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  1. Yeah perhaps your right,I thought I was being helpful by saying use one single hook instead of 2 trebles,it deffinatly helps the pike anyway. IMO.Sometimes I say the wrong thing and lots of times I spell things wrong,i thought it didn't really matter,looks like I was wrong.Perhaps I wont post on here anymore,if I have to watch what I say everytime
  2. I have been given old rods,reels,alarms,bait droppers etc,sometimes by people I have not even met because they would rather give them to someone who is going to love them and appreciate them and get pleasure out of using them than sell them to someone else.Just today I was sitting there fishing, got the place to myself ,I was using a Edgar sealy black arrow rod and an old Mitchell 300,I have fished this place 6 times now and not had a bite,but who cares,each time I use a different rod/reel,and I can't wait till the next trip,Today some old boy happened to come past and we started chatting when
  3. You are entitled to your opinion mate, The reason I used the taperflash the other day is because I wanted to.
  4. Because that's what I did towards the end of last season and I am happy with the results,if I remember right most of the time the bait was half way down its thoat,(what ever bait I was using)and the hook was in the sissors,and I struck as soon as I had a bite even with a whole herring,i will not go back to trebles,you lot can do what you want.
  5. If you can catch all them fish in a couple of hours I think I will move to the outer hebidies
  6. You will prob have to use plastic,although you did manage to catch a few fish so it cant be to bad yet
  7. Go for it,Use ONE size 4 SINGLE hook and hair rig your bait,it doesn't matter if it is a sprat or a whole herring
  8. Well said,I hair rig my sardines thru the tail and can give it a big cast and the bait stays on,no prob,and another plus is more often than not you get your bait back,Happy days
  9. Go for it,i did last year and I will never use trebles again,if I remember right I started half way thru the winter and out of 20 runs I hooked 18 and all were hooked in the sissors,this has been done before and there is a lot of fors and againsts,I used a single size 4 or 6 carp hook and hair rigged the baits, even if I was using a whole herring,happy days
  10. Have you used one then? I know they are heavy,I have heard a few horror storys about them.
  11. I am out tomorrow on a new water, I am giving my appollo taperflash a outing,prob with an avon royal supreame,i will be using bread,bacon grill or prawns,I have used black pudding on a number of occasions and not had a bite,which is a surprise cos it has a lot going for it ie no one uses it,its colour and the blood content.
  12. Very quiet on here, wonder why ? I was on northouse lake at wyboston last week and I saw 2 carpers leave their rods fishing for 25 mins while they went down the other end of the lake
  13. I don't fish for carp delibertly,and I do not mind if I catch one,i do not hate carp or any living creature for that matter, I am old school and I fish in the margins using old glass rods and centrepins,Happy days.You can buy old glass rods for under £20,but if it has the word Carp on the rod the rod then goes up to £60 or more,I have not caught a tench for two years,where as a few years ago I used to go after work for 3or 4 hours and be in with a chance of a couple of tench.I think it is because where ever you fish the carp vastly out number the tench.BUT I do put a lot of restrictions on my
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