A3 TDi Quattro that has been mapped on top of the huge amount of power it left the factory with is rapid on the road but more than a tad too low to the ground for anything more than a bowling green Glyn, I have to agree your wagon is excellent!
  15. Among my excessive stock I own one of those cheap shadowlanda reels but with a 6 inch drum there is only one sensible way to have the line and that is coming off the top oyherwise the line is at quite an angle to the butt ring. However for a normal 3 0r 4 inch reel I would prefer line coming from the bottom.
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