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  1. Well done mate, thats the way to catch them. Top angling
  2. spend some time at the lake if you can, and take whatever you are confident in. that goes for bait and rigs.
  3. supermarkets etc for chick peas and farm whole sale shops for maize 25kg for 3-4 squid.
  4. JDW


    ive had hundreds of carp on maize and have found that you dont really need to flavour it at all. its a very effective bait indeed.
  5. i find you are better off going with a proper outdoor company, although i am afraid they are not as carp fashion consious
  6. well done mate that is a special fish.
  7. no cats i believe your best bet is cobbleacre if you want cats, there has been some good ones out of there just recently. plus there are loads of good carp in there too.
  8. cant go far wrong with nuts and particals.
  9. i have always used berkly xl its really srong and abraison resistant, tend to use 6lb or 8lb and have had carp to over 30lb on it close to snags. all we need now is some weather to enable us to go!"!!
  10. if your mate is always out fishing you why dont you just do the same as him?
  11. i cant see it mattering that much really, very small. also if you are fishing in coloured water the fish are probably feeding by smell and not sight anyway
  12. Tiger nuts, maize, chick peas and pepperami these baits are all out fishing boilies where ever i have been fishing.
  13. bream 10lb+, tench 9lb+ and carp to 30lb+ although they are bloody hard to catch. (the carp that is the tench and bream are easy)
  14. you reaaly want to head up to lenwade in the summer you will get some nice chub?bream?tench etc
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