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  1. couldn't get rulers to create box on photo so after about an hour gave up
  2. would this apply to photoshop elements 5 too
  3. nice one snatcher m8 and if she who must be obeyed sees this ie mrstack4 the wine bottle had a cap on and the lager can in littletack4's hand was empty
  4. great advice from steve there firstly well done m8 in firtsplace for posting all journies begin with the first step you appear to have a good eye all ready being in the right place at the right time helps too i'd be more than happy with any of those shots keep em commin
  5. nice one snatcher you must have cleaned your glasses then .... what with all the new scenes, views your seeing eh?
  6. running the 10k [image] Make = Canon Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Date Time = 2006-11-04 13:41:13 Exposure Time = 1/25" F Number = F29 ISO Speed Ratings = 800 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Make = Canon Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Date Time = 2006-11-04 13:23:12 Exposure Time = 1/80" F Number = F13 ISO Speed Ratings = 800
  7. found this fish in the rocks as i was digging bait this afternoon A TRIGGER FISH still quite fresh by eye clarity had to show littletack4 and misstack4 after school weird aint the word
  8. have tried that avenue steve with no joy he never even used the cd and the likelyhood of him finding code is slim to nil have also emailed adobe for ? new number as unregisterd product
  9. tack4

    please help

    see http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=68757 thanks andrew
  10. nice ones snatcher m8 luv 3rd n last pics keep it up young man
  11. have acquired a 300d from ebay with all software 18-55 lens 2 batteries yippee................. not allowed to play with it until 25th december but allowed to install ps elements 2 problem no pin number for installation can any one help? please
  12. nice one snatcher m8 remember this one
  13. tack4

    MDF mounting

    crackin job m8 looks tres professional by easy can you explain further oh and stunning photo too!
  14. due to kyle (littletack4) not up to etive journey wit WSF crew we fished an unamed pier not far from stanraer for a few hours on Saturday approx 20 fish between us; ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse (new species for both of us), pouting ( new species for both of us again),pollack and a coalie for good measure set new pb ballan with last fish of session at a shade over 3lb monday evening misstack4, littletack4 and i fished terally bay north end by rocks for some lsd three fish landed littletack4's being the biggest of 71 cm good fun and a cracking night last night thursday i fishe
  15. paul m8 stunning result how are the arms feeling? catch of a lifetime never mind week got to be worth a few sheckles for the story
  16. the tack4's fishing today sw scotalnd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- headed for portpatrick but as we arrived in village there was a sudden downpour and our chose mark near dashers den was now too slippy for kids so we headed back towards home then littletack 4 suggested a mark that must remian nameless so we went there instead a short session of apporx 2 -2 1/2 hrs produced over 40 fish for them mainly undersize coalie but the odd better fish to approx 1 1/2 lb mainly for misstack4 littletack 4 had most fish but misstack4
  17. aye snatcher get your finger out me lad can be quite high drain on batteries so highest mAh the better n8
  18. tack4 here aka Andrew fish sw scotalnd made a great m8 in snatcher or uncle snatcher as misstack4 Caitlin and littletack4 Kyle call him fish when we can mainly shore but the odd trip afloat live close to some of the best marks in sw scotland and luv it eh snatcher?
  19. snatcher has been out at an undisclosed mark for the last two mornings at dawn popping with success i joined him this morning monday first cast a mackeral then 4 bass to 3lb this morning i arrived at approx 05:10 he had already had three to 3lb and lost another left him plugging away at 06:30 to get ready for work i was trying to catch on the fly with only one pull that i over excitedly pulled straight out its mouth
  20. nice report dave well done on the porgie looked well angry in the water shot
  21. thought snatcher was "the only gay in the village" very fetching in his latex one piece
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