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  1. Thanking you all for your input and best wishes. It still have heard nothing and all the helplines are about as much use as a chocolate teapots. I am now looking on the positive side of no news is good news and from what I now understand mobile telephoning is impossible and landlines calls out of the Cuba are much about the same. Keeping everything crossed until Oct the 4th. Thank you all again.
  2. My daughter and ten of the family members are holidaying in Cayo Coco in Cuba. Could any of our American friends or indeed anybody else tell what the devastation is like in that area. I don't seem to be able to find any points of contact and am out of my brains with worry.
  3. I can see greenfly and blackfly but what are the larger green ones it's not an aphid (I think) but more a sort of beetle.
  4. These nasty individals have killed my honey suckle in just 2 weeks. Before it started to flower and I started to spray it with Liquid Derris and continued to do it every few days. It has never suffered like this before and I'm so annoyed that I might even grub it up. Unless of course somebody can suggest a way of bringing it back to it's former glory. Any help would be much appreciated. [ 22. June 2005, 01:50 PM: Message edited by: Little Tinca ]
  5. Going on a free 10 days in Lanzarote tommrow .... Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nurse Judy I love you. Your compassion and help is beyound the call of duty. Bless you.
  7. Paul Thanks for posting your news it is indeed the most sad and the most happiest. I am deeply sorry for your fathers condition but even the smallest chance is worth hanging on to. I am delighted at your feelings for the lastest family member I remember well how it felt for me. My parner went through a very bad time with cancer and at one time was only given a 20% of survival just to get through one night. She did and is remission. I don't know to much about praying but I did ask for help from unknown powers to be, and may be that did help. I also think of other members on this site who are going through similar ordeals I don't tell them but I do look skyward and think of them because even though I do not know them in person they mean so much by their heartfelt and brave to conversations with us. By sharing your thoughts with us on AN is a priviledge for us all and maybe collective thoughts migh do some good. Sharing and the telling of your troubles can be a great relief and I know it is intimately shared and thought about by all of us. I have had some wonderful pm's of encouragement. I don't really know what else to say but never give up hope. Charles
  8. I sure that you cannot back out of an auction once it has had a bid on it. You may revise some things as an added comment which appears as a comment further down the page or maybe say that you have made an error but you cannot revise the original description or staring price. You may also post more pictures to enhance you sale. I have removed sales but only before they have had a bid on them and therefore nobody has commited to buy and you have not committed to sell. I would contact Ebay and point out to them what has happened and if necessary remind them of their own rules. I bet that if you make an error somebody would jump on you like as ton of bricks. I have also made mistakes but have honoured whatever I have described or priced. You simply cannot duck out because your item is not going to make the price you wanted. You pays your money and takes your choices good or bad.
  9. Did your hand come up nice and clean
  10. Little Tinca here ..... honest guv it were't me .... it was that alien with seven fingers demon [ 01. May 2005, 11:01 AM: Message edited by: Little Tinca ]
  11. Wot! no Btitish cows. I know several and divorced one of them.
  12. Dan Yes that radiator gets rather hot. I have been religated to a corner plot of the kitchen.
  13. I have aquired this 'coil' which I think comes from an original Model T Ford can anybody throw any light on it for me. It produces one hell of an uninterupted spark.
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