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  1. Mine too! Self Mutilat... err preservation though! Mines a bit like a praying mantis.
  2. John- What would cause your legs and feet to swell like that? I have a friend that takes 4-5 different meds and the main medication causes so many side effects that the others are used to counteract it. Why would you want a fat [email protected], i;m trying to get rid of mine <--- Aren't we all Clifftop!
  3. If you saw me on Saturday why didn't you offer me a ride?!?! Seriously, I can't help but think that some exercise is better than none at all. And I can honestly say I don't care to go to the gym to lift weights. I lost that mentality long ago. Besides having a membership makes you feel guilty for not going and I have enough guilt in my life without having that as well. Mind numbing maybe on a treadmill. I find that I watch the clock while on one and when outdoors I find it is much more enjoyable. The grin I can't explain.
  4. I think your right Chesters. I guess I've been lucky in that I am pretty strong willed. I've quit many times but I think this one is final. I can't see putting myself through the withdrawls again. Plus I find that I compete against myself as far as time and distance. Had a friend ask me the other day if I had considered doing a triathalon. I didn't think I was up for it. I may have been wrong..
  5. One or two fingers? Don't get me wrong- it's not like I don't miss them.
  6. Just curious what everyone on here does to stay fit. I stopped smoking last October not for any specific reason. I went back to the US and had a physical. The doc asked if I'd like to quit and after an extremely long pause I agreed. He prescribed a medicine called Chantix. After three weeks I found that I wasn't getting anything from the cigarettes so I just stopped. I used to chew tobacco as well in leui of smoking but quit that as well. So at 18.5 stone (260 pounds) I finally became a quitter. I found that I couldn't read a book to the Twins without being out of breath and try
  7. Haven't tried it myself. Many people might use passwords like 1qaz2wsx or 0okm9ijn maybe something like ^TFC6tfc Even 12345. They are patterns on the keyboard. There is software that can do this. All you need is the correct user ID. It's best to create a password using combinations of numbers, letters, uppercase, lower case, and special characters. the longer the better. Sometimes its easier to make up a long sentence and then use the first letter of each and include combinations I mentioned above. [email protected]_a_mAn_fN - or (There once was a man from Nantucket). Nearly impos
  8. I read these articles by Leon Roskilly when I first started after pike. Hopefully you can enjoy them as much as I did and get some good information from them as well. ps. Read them all! Totally worth it. Pike Basics The Case for Pike Lure Fishing Part One Lure Fishing Part Two
  9. I had a similiar problem with mine XP sp2 that I bought second hand. It was gently used. Turns out it was two different types of RAM. Hope you work it out.
  10. You are told this for example: "The risk of an epidemic of mumps or measles vastly outweighs the risk of side effects from the vaccination." - What side effects? The fact is that there has been a scare and children have had reactions. We took the risk and are still watching our boys very closely. In fact we are waiting until the very last minute for their next set. One month to go. I don't know how it works here in the UK. But are the pharmacueticals benefitting from government sponsorship of these jabs?
  11. Well, we have Wisconsin and Oregon.. Heres one to chew over. It's Florida. Enjoy your next holiday. Only 37 more to go?
  12. I thought we already established that letting the girl die was wrong. So? Shall I start a new thread? Or are we going to discuss this religion vs medical practice thing? Nevermind I'm through.
  13. Immunizations have been under scrutiny recently and I think with good cause. I find this a suiting topic as well for this thread. Based on the grounds of your religion (in the US) you can elect to not have them for your child. It is a requirement, like France, that children have immunizations according to the governed age requirements prior to being allowed to attend public schools. I am unsure, and unwilling to research it, so please correct me if I am wrong- the US Federal Government has immunization guidelines and then the states augment them as required. Similiar to how the EA
  14. Please don't assume Cory. I agree entirely with you- minus the imaginary friend part. I don't think it is right that any child, incapable of making the decision for themselves, should be kept to the same by their 'trusted' parent or guardian. I find it irresponsible of the parents, however misguided they and their religion might be. It may very well have been an unfortunate accident but still irresponsible. The system failed. Plain and simple. http://www.religionnewsblog.com/20974/madeline-kara-neumann http://www.religionnewsblog.com/21316/madeline-kara-neuman More to
  15. Cory- I never said it was right or wrong, nor did I say anything other than it was irrelevant that she was born in Wisconsin. My statement to that effect, was that it does not matter where she was born only that it happened in Wisconsin. Had it happened in any other state the outcome may have been very different. Either way, it wasn’t or doesn’t appear to be a ‘ridiculous religious dogma’ to the parents. It is their belief and their right. They haven’t been charged yet as the link says. Now it will be up to the court to decide whether or not they really did anything wrong. Everyone has
  16. Freedom of Religion has it's price. I for one, don't want someone telling me what to believe in. The state she was born in doesn't have any relevance either. The laws there obviously need revision.
  17. Are these what you mean? I usually change mine at least once a season. Like certain types of mono, they can be susceptible to UV and start to become brittle. Thanks for the reminder. I need to change mine!
  18. Must have been the naked guy though you did post the question. I can't speak for Cannonfodder but circumstances kind of dictate what you wear. I know that even if I am in the middle of the river and find myself swimming, the longest time spent in the water will be less than 5 minutes either direction. This would be the same as if I had no intention of going more than a hundred meters from shore off Robin Hoods Bay during slack tide. A wetsuit keeps a layer of water between the suit and your skin. This is what insulates you. I don' t see a problem either way. I just don't like to be we
  19. Everything that I have read so far has said to dress for immersion. As if you would be spending all of your time in the water. You can have an air temperature of 30C and still have a water temperature of 6C. Gasp reflex with such a huge difference in temp. There are lighter dry tops available. Don't skimp on safety.
  20. When I was in the military in the late 90's I had the privilege of going with him on one of his spotting expeditions. This was in southern Wisconsin. The clouds had been building all day and remembering from my youth I knew to expect something later as all the birds were starting to flock together and the skies to darken. We got into his Ford ranger and made off up the road. At the top of the hill and into the first turn I pointed out that there was a funnel cloud. His immediate reply was 'nuh uh" We sat through many fast moving cells and eventually made it to the site of the first funn
  21. Sorry Jan- I didn't mean to make light of the weather and your situation. I know also know how scary! I was not even aware that you had made the purchase already. I remember well how quick the weather can be (and violent). I've been through some hairy weather situations.. My father being one of those volunteer storm spotters and living in North Texas as well for a few years.
  22. Hehe.. Funny that I think I've said the same thing to mine! About insurance I mean. That is the price for being mobile. If you see it coming you can always move. And that truck looked like it could easily do 40 mph faster than the storm towing the 5th wheel with it! (in fact I know it can!) You guys have nothing to worry about! Besides you only live once!
  23. There are just as many loud mouth old farts as there are miserable young.. Oh you get the idea.. I prefer to fish alone but more often than not I offer to take someone just so I CAN go fishing. If I have to pay for the privilege to fish by myself I gladly will and I don't see many people fishing unless its a match day and all the pegs are full anyway. I think many people have actually lost interest in my area. The PA car parks are all over grown, the tackle shop has been sold off and there's only one place to get a day ticket. Anyone want to go fishing?
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