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  1. Security: Pre-shared Keys (PSKs) A pre-shared key does exactly what it says. When you are logged into you router, find where it mentions security. There should be multiple options. I use WPA-PSK. You would have to know me pretty well to guess my key. Once you enter your pre-shared key into the router, you will need to tell your wireless PCs what the key is as well. To do this, go to each PC and click: Start>settings>network connections>wireless NIC>properties>wireless networks Under preferred networks highlight your network and then click properties. Network authentication and the encryption should reflect the same settings you have enabled on your router. If they are not identical on the router AND the PC you will get a limited connectivity message on the wireless. Now enter the same key you entered on the router. Some models like mine ask for the key each time you connect but if you add the key in your preferred network it should automatically connect. Just don’t forget the key! Locking access: You can lock down the router, which will only allow the PCs that you specify to connect to your network. Most routers have a list of connected devices. If you find this link in your router and tick the box next to the PC you want it to trust it should allow that device to connect. To verify what the mac address is go to the Command prompt: Start>run> then type command >enter The output will tell you the mac-address of your NIC, and the current IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and a lot of other useful information. Write down the mac-address of each PC and make sure these are the ones that are connected to your router. You wouldn’t want your neighbors 16 year old to be using your network would you? Another way to increase your security would be to change the IP address to something other than the factory default. If you do this you should use an IP in the private range. Public addresses are actual addresses that can be used on the internet. Your ISP will assign you one public address.
  2. Adding Wireless PCs to your network. The way that I have my network set up is more than likely like everyone else. I don’t have a DMZ set up between my router and ISP and I’m not using the firewall feature that comes with the router. These are more corporate style setups and you don’t really need them – well the firewall if you have children or if your wife likes to look at porn. Keep it simple. This is tailored for XP and can be found on the web already which can be a pain trying to find all that you need in one place. I may also include setup for Vista. Each PC should have at least one network interface card (NIC). The NIC has a unique address which means there is not another like it in the world. Newer PCs usually have more than one NIC. They should have one that has wireless integrated or if they are not wireless capable you can purchase a wireless NIC separately. Either way the setup is pretty much the same. You can use the software that comes with the card if you want. I prefer to use windows. (Why would you want to learn how to use yet more software?) I’m going to represent navigation as >. For instance from the start bar click settings, then click network connections, then click your wireless connection, then click properties etc, It will be written like this: Start>settings>network connections>wireless NIC>properties> First make sure each PC is currently running and not suspended or turned off. If it is directly connected to the router you can do the following but only on the NIC that is directly connected. (It won’t be the wireless one!) You should also enable the NIC that you will be using wireless or other (if it isn’t already) from the properties window by clicking: Start>settings>network connections>whatever NIC>properties>enable Now since NAT has been enabled on your router, (remember network address translation?) you can set each NIC for dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) to do this go here or alternately go to: Start>settings>network connections>wireless network connection>properties> (highlight)TCP/IP>properties>obtain an IP address automatically. Now click OK in that window and CLOSE in the next. While still in the network connections window, highlight your wireless NIC. Network tasks on the left should now have quite a few options. Click view available wireless networks. The next window to pop up will show all of the wireless networks available. If yours isn’t there you should log back into your router and broadcast the SSID and also enable your wireless access point. Click your network. It should specify if any security has been applied like WEP, and WPA. In many cases you may be able to pick up more than just your network. In my case I have three to choose from. When you click your network it will prompt for your pre-shared key if security has been enabled or warn you that no security has been applied before you connect. You should now be able to open a browser window and connect to the internet from that PC.
  3. Alright then! You say Rooter I'll say Rowter!
  4. Hi Steve, I found it was alright for setting the rod in. It held up well and didn't bounce like I thought it might. I tried trolling but was all over the place with the wind. A rudder will be my next purchase I think. I found that it was pretty irritating not having the extra room. Space is limited anyway and having a long butted rod sitting in the holder at an angle and not being able to move my legs really did it for me. I also found that if you don't have everything ready at the moment you need it things can get frightening! I'll go for a shorter rod I think next time. I don't want to start another thread for my trip since I didn't take pictures. I left at about 1300 and returned home at 1630. I caught a nice 4-5 lb jack on a gold rattle trap and had numerous takes. I wasn't sure what I was getting into trying to deal with camera and fish. I'm afraid that until I get more comfortable in the yak the pictures are going to be few and far between. The pike had engulfed the bait so I removed the front treble from the lure with the thought that it would be easier and quicker to remove should I catch another. I had nothing until about a half hour before the wind and rain hit. Three of the five takes came right after the rain started. Then the temperature dropped and the wind came on. I had already turned around and headed back in at this point and found myself straight into very strong wind. The yak did well despite my floundering. It only lasted long enough for me to get everything loaded and I had a full hour and a half left!
