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  1. i did this review and the reason the reels weren't mentioned is that the review was about the rods, the reels were incidental to the piece. but, i do like my little avets very much, mine are older models with the irritating "tick tick" when you wind in and the cold hard plastic handle. my mate bought the same two reel (MXL & MXJ) this year from ROK-MAX and they are a better reel, smoother lines, no annoying "tick tick" and a nice warm rubberised handle. great wee reels for the money i was thinking about buying another but i'm going to wait on the new Daiwa saltist lever dr
  2. she looks like the ideal fishermans wife, she can grow fishing rods out her back.... the "lemonfish" is a rainbow runner.... very tasty...
  3. i saw chubby at the playhouse in edinburgh last year, and i have to admit he wasn't very funny, he just seemed to be going through the motions... i had 90% of the jokes he told by text message in the couple of months before i went.... he was funny 10 years ago.... i think he's well past his sell by date now....
  4. this is a shock for me, wiggly really helped me when i got my first DSLR last year, he always had an answer to my questions, a gem.... condolences to his family... Les
  5. the darker one is the one you don't want as it's most likely to be a bag of worms..... glenn....do you have any theories as to that fish which have been inshore for most of the year have so many more worms than fresh winter run fish?? i've heard things about seal crap and such.... nice bag of codlings BTW....
  6. i was up in lochaline fishing with a few of the AN regulars, the weather was a bit mince, very dull and overcast, well what's new for scotland this year eh?? got this sunset and a couple of others i've put in the competition
  7. Entry No:2 ----------- Reel on Fire -------------- Camera: Canon 400D Shooting Mode: AE Shutter Speed: 1/50 Aperture: F14 Exposure Comp +1 ISO: 200 Focal Length 30mm White balance: auto
  8. Entry No:1 ----------- What's the story Balamory....?? ---------------------------------- Camera: Canon 400D Shooting Mode: AE Shutter Speed: 1/800 Aperture: F6.3 ISO: 200 Focal Length 50mm White balance: auto
  9. hi wiggley, hope you're feeling better.... i got the lens from good old fleabay, got a hoya UV filter and a hoya circular polariser filter and the petal hood for £235.00 plus £8.00 post, bargain methinks.... i'm day off tomorrow, i might have a wee walk into the hills at the back of my house is it's nice and see what i can get. les
  10. hi all, i've been having some family stuff and computer probs but got most of it sorted now and can hopefully get some fishing and picture taking done. the main problem at the moment up here is getting any sort of light, it's complete cloud cover whenever i'm not at work. anyway, to cheer myself up i treated myself to a new toy for my 400D, it's a canon 18-85mm IS USM zoom lens, man what a difference to the kit lens i've been using, it focuses soooo fast and quiet, how did i live without it.... i also got a battery grip for it as i have hands like dinner plates and feel i get a
  11. Entry No: 1 ------------ The One and Only -------------------- Camera Canon 400D Shooting mode....macro Shutter speed......1/60 Aperture..............F5.6 ISO.....................400 Focal length..........85mm W/B.....................auto
  12. hi folks, sorry i've been away so long, family crises and such Entry No 1 ----------- Time for home ---------------- File Name camieboat.jpg Camera Model Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL Shooting Date/Time 28/04/2008 16:04:12 Shooting Mode Aperture-Priority AE Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/200 Av( Aperture Value ) 8.0 Metering Mode Evaluative Metering Exposure Compensation 0 ISO Speed 400 Lens EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Focal Length 18.0 mm Image Size 2464x3655 Image Quality Superfine Flash On Flash Type Built-In Flash Flash Exposure Compensation 0 Red-eye Reduction On Shutter curtai
  13. hi john, hopefully the weather will be better this summer, it can't get worse than last year, thats for sure. will be down at some point mate.... yes, i still have the boat, unfortunately it's not moved out the back garden since november and not likely for a few weeks yet, my wife's mother is about to peg out any day and there is a world of hurt heading my way between this and some other stuff, by christ you pay for your fun.... :( oh well, i have my memories :sun:
  14. thing is rob the problems out there are confined to a small area in nairobi and an area hundreds of KM west of there in the rift valley. areas which either no-one in their right minds would venture into ie the nairobi slums, or out west and no where near the game reserves. there hasn't been a single day of trouble where we went on the coast at malindi/watamu and not 1 tourist has been molested or harmed in any way in the entire country. there was an expat englishman murdered at watamu while we were there, apparently the papers over here made a meal out of it blaming the political
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