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  1. We'll see whose being shat upon if we have a "no deal". I hope the constituencies that voted Leave are hit the hardest.
  2. A rose by any name would smell as sweet. More equivocation. You would make a great Evangelical Ken. Your apologetics are right up there with WLC.
  3. Interestingly Australia also has VAT. I would not bet on it.
  4. You pay VAT to the EU? LOL. Who told you that old crock of crap? Does Australia pay VAT to the EU too? Did some Breixeteering politician promise you there would be no VAT after Brexit? Now you know why I think those who voted to leave the EU are STOOPID.
  5. You had a deal that had acess to the single market. Your lack of critical thinking led you to vote against it.And then you claim it is the EUs fault? Not too bright folks, not too fecking bright.
  6. Do you actually READ links before you post or is a quick Google and a scan of the headlines suffice?
  7. My camera does not stop me using my phone as a phone. You are a fool.
  8. https://ninite.com/ Not an app but a website, handy for peeps that are reinstalling a clean build on thier PC. Choose the apps you want to install and ninite.com will build and doenload one installer that will install all of them.
  9. Your opinion, other's milage may vary. I like having a camera and a computer in my pocket.
  10. So do I because without Scotland the mash-eaters and the sheep-shaggers will be out of the G7. I know it is hard but try talking sense for a change.
  11. Chesters, stop talking pish. Yer wife might swallow it but I'm not tha bloody daft.
  12. That is close enough. You will be breathing it in. I would rather a wee bite than a dose of Salmonella, Cryptosporium or E.coli but you are welcome to my share.
  13. You do not understand how WTO tariffs work, Whatever tariffs we apply to the EU we must also apply to other countries that we do not have an FTA with. https://www.nfuonline.com/news/latest-news/no-deal-and-the-wto/ A list of all of the tariffs the EU would apply to the UK is set out in the EU's Common Customs Tariff (CCT) schedule, for example lamb exporters to the EU would face a tariff of around 67%, whilst beef is around 85%. Shame the stupid effing farmers in Wales who export most of their lamb didn't realise tha before they voted Brexit. And, before you say that is just more for us, your average British housewife would mistake a leg of lamb for a sex toy. I am beyond caring now. I only hope that the f@ck-wit parts of the nation that voted to leave are the ones that hurt the most. F#ck them.
  14. Stable flies mostly bite the lower legs. As soon as you mentioned socks it was a dead giveaway. Don't stay to close to your bug zapper. Every time one of them get's zapped it sprays an aerosol of its innards including all the bacteria.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6HmB4MvAGw
  16. I have never understood why those who are wrong about just about everything are called "right".
  17. What has Brexit got to to with making sure that employers pay the minimum wage? Total non-sequitor.
  18. You don't need to be anywhere near horses to find stable flies. Stable flies are prone to bite at ankle level. You will know if you have been bitten by a stable fly. It hurts.
  19. Unlikely unless one is poling ones little digits inotplaces the should not be. One can easily tell a spider bite from an insect bite. Insects leave one little red puncture wound, spiders leave two.
  20. 327 million population in America, 66 million population in the UK and the best we can do us Trump and Chump. Go figure.
  21. "That is the biggest cock I have ever seen", said the chicken.
  22. Last time ix checked wasps, bluebottles and houseflies didn't bite.
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