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  1. I have to agree with Alan, the Okuma Aventa Pro, I have the Sheffield & the Kennet which I have not used yet and I also have a J.W. Young but I nearly always use the Aventa Pro, so that has to tell you something. As for casting I use a side cast but I am mastering the wallis cast (slowly) I have good days and bad days but stick with and I'm sure you'll master it. Alan: One quick question to throw out at you where do you have your line coming off the the reel the top or the bottom. I have heard different stories about this and would like some clarification. Cheers Bankside
  2. http://www.safariquip.co.uk/acatalog/Insec...html#aSCOR10000 This 95% deet, swear by it!
  3. Could not agree more with Poledark, Halibutt pellets and more halibutt pellets lots of them, bait a spot up if you get chance and plenty of halibutt oil, I've had cats over 100lb in France all on halibutts. Bankside PS.......Also chop about 2kg of worms that should do you fine and good luck
  4. I have 3 x Shimano Beastmaster for sale, they are a good good quality I think there 3 oz test curve, not had a lot of use. Please drop me a pm if intersted......i was goignt o put them on ebay with a fox easy dome. Bankside
  5. Me and my mate have given France a miss this year and decided we'd prefer to get down on the river bank. so we were thinking about Ireland but we've heard some bad reports about the fishing over there, so we thought we'd load the van up and go to the Upper Thames, River Avon and the River Severn. could anyone please give us some advice for where to fish on or around the SW, as I said we're very mobile so anywhere within say a 200 mile radius is fine unless someone can suggest another River option. Thanks for your help fella's Bankside
  6. Over the last 4/5 years I have bought two poles and still to this day I cannot master the art of pole fishing. To me fishing is firstly about enjoyment and to me pole fishing is a chore. Ship out, ship in, different top section for depth, different top for power of match. I have to readily agree for bait presentation the pole wins hand down, so for matchmen then I guess it is the way forward, but I still never feel in control of the fish when I have it hooked. I was in a match yesterday I sat there with my centrepin and float rod and had, 5lb 4oz and the winner won it with over 15lb but in say
  7. I've had quite a bit of luck with Catfish and I've always caught them on 28mm Halibut pellets, with about 3/4 Lobworms on the hook, and putting plenty of smaller pellets around the bait (10kg) Good luck
  8. I've had cats in April on a Tiger Nut Pop Up no less, I have to admit I wasn't fishing for it though But I'd definatley stick a Cat rod out, and for bait I'd use a Halbut Pellet with a couple of Lob Worms on the hook, if your spodding get some dead maggots with 6mm Halibut Pellets and chopped worm. You never know what might happen, Hey nothing lost and maybe all to gain good Luck Bankside
  9. Does anyone know of another Particle and Pellet wholesaler besides GJW Titmuss. Looking for a few things and would like to look around at what they have to offer. cheers Bankside
  10. You could do a rough blend on them and mix them in, I do that with fresh strawberries when when I'm making fuit bolies.
  11. I could use the freezer but it was so handy just to order them from The Bait & Feed Co, I use these a lot and the wife doesn't enjoy frozen maggots in her freezer.
  12. Steve, I always get the depth with the marker float and keep the rig around mid way. Carp will quite often head for shallower water as well so I always bait a spot up in the margins and keep my eye on it, or very often drop a bait in the spot, I would have thought you could catch both Perch & Chub with a worm up in the water, never really done that myself though, but you have definatley given me food for thought there. regards Bankside
  13. Takes to much room in the freezer
  14. Does anyone know where you can get dead maggots, the Bait & Feed Co used to do them but now they seem to have stopped. cheers Bankside
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