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  1. Helen McCrory, best known for Peaky Blinders and three Harry Potter films, aged just 52
  2. Excellent news Phone, welcome back
  3. Politicians are fair game. A recently deceased member of the Royal Family who was loved and respected by more people than any politician is not.
  4. More people then ever before are surviving cancer, and you are going to increase that number! Think positive Ant, because you are going to be here for years to come.
  5. We will not have any derogatory remarks about Prince Philip. RIP
  6. Not only the seventh Marquess of Bute, but also team-mate to Ayrton Senna in 1986 and winner of the 1988 Le Mans race. RIP Johnny
  7. (From Vagabond) - Pete Butler, aged 96. Pete, a great all-round angler. Known for many good roach from the London reservoirs, also many good bass, some fly-caught salmon, and not a few big mullet He founded the London Specimen Hunters Club and seemed ro attract namesakes as his fishing mates - I remember one such gathering that included Pete himseld and Petes Grundel. Mead. Ellis and Hall. Go fishing with that lot, hook a decent fish and shout "Pete, Net !" and you had five chances of assistance.
  8. Sabine Schmitz, Queen of the Nurburgring and sometime Top Gear presenter, aged just 51
  9. Murray Walker, motorsport commentator, aged 97. Cliff Simon, best known for playing Ba'al in Stargate SG1, aged 58.
  10. Lou Ottens, Dutch engineer credited with inventing the audio cassette tape. Aged 94.
  11. Nobody who went out to support the Islamic State should have been allowed back into the UK. Unfortunately, if they only have ties to one country, there is nothing you can legally do to stop them. Shamima had dual citizenship, which meant we could take away her UK citizenship. And she was hoping that because she lost 3 children, that we would take pity on her? What planet is she living on? If she does manage to return here, she will be hated wherever she goes. I certainly would not like her as a neighbour!
  12. Professor John Mallard, who led the team developing MRI scans. Aged 94.
  13. The Supreme Court has ruled that Shamima Begum, who you may remember, left the UK with two of her friends to join the Islamic State, cannot return to the UK. GOOD! You left the UK to support a group of terrorists who were killing our own people. I don't give a feck what happens to you now you traitorous bioch. As far as I'm concerned you can just flip off and die. And when you do, I would gladly defecate over your grave. Yours sincerely, a true Brit.
  14. Doug Mountjoy. Welsh snooker star, aged just 78
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