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  1. Many thanks Andrew. I'll pass these pics on to my friend. I'm sure it would be well within his capability. It's much more satisfying to make things yourself, esp if it saves money as well. Thanks again Jason
  2. Thanks for replies. I think the chair he's got at the moment is the Nash, it takes the weight ok but he thinks a box would be better. He's got an engineering background, so modifying or strengthening one could well be an option. Do the mudfeet still work at these weights? Perhaps his best bet is to go down to his nearest tackle shop and try some out. Thanks again for replies.
  3. Can someone recommend a seat box for a friend of mine. He is 25 stone and rising! Thanks
  4. I've been out regularly since the thaw and looking forward to going tomorrow. I think your symptoms are worrying, if they persist I would seriously consider getting professional help
  5. Two good sessions the last couple of weekends at a local commercial. Roach a chuck up to about 8oz and several Carp up to around 8lb. I know a lot of people don't regard commercials as proper fishing but I enjoyed it. Don't know about this weekend. Temp down to minus 3 this morning
  6. jason.p


    I used to work with a mole killer and would pick literally a couple of gallons of worm a day walking behind a plough (you've got to be quick cos they diasappear pretty quickly, or the seagulls have them). On occasions when there was no ploughing around we'd fill a 45gallon drum with water. add about a litre of formalin (from farmers co-op) and up-end it on an area of grass. After a while (could be up to 20mins) the worms came up in large numbers. These were washed dried and kept in soil. The secret is to really flood the area and be patient.
  7. Do you think that maybe sometimes a fish might feel the hook when the bait is a on it and spit it out, but with a hair they don't.
  8. Is there any point putting a stop above the feeder, not exactly as a bolt rig, but to stop the feeder coming all the way up the line. (I'm thinking of in-line feeder set-up)
  9. Yes, I remember it well. I was working as delivery boy in a local grocers shop getting one and six an hour. I finally plucked up courage to ask for a rise and got an extra 3d. Boy, was I chuffed
  10. Thanks Chavender. You might just have saved my life :D
  11. I wonder if that's why I blanked at the weekend :rolleyes:
  12. Is Angling Magic still going. Last time I looked it seemed to be dying a slow and painful death
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