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  1. The float tuber extraordenaire , sportsman is wintering in spanish climes at the moment, a good source of information is Mike Barrio at haddo fishery by inverurie. he uses and hires them out he should be able to offer you some great deals. jim
  2. Sorry not to have made it,should have phoned I know Still it looks like you had fun I have to pass comment on that hat, you,ve been spending to much time with the folk next door.!!!
  3. Must have killed off all their own forums to try and wind us, quiet ,reserved peace loving ,bunch up, red wine anyone??
  4. It was being chased by Elvis, egged on by a little green man.
  5. Lindores has some super pike and perch(big) there are the lochs out behind Blairgowrie but hav,nt fished them for years.
  6. Somebody obviously Knows you well!!!
  7. A 3wt , thats plain silly!! youll have to go to at least a 6wt, heavy I know but some of these things go to more than 10lbs!! I will lend you 2 longshank 8s that should get you started. You can also borrow my carp net!
  8. A few years ago a good friend and brilliant salmon angler told me of a time when he worked the nets on the lower Tay. They took a sweep and netted a shoal of roach. These were dumped in a field, as was the practice on the river then, as a fisherman he later went to look at these fish. He then weighed the biggest 2, the smallest went just over 4 the biggest 5. These fish came from the brackish water down near the mouth of the earn. I have no reason to doubt his story as he is a geuine guy, some on here ,Steve Burke have met him and will vouch for him.
  9. hope you do well, I still want to see you skate fishing though!!
  10. Hi John, back on line at last, I used to use lead foil from wine bottles but they seem to have stopped using it on my £2 50 bottles of wine. The other method was to melt solder onto the hook, even messier than poxy and a site more dangerous. You can get lead sheet from tieing suppliers, what about tieing them on tubes, these can be bought in different weights. The other thing that might work is a detachable head , get some different size lead bullets and paint and epoxy them. I found something last week that might work if I can find it again I,ll send it. jim
  11. Re,The pike police, bring them on, check back to some of the origional PAC literature and you might find me somewhere. I fished Lomond when there were only three anglers fishing the winter, Gordon, Dereck and me. We had the place to ourselves, did,nt see anyone else from the end of October till March ,And in the early days John Lafferty, who caught more Pike tha ANYONE else. I think we allused PK3S or similar with in the main about 20lb line. I seem to remember John Watson and Gordon Falling out about tackle for Lomond, I think Mr Watson thought that the tackle being used was to heavy, so what he makes of the current trends god only knows.
  12. I agree about the properties of braid, I,ve used it in as low as 4lb breaking strain and as high as 110lb but for general use I use about 16lb b/s. I know throwing jerk baits about is taxing on gear, and the price of baits is high, but I still think that 80lb is excesive. I,ve fished some of the most fearsome swims in Scotland for pike and never needed to go above 25lb. Still everyone to their own.
  13. Scopex, I dont think it was the use of braid that was in question, I think it was more the b/s that you were useing that raised comment. I realise the advantages in useing braid I,ve got it spooled up for specific uses, I do wonder at your choosen b/s though.
  14. habilis, definately they should add to a days fishing. I have several run of the mill line holders, Greys GRX . I also have a couple of top end works of art, the main one being an ARI HART. this is fabulous. I,v also got a Hardy and an Orvis Large Arbour, both nice reels , but the Hart different class.
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