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  1. I didn't notice this thread until after I'd created another 2021 thread. The entries are in the other thread so I'll lock this one. Sorry about that.
  2. This impeachment doesn't only mean he is prevented from running for office again, it also means the people of the US do not have to pay for his protection and travelling expenses amongst other things. Okay, that's only a few thousand dollars a year, but still. It means he will not have the privileges of other outgoing Presidents, and will also go down in history as the worst president in American history. In your face Donald T Rump, you gormless looking streak of sh!te
  3. David Barclay. Media billionaire who, along with his twin brother Frederick, appeared many times in Private Eye. Aged 86.
  4. Gerry Marsden of the pacemakers. You'll never walk alone Albert Roux, celebrity chef. Aged 85.
  5. A bit late in starting this, sorry.
  6. Am locking this thread now, and starting a new one.....
  7. About the trees - I'm just a bad caster. About listing them in Latin - Sod Off I have a few years more trees, dogs, something big that shrieked one night and a seagull in flight to add.....
  8. In case you missed it, fishing IS allowed during lockdown, but you still have to follow a few simple rules. From the BBC News site - Covid-19: Praise as angling given lockdown go-ahead - BBC News
  9. Jeremy Bulloch, most famous for playing Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, aged 75.
  10. RIP Barbara, Carry On Heaven.
  11. Phone, my very best wishes for you. Keep fighting it and you will win. As for Trump, I've puked up more intelligent stuff outside a kebab (kabob) shop on a Saturday night.... Repeating, very best wishes
  12. US test pilot Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, aged 97.
  13. Ben Bova, scientist, Hugo Award winner, and prolific science fiction author and editor, aged 88.
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