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  1. Are you looking for a decent guitar or just a bash and strum? TBH, you got to try before you buy, the tonal diffences between the same brand can be very noticable and what you like the tone of, someone else will hate. I personally hate the tone of Fender Acoustics, I prefer the Maton bright sound. Keith
  2. Hi all, Well I knew that they where there I live now but the last two incidents over the last day just really bring it home. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/stor...5001021,00.html That link has the main one about the yakkers but at the top it has the one about Brian Guest too. Sad day for all water sport enthusiasts I was out today myself and ventured just that little bit further into the deep blue away from the harbour walls. I've been staying in the calmer waters until I get used to this more than knee depth water feeling Apart from the swell giving me the " I'm a
  3. Cheers Newt, Been 12 mths since I left the Uk and the fishing is totally different to what I have been used to. SLowly getting my head around it and getting a kayak was one thing that looked good. Would never of thought of using one back home, what with the water being too cold, the lousy weather etc etc........... This is not a bad site, I used it to get an idea of all the different types of kayak out there and then went and tried them all. http://www.akff.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=...2d10ac8c295d29c Keith
  4. Does anyone Pimp up their Yak??? Over here in Aus it seems to be the norm to get it kitted out with anchor trolly systems, GPS, sounders multi rod holders, live well tanks, lights and one even has a bilge pump on it!!!! Me , being a bit of a tart, I am going to start with the sounder and GPS and then move on to............................... LED port and starboard light plus the high level all round white in LED of course If I am allowed, I could post a link to the Aus site. Keith The sites changed that much in the last 12 mths I don't know what most of the buttons
  5. I , for one , would not class a "Demo Day" as just pure advertising. Demo days are there for the public to try out a particular yak brand without the pressure of buying one. I think they are a good idea because there a so many different brands and models out there, so where do you go if you don't have a clue on what to buy? Looking at them in the shop is not the best way to buy one as the assistant is there to sell you what they have in the shop, recommendation is second best as what one person likes will be utterly useless for someone else. Here in Australia, demo days are the norm, th
  6. Long time no see fellas, Wow,\forgotten what the weather could be like back home Living in Oz now and just been down the beach for a swim and snorkel. Weather been in the 30s for the last two days and I am feeling "jealous" of your Lovelly weather Keith
  7. Where about you based matey? Fished for Carp in Adelaide and Perth Keith
  8. You slept for 14hrs you sound like my son!!! LOL Keith
  9. Don't think many have the scouse humour Den Keith
  10. Has the pond, you are fishing, got any reed in the margins? If there are , plumb the depth there tight up to the reeds and also about a 18" away from them up to the length of your whip to both sides of you. Mark your line for both depths with a bit of tipex. Flick 3-4 maggots and lay your float in on the top of maggots. You' ll soon get the hang of laying it in and throwing maggots in at the same time Don't forget that you have two swims so always feed both and alternate between them. When you start to get bites regularly, flick in a couple of maggots with every bite and at every cast ,
  11. Just ask for a swap with whatever colour you want on any of the Carp forum for sale or wanted section. I too had four blue txi's and couldn't stand the eyeball burning blue light and the way they lit up the swim like i was at the Blackpool lights turn on!. I now have blue, red, green and white and can now see without being dazzeled Keith
  12. But that is what you pay big bucks for! You pay for the boat and the knowledge of the Captain to where to fish and then you haul them in. The Ghillies is paid for by the Captain an dhis job is to help and assist you in landing the fish. Keith
  13. Thats the one Paul, and for that remark I am gonna burn down your bivvy next time I see you Keith
  14. And it is one of the best Tackle shops for the Carp Angler in the St Helens/Liverpool area . Also check out the Monthly Comps. The last one was put up by one damn fine looking fella
  15. Why don't you use a gated baiting needle? Surely you won't ram that down the end of your thumb as it does not have a point or a barb on it at all! Have to admit they are useless for rock hard baits but then you just have to predrill a few at home and keep them seperate from the rest of your goodies Keith
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