  5. Thanks Richi! Would you mind if I used your design? Trident eh?? Nice! Too big for me.
  6. It seems that there is always someone that has issues with their wireless network. I originally thought I would closely relate this to my router and the way I have it set up and then thought better of it. Which is why they have call centers in India so I’ll try to keep this as vendor neutral as possible. I’ve had wireless for a few years and have always had minor issues but I always seemed to have these problems when it was least expected- the worst possible time. First make sure all filters are in place and plugged in and your DSL (digital subscription) turned on by your service provider. Most of the popular router models have a web-based interface, which allows you to make changes in a user-friendly windows environment without having to resort to the command line. To get to the web based interface enter the factory default of your router. Many routers use the public IP range of The first address in this range is Type this into any Internet Explorer browser window or alternatively type If you have changed the IP address at any time, you would use that in place of the factory default IP address. Not all models will use as default. More information on IP addresses here. So you should have ‘webbed’ to your router. You should be prompted for a username and password. The factory default on my Netgear was username Admin and the password is password. (It’s that easy, which also means that if you have this information readily available on the web and you don’t change it ANYONE can use these credentials to get access to your router. If they have access to your router they have access to EVERYTHING!) Once you have access the first thing you must do is supply the credentials for allowing the router to act as a host to your ISP (internet service provider). Once you enter this information into the router the basic setup should be complete and you can access the web. If you are like me and your connection goes down you either have to remember what you did before or find another connection to the internet! You do not want to leave your router like this. At the very least, change the password that you use to log into it. Somewhere in the browser (you may have to search) are the following settings: -There should be an option for logging on to your service. Enter your username and password in the space provided. You can do this in a few different ways. I use AOL for my service. I gave the router it’s own login via AOL by giving it a screenname and password that I was not going to use for anything else. (If you use this account and login away from home you will be promptly logged out as your router, once it’s connection is lost, will automatically try to log back in). -For Internet IP address you probably want to have your router learn dynamically from ISP. What this means is your ISP gave you an IP address that changes. By doing this dynamically, the router knows to check the connection and get a new IP address if needed. There should be an option to enter the IP address that was given to you by your ISP if you paid extra to have your own address. -For DNS servers you also want the router to learn them dynamically as well. Your service provider has a list of DNS servers. DNS (Domain Name Service) is a protocol that resolves a name associated with a website to an IP address. -NAT (Network address Translation) Enable this option if you will be using more than one computer to access the internet on your network. With NAT enabled you can now go to each PC and set the TCP/IP Setting to DHCP -Change the (SSID) name. You will probably want to change the name to something other than the factory default. Change the password when you do this as well but don’t associate it with something that is easily cracked. Something you don’t want to do is to name your router trout and give it a password of fishing. -Set the Region-I hope you know where you are! -Channel (01-13) If you have issues connecting such as limited connectivity or it takes forever for your connection to come up, play with these channels until you find one that works better. -Mode- You are given the option whether or not to use a certain standard for wireless. Most wifi works on standards IEEE 802.11g or 802.11b. G is backwards compatible with B. This means they can work together, just know that B is slower. -Wireless access point (this is typically on by default) -Broadcast of Name (SSID). This is also on by default and should be turned off AFTER you set up all of your other PCs to connect to the internet. The rest, which is all part of wireless security, will include setting up PSKs (pre-shared keys) and associating the MAC (media access control) addresses (the unique 48 bit code in each network interface card) to your router. MTU- Maximum Transmission Size. The maximum size for an Ethernet frame is 1500. This can be adjusted slightly. Lastly- to reset the Netgear DG834G back to factory default- unplug the telephone line and hold the reset button in for ten seconds. You will lose all settings to include your port exceptions! These are the main settings that should concern you unless you want to set up other options like being notified should someone try to break into your router, port scans, and denial of service attacks. There are also firewall settings where you can block certain keywords. Ideal for your 13 year old. I will be adding more to this for connecting multiple computers and wireless security. My apologies for its length and any and all pronunciations and spelling mistakes.
