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  1. I would suggest red hydro through a top two power kit, set loose. Fish 0.20 - 0.22 Straight through with a size 10 drennan star point if fishing soft paste. When you get a bite a gentle lift of about 6 inches rather than a strike will help to prevent the fish bolting. With carp the harder you pull, the harder they pull. After the short lift, start to ship back smoothly keeping the pole low to the water. If the carp starts to run, keep low and put a very slight angle in the pole to elastic just to prevent the top 2 flying off. Just follow the fish, it will eventually give up. When you get ba
  2. Hi I have had a lot of success with bream this year, both on natural and commercial venues. I favour a groundbait mix of 2/3rds brown crumb to 1/3 swimstim green. To this I add a good squirt of sensas crazy bait double squirt strawberry and scopex flavouring. Corn is a great hookbait as is redworm tipped with flouro pinkie. Now the weather is getting colder I have started to use a half and half mix of crumb/swimstim. works for me so try it mate. Gary
  3. Peter I think you are out of hand discussing this on here without pointing out the fact that Dave and several othrs, Trogg included have supported your views. There are people with opinions on here that I feel are biggoted and narrowminded but I would not go to MD's and start slagging them off. Dont be so one sided and then run off to your old mates to slag off the MD's board. Ps The canaries are shiiite as proved by the mighty Liverpool. Gary
  4. I have four local tackle shops but use one exclusively except when they dont have casters when I use one other. I started fishing again this year and went to one shop, Gerrys and met up with a member of staff as I was looking at Shakey seatboxes. I got chatting to him and told him I was starting out again and half an hour later I left with a load of good starter gear and a bag of freebies as well as where to fish in the local area. Since than I have got back into my match fishing and have probably spent about 2 grand in there. Everytime I have had good service, a few quid knocked off and somet
  5. Hi mate, ringers are a top pellet but try fishing it over a couple of balls of swimstim groundbait and I promise you will catch more bream, try feeding 3mm pellet as loose feed and away you go. Used pellet paste the other day after scalding 3mm green swimstim pellets and making a paste and had 60lb of bream in 3 hours on a hard water. Believe me bream love swimstim and without too much of a scrap add a lot of weight in a match. Gary
  6. Hi guys, get a daiwa capricorn from Harleerod on US E bay. Fantastic top quality reel, retails in uk for 150 notes ( I have seen them in 2 uk shops at that price). I have had two off him at approx 38 quid and postage of 9 pound. Fantastic quality and an excellent product, far better than the stradic in my opinion. If its a bait feeder then you can't beat shimano or if wanting cheaper Okuma are great value. Gary
  7. Hi all, we regularily catch big roach/bream hybrids up to the 6lb mark on the river lune, they really go and put up one hell of a scrap. Fight a lot more than the double figure bream in there,really nice fish. Gary
  8. I fish with catfood a lot and the best i have found by far is Coshida from Lidls. The best hookable is the red tin 'beef' chunks, great on a size 10, threaded with a baiting needle like you would with luncheon meat. I use the blue tin 'tuna' for feed, passing it twice through a maggot riddle and then adding a little water to make a slop but only feed it like this in under 4 ft of water. In water deeper than this I pass it through the riddle once and then dust it with a fishmeal groundbait and then use this as feed. Another great use is to pass it through the riddle a coupl of times and then
  9. Hi mate, there is another tackle shop, Carlsons in Kendal on the High Street. Coarse fishing is a bit rough up there but try the Windermere And Ambleside Website that will give you the best info. You can always drop back on the motorway and come off at Jn 35 (Carnforth) and try the British Waterways Borwick Water for shedfulls of Pasty carp and some bigger. This is about 25 minutes from Windermere. GAry
  10. I had a ron thompson match rod when I first came back to the sport, rated for up to 5lb line. Just could not get on with it at all, had the same problems with the reel seat as yourself and although rated for a 5lb line it just did not have the power to turn even 4-5lb carp. Gave it to a mate and he loves it. Horses for courses I suppose but not for me im afraid. Got a free okuma dynacarp baitrunner with a magazine subscription and I love it, works great, light and powerful enough for my fishing. Gary
  11. Great read mate and all true. Gary
  12. Hi guys, just read this thread with great interest. I came back to the sport this season after 15 years away and am 32 years of age. When I learnt to fish all those years ago it was on hard natural waters where if you caught 2 three ouce roach it was a good day. I remember fishing a match at 11 where I won with an 1/2oz rudd which was the only fish caught by 20 anglers. I learnt to fish from reading and practicing as there was no-one to show me. I inrtiduced a mate to the sport this year and we fish on average once a week together. I started him at a commercial stocked with silvers and he c
  13. The Generation carp, Technium XT, Maver Grim Reaper are all good poles around that price range. My suggestion would be to go to a good local tackle shop and have a waggle of what they have got. This is the only way to see what suits you. Why is it that people don't appreciate the pole on here?? I fish with pole, tip, float rod and carp rod, its all angling and I catch on the lot. Go and try them mate they will make your small fish ( saying that i have caught carp to 16lb on mine!!)angling lots of fun. Gary
  14. In the last 10 days I have had the opportunity to fish several times. I fished Borwick last thurs, practicing method feeder fishing and caught a carp a chuck, mastered my feeder mix and got more confident. Fished Greenhalgh lake Friday, 21 carp in a day session for about 150lb, alternating pellet on the splash waggler and on the straight lead. Fished a match last night at Farrington Lodges, for three and a half hours I did not even get a bite, the match was won with 1lb 6oz! Tonight i fished the Lancaster canal with a mate for three hours, caught about 20 fish for about 3 and a half pounds. To
  15. A good buy for the money, comes with a free elastification pack as well I believe. Did you get a match top 3 in the pole and a power top two as well? If you did I would suggest 4-8 elastic in your top 3 and 12-14 in your power kits and that should cover most of your fishing unless going for lumps in the margins mate in which you will need 16 elastic at least. Welcome to the world of pole fishing, next investment is a role to help ship in and out and a couple of rigs and away you go. Yours in sport Gary
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