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  1. Nicholas Parsons, host of BBC Radio 4's Just a Minute amongst many other things, aged 96
  2. I agree with H_V, Tom Clancy is a must read! The first novel I read of his was The Hunt for Red October, the second was Red Storm Rising. Since then I've read all his novels and enjoyed every bloody one of them. RIP Tom, taken from us too early.
  3. For sci-fi, The Bobiverse series by Dennis E Taylor are very good, with a 4th and 5th book (actually a large 2-parter) coming out sometime. Well recommended. Also Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but in the very first sentence the Moon breaks apart..... The Martian by Andy Weir is one of the few books I've read then immediately started reading again and enjoyed it just as much the second time! Any book by Terry Pratchett.
  4. Derek Fowlds, best known for playing Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister, aged 82.
  5. Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist in the Canadian rock group Rush, aged 67.
  6. Alleged medium Derek Acorah. Best known for Most Haunted, where he was twice possessed by anagrams. Firstly by Kreed Kafer, and secondly by Rik Eedles. (Derek Faker and Derek Lies). Stopped conning people out of their money aged 69.
  7. Let us hope this thread is shorter than the previous ones....
  8. Latest number is approximately 480,000,000 animals It has been mentioned on the news and the news site, but the media is mostly about the affects on humans.
  9. Merry Christmas to you all
  10. As requested, at the end of January when we leave the EU, I'll close this thread.
  11. Robert Walker Jr, actor most famous for playing Charlie X in the original Star Trek series. Aged 79.
  12. Yes I do, though I never watched it then or now. Not into soap operas.
  13. Watched the State Opening of Parliament earlier today, and have to say that Corbyn showed great decorum as a party leader in defeat. NOT! Refusing to look at or talk to Boris as they both walked side-by-side into the House of Lords, SCOWLING at the Queen as she made her speech setting out her Governments plans, and then having other members of the Commons jeer him as he likened the State Opening to a pantomime. It's well known that he is a republican, but thankfully the vast majority of the people in the UK are Royalists. Corbyn, you've just given us all another good reason why you don't deserve to be Prime Minister. Now stop hanging on as leader, p!ss off and let someone we can respect take over, you supercilious little tawt. From me, a Labour supporter
  14. Sheila Mercier, best known for playing Annie Sugden in Emmerdale, aged 100. Was also the sister of Brian Rix. Nicky Henson, actor aged 74. Probably best known in an episode of Fawlty Towers when he smuggled a dishy blonde into his room.
  15. Danny Aiello, best known for his roles in the movies Do The Right Thing and The Godfather Part II, aged 86.
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