  7. Hi Chris, I hope you get your PC sorted out. I've had a few issues lately too so I know what it can be like to not have one!! I'm an addict and admit it freely. I'm going to try to put something together with all the steps involved for wifi setup and troubleshooting.
  8. Not til the first part of next week! Get in while you can! The Met Office is expecting an intense low pressure system to move east across the UK during Monday 10 March, bringing severe gales and potentially damaging gusts across some areas. Southerly winds are expected to strengthen during the first part of Monday but then turn westerly later. Gusts of 60 to 70mph are expected but there is a possibility of 80mph gusts over exposed coasts and hills. Much depends on the exact track of the low centre but at this stage, parts of Wales and the southern half of England are considered at greatest risk. Disruption could occur to transport and power supply networks and there may be damage to buildings. This warning will be updated around 1030 on Saturday 8 March 2008. Issued at: 0930 Fri 7 Mar
  9. I was expecting to see Hugh whatsisname and his comments on line caught mackerel and other comments made by him in his new series.
  10. I'm a cheap barsteward and because of this I HAVE to buy a pool noodle to plug the scupper holes. 10 quid for scupper stoppers? I think not!
  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080306/ap_on_...jM4MtjOf5Gs0NUE More to follow I'm Sure
  12. Funny that! I was just thinking that myself or alternately I have a larger 'tackle' box coming. If I stack them I can support it that way as well. I like coffee though
  13. Hi Steve, I can't say yet. I plan to test it out tomorrow. It hasn't had a rod in the holder but doesn't seem flimsy without. I am hoping that with a bit of tension on it from trolling it might suffice.
  14. Nice report Mark. Bet those Gudgeon put up a massive fight. How do you not rip their lips off!
  15. Sorry! The title is supposed to read Fitting RAM mount to a Prowler 13 I finally received a few of the things I ordered from Cabelas. Namely a RAM mount rod holder. I found during my last paddle that I needed to create something to help reduce my reach if I was to use the factory threads for the Scotty mount. This is how I did it: I bought a large plastic cutting board and cut to size using a skill saw after making a template of the console. I cut the full length of the cutting board after plotting the layout of the mount base incorporating the template for the console at the other end. After I drilled the holes for the mount I counter-sunk the nuts underneath and cut off the excess thread. I then drilled the holes and used a larger counter sink in order to recess the bolt heads. (25mm M6 Bolts) It was necessary to use the counter sink as the thickness of the two cutting boards was more than 25mm. I took it out to attach but found that if I left it straight I wouldn't be able to use the small tackle box with the new addition. In order to remedy this I used a heat gun and put in an slight angle making the mount almost (but no quite) horizontal to the kayak. I effectively reduced my reach by about 18 inches. It took about an hour to fabricate, and can be removed and attached in about 30 seconds. I can post more detailed pictures if needed but I am afraid I haven't figured out how to post a reduced size photo or make them larger.
  16. Jeff S

    Small lures

    A mid sized mepps will work very well for both! The majority of the perch I have caught have been on mepps- the gold variety with no hair on the treble.
  17. I think I remember being told that you could actually on my stretch, not sure about anywhere else. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the close season? I'll pull out my fly rods for grayling and trout though I don't expect to catch many trout. I don't think they will be stocked until April.
  18. Hi Anderoo, Is business ever really finished? I plan to get out Friday. I still have to get the yak fitted with a few things, namely a rod holder and anchor trolley. (still waiting on a few things for that). Should be cold and hopefully not too windy. This will be my third trip this season and don't want to spoil it with visions of grandure. My trips usually involve taking friends with me and hopefully putting them onto fish. One of the trips resulted in three jacks and a decent perch. Are you going to post your results?
  19. That's funny Newt! Stuff like this circulating a while ago probably didn't help. She's not done yet so don't count your chickens. http://ulstercounty.blogspot.com/2008/02/3...l-on-earth.html Probably right there Greg.
  20. Hi Chris- At least you aren't upset (****) so to speak! Afraid I can't help with the memory stuff. I'm a sort of network geek. So I'll stand back, watch, and pass the hammer if you need it.
  21. Just think how much more fed up you would be if you were sat in America with advertisements not only for president but for local elections as well. Including ads for shampoo and the like. Some lasting five minutes altogether for each break. I think Hillary might be on the way out..
  22. You can PM after the 15th. Hows that for a funny handshake? Beat me to it Jan
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