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  1. I was thinking along the same lines n4lly.....I thought that last nights replies were beyond belief but put them down to the 1 and half bottles (single or a blend I wonder?). I'm completely flabergasted now,
  2. Yep, makes about as much sense as the closed season......
  3. There's still grass there so they must be from the better class of Chav end in Allerton I'd say......?
  4. Tigger, you are of course totally right, I should have acted on my own advice and read my new licence first. It seems the EA have decided to change the wording this year. Interestingly and somewhat bizzarely, my licence also now tells me to "Always ensure that you have the correct number of licences for the number of roads you are using"........that's going to severely restrict my driving this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not so Tigger....read your own licence!
  6. Haha....You are so right! I cannot believe how much grief this is causing locally though, absolutely pathetic. It's only affecting me personally because I travel, by and large, across the 'tops' generally anyhow - the traffic is much busier right now and I tend to meet it on my side of the road mid corner.............
  7. Yeah, spotted that too Phil. The EA have been restocking smaller fish for the last few years. They put a load of dace recently never to be seen again. P.S. Thanks for the umlaut heads up mods.
  8. If you are talking about Bfd No.1 as Gozzer suggests, I'll check my book when I get home this evening.....I'm 99% sure though that it's the usual artificial fly,worm, spinner and minnow only outside the Coarse season.
  9. Good news and better timing too. Last year the EA thought it was a good idea to stock juvenile fish in October.....just before the first of several floods.
  10. Truly world class, only perhaps two - Gerrard and potentially Rooney. The team IMO lacks balance and I think that the players know and feel this and this may well be a major factor in their lack of confidence. Personally, I would build my team around Gerrard as the national captain and in the centre of midfield. It's difficult to say who I'd replace certain players with. I'm not privvy as to how they perform in training. I do think that it's time to call a halt on Phil Neville's surreal tally of caps though.
  11. Fair play then Cory', glad to hear you're onboard, although I don't agree entirely with your view as regards the players. Anyhow, what would Palace supporters know? They still think Peter Taylor knows about the game whereas us Leicester supporters know that he even makes Steve McClaren look like a master tactician.......
  12. Chip, shoulder.....shoulder, chip!
  13. An interesting discussion taking place here.
  14. Yes, very good Tony. What I meant though, given the numbers the UK bought (in whatever 'multi' role variant), they are, quite rightly, utilised supporting land based troops. Escorting maritime boarding parties, if and when required, is up to the Task Groups own air cover.
  15. We bought them to do exactly what they were designed for and are doing very efficiently - Ground attack and support, inland.
  16. Phil, The Silsden tackle shop is called 'GeeTee' after G.T. aka Geoff Trigg. He is a member of Bradford Waltonians who have the sole rights to fishing in both Silsden and the nearby Chelker reservoirs. Definitely no day tickets available and dead mans shoes to join the club - not to mention lots of dosh. He has, in the past, threatened to use a guest ticket on me though.... Keighley's not too bad on the cosmetic front in reality is it? It's just the inbreds who reside there I have a problem with.........
  17. Patty, No probs as regards the joke.....my Mum tells a good joke to the locals too. She's not from there. She is German - my Dad was a British soldier stationed in Germany, but she's from Dresden originally although as a young girl the family walked, for the most part, to Oldenburg to escape the bombing. I know the Aire and the Wharfe very well indeed. In fact I live a short distance from both. Many people say the Aire is in big trouble fishing wise. My local club conducted some research and concluded that the river populations of young fish were worryingly declining. I still enjoy fis
  18. Sad news indeed. My guess is that it was oil on a burning oxygen candle. It happened to us on Sceptre. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in our incident, just one case of scorched throat and smoke inhalation. Made a bloody mess though.....
  19. Hi Patty, To answer briefly, I fish mainly around the West Yorkshire area, both Coarse and Fly Fishing. I'm lucky enough to fish in some very beautiful scenery. I have many memorable fishy memories, my most recent I suppose would be breaking my personal best grayling. I used to visit Berlin very regularly as my mother lived there. She's now moved to a lovely house on the coast in Ost-Friesland (yes I know all about the jokes.... ), we're going over to visit this summer. I have to say that Berlin went very quickly downhill once the wall came down and wasn't the fantastic city I knew. T
  20. Hi Patty, thanks for starting a good read for us all. I hope you can set yourself up a memorable fishing trip over here, if and when it happens. Sorry to change tack a little but Peter wrote: We very nearly bumped into in each other then Peter (give or take a few of tens of thousands of people ) for I, too, was there on that night. Man, what a night that was too wasn't it? My mum actually lived just a mile or so up the Ku-Damm at that time, so we often strolled down there. It was quite moving watching families from the East toasting their new freedom.
  21. Here in Bradford we have streched Humvee 'limousines' for the more discerning Chav girls night out regularly pulling out on us......Lovely!
  22. I was wondering how long it would be...... Some crackin' pictures there folks. Beginning to wish I'd chosen 'Real Live Sabre Toothed Tigers' as the subject.....
  23. I've always found the German one very powerfull
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