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  1. at work so will check it later and reply
  2. i am running xp, with free versions of AVG and Zone Labs and was alerted last night re spyware adware security problem stating my system has been probed what can i do to cure this not too computer literate but manage some simple processes pleases help
  3. great shot judy and good on ya for experimenting played with cropping is this what the guys mean
  4. would that be the "z....."then ian still to find it one day tho'
  5. the tack4's thoughts are with you picturing him with alan taylor afloat catching big lunkers of fish and laughing out loud he will be sorley missed on here and by the charities he strived for
  6. she looks a bit scaly in the photo ferret or is that a fish sitting to close to the monitor again
  7. yes m8 it was and the litlle tack4's were annoyed by some idiots on ribs and a jet ski cause they blanked and i didn't they said your lot had scared away the fish but i know different fisrt time in ages i out fished them. looks like you were having fun hope to see you sometime
  8. after a quick fry up in the wee shelter at the cattle grid the kids and i weighed up the options and decided east tarbert south of the bay the kids float fished hard backs for wrasse and some sandeel for pollack with no knocks or pulls i had the occasional cast with a 26 grm spinner two fish a pollack and a coallie cant remember the last time i caught more than them is this gonna be my year
  9. tack4

    wish me luck

    god that casting is gonna take a while to master great wee fishery my m8 had 5 fish 1 brownie and 4 rainbow for a total of 12lb i got my line wet but no pulls at the bottom of a steep learning curve they were feeding on caddis and quite picky my m8 said but there were some clonkers of fish out there all my flys i have tied are on the biggish side so will have to down size a bit from 8-10's to 14-16's eek will need a magnifying glass but will peresevere rome wasn't built in a day apparently
  10. tack4

    wish me luck

    going to pinbraid fishery on fri pm for a 4 hr evening session first serious go at fly fishing had a few chucks last year in vain atempt for bass ( mainly a sea angler) managed an hour at rothymuchus aviemore at my brothers stag do but only hooked a shrub the grass and my backside more time will be spent on tuition with a skilled trout angler have been tying some flies after attending the last two sessions of local fly tying club (typical i always time these things wrong) have some presentable bibios, red palmers, black pennels, black zulus and some other wierd looking experiments v
  11. have a m8 willing to dig lug in sw scotland area ie stranraer area 24- 36 hrs notice and loverly fresh lug 4 u interested pm me and will pass on details
  12. tack4


    sarah you have pm
  13. tack4


    enjoy sarah it was a pleasure
  14. u have pm sarah you've picked the best place on earth for summer fishing in my unbiased opinion i'm sure snatcher would agree
  15. tack4

    Photo Of The Day.

    snow scenes today near stranraer Make = KYOCERA Model = FC-S4 Exposure Program = Normal program ISO Speed Ratings = 100 and my first entry in to photo comp Make = KYOCERA Model = FC-S4 Exposure Program = Normal program ISO Speed Ratings = 100
  16. fisrt go in comps Date 3/3/2006 Camera Kyocera S4 Finecam Photographer tack4 (Andrew Knotts) title A Bridge From Winter to Spring sorry dont understand the exif stuff Make = KYOCERA Model = FC-S4 Exposure Program = Normal program ISO Speed Ratings = 100
  17. Gillies some fantastic sunsets there my wife is fed up of sunrise sunset pics but icant geenough of them they are top drawer m8 2nd and last are my favs
  18. got a 256mb SD card today at LIDL for £14 some XD cards too
  19. i've met snatcher he's a drinking legend
  20. not when your nearest maplins is over 100 miles away and delivered within 36 hrs
  21. or you could try here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=5841077859 excellent service and first class kit converted a ebay cheapy and well chuffed focusable 1 LED and 1 Krypton bulb headlamp spot on
  22. nice one mate hope mum n daughter are fine spare time what was that?????????????? can't remember oh yeah B.C. Before Children
  23. tack4


    thanks sam for re posting great info m8 keep it comming
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