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  1. John S


    Not had a drink today And yes it is a family friendly forum, so my original post was somewhat OTT in terms of language used. But when a political leader SCOWLS at the Queen of England as she says "My Government & etc" after he's just lost an election by the biggest wossname since the 1930's and still expects to be treated with respect, then he can go take a very long jump off a very short pier. To be family friendly..... Jeremy Corbyn. Ex leader of the Labour party, politician, liar, republican and (amongst other things) terrorist sympathiser. I will not widdle in your pockets if your round objects were aflame. So flip off. Better now Martin? BTW, I will shortly post a pic of the freshly varnished and fishing-ready porky quills And as soon as this damn pestilence is over, I hope to get out and use them even more! Yours, John.
  2. John S


    That's easy to answer. Boris Johnson is a likeable chap, so we call him Boris, whilst Jeremy Corbyn is a treacherous, lying, terrorist-supporting (and nut just the IRA but also Hezbollah and the Taliban), self-serving, hypocritical, republican stream of purulent drainage that I would not p!ss on his head if his hair was on fire. Therefore we call him Corbyn. Next silly question
  3. John S


    To get back to the subject, with the PM now in intensive care at hospital many people from all sides of the political spectrum have come forward to offer him their support. Any word from comrade Corbyn? Not that I've seen.
  4. I've just sent Vagabond an email, will let you know if he replies....
  5. Honor Blackman, most famous for playing Bond girl Pussy Galore, aged 94.
  6. Going out once a day for the morning paper (local, not any tabloid junk), milk and buns. Once a week to Sainsbury's for the main weekly shop, otherwise trying out various woodworking tools that I bought but never used (table saw, hand router, hand planer, first-aid kit) or reading books or car mags. Oh, and having a laugh at Trump whenever he's gobbing off on TV.
  7. I agree with you ant, he was concerned about the health of his crew, and as a result he lost his job! Just more proof that Donald T Rump does not have a grip on reality. I really hope that after Trumpy refused to take the advice of medical experts regarding face masks, that he gets the ****ing virus and dies from it. It will serve the stupid bar steward right. Fake President!
  8. John S


    At last we have a new Labour leader, now FECK OFF Corbyn, you steaming pile of sh!te. MP's lie, but you continued to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence. You're a republican, when nearly everyone supports the Royal Family. You support the IRA, to the extent that you invited several IRA members to the House of Commons just 2 weeks after the Brighton bombing when they attempted to kill the Prime Minister. You have no sense of shame. You destroyed the Labour party. It was because of you that I voted Conservative in the last few elections, not because I supported them, but because I did not want to see a streak of sh!t like you becoming Prime Minister. Yours sincerely you gobshitting prick. John, a Labour supporter.
  9. We had the Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker for over 4 years and it's still going strong. Not expensive, can thoroughly recommend it
  10. John S


    Sorry to hear that too Elton, please wish her a full and speedy recovery from all of us here. Stay safe all. John
  11. What I'd like to know is where exactly this virus came from, and how it started to infect humans.
  12. Initiating post emoticon test..... Edit of post emoticon test in progress.... That worked, and probably this one too. Seems to be working fine Chesters, are you using a phone to view the site?
  13. Let's keep the personal insults where they belong, which it NOT on here
  14. Chesters, just make sure you have a Network Cable CAT5e (enhanced) cable to go from the new router to your computer.
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