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  1. My pedantic ass is highly annoyed with folks being so quick to label any insult in an argument as an Ad Hominem. They aren't. An Ad Hominem fallacy is very specific- It is an attempt to weaken an opponent's argument by stating the person cannot put forth a reasonable argument, or carries an implicit bias, because of some facet of their existence. "You cannot possibly have good point to make about LGBT rights because you're religious" is an Ad Hominem. A person's religion can influence their opinion and cause biased thinking, but it doesn't mean that they are actually doing that. "You
  2. Will Sir Keir Starmer last? If he takes a blue one.
  3. That was an insult. If I said that you were wrong because of what I called you that would be a fallacy. I asked about your phone because I want to see what goods you buy from China. I was wrong to call you a c#nt. C#nts have uses.
  4. Where is the ad hominem? Where is the non sequitur?
  5. Even better news. https://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2021/01/07/a-truth-reckoning-why-were-holding-those-who-lied-for-trump-accountable/?sh=134d355c5710 I think banning him from social media is a mistake. People like Trump are best damned from their own mouths.
  6. More of your conspiracy theory fairy tales. Where is your phone made Ken?
  7. That is market forces Ken Capitalism. Corporations getting things made where it costs less. Where is your phone from?
  8. No. It is only you mate. Adjust , move on and grow up is rich coming from a Trump supporter
  9. Those claiming that it will have not met their burden of proof. All they do is spout opinions. Scottish fishermen's children cannot eat opinions or "sovereignty". The whole thing is an absolute fecking Joke, except it is not funny
  10. It does not work that way where I come from. Loads of farmers rent land that may be 20 or so miles from the farm. They are allowed to travel back and forwards to their tenancies.
  11. That IS your OPINION. That is it, an OPINION. Another post that shows that your opinion is unhinged from the reality. You are living in some kind of cerebral cloud cuckoo land.
  12. As easy as staying in the Customs Union.
  13. The same as when you witter about agricultural subsidies in general. You don't understand them so they are bad.
  14. It is NOT a SUBSIDY. It is freed of DUTY. You know bugger all about it Chesters and every post you make on this topic illustrates the same. Clueless. That is how we got into this mess.
  15. No mate. YOU are the ignorant one. https://www.crownoil.co.uk/faq/red-diesel-questions-and-answers/#What_Is_Red_Diesel
  16. What the eff are you gibbering about? Farmers and fishers get red diesel because it is not being used on the road. But you just keep posting your ignorance. I need the laugh. Ignorance and envy.
  17. What do you want? A chocolate watch? Why do they get red diesel?
  18. They should dump all their rotting fish through kunts like yours' letterboxes.
  19. They pay for their own fuel. I can really see Brits eating langoustines and coquilles st jacques with their pea fritters and curry sauce. In some ways I have no sympathy for them Lack of critical thinking following that goggle eyed prick and BoJo. Maybe Ken has a recipe for them to feed their kids. Sovereignty and chips.
  20. In all honesty Phone, I do not think Glen Miller has a duff track. St Louis Blues March is one of my favourites. The funny thing is, I don't like much else in the way of Big Band music.
  21. |Here are their contact details. Why don't you tell them in person? Scottish Seafood Association Office 24, Burnside Business Centre, Burnside Rd, Peterhead AB42 3AW 01779 480890.
  22. You people should be picking up the bill. What can you do today that you could not do on 30/12/20020? Can we have a list please?
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