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  1. just had a look through there t+c and found this "We try very hard to ensure that all information on this site is accurate. However, just occasionally, an error can occur. If we discover an error in the price or description of a product you have ordered, we will tell you and ask you whether you wish to continue with your order or cancel it." so does this mean we wont get one at that price?
  2. well done mate, that is one big fish nearly as big as the young lad himself
  3. they told us why this happened at college but cant remember think it was there is 8 bits in a byte but they quote it as if there is 9 bits in a byte thats why you think youve got more storage than you have until you put it in anyway found this on wikipedia "Operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, frequently report capacity using the binary interpretation of the prefixes, which results in a discrepancy between the disk manufacturer's stated capacity and what the system reports. The difference becomes much more noticeable in the multi-gigabyte range. For example, Microsoft's Windows
  4. merry christmas everyone this will be my one and only trip to anglersnet today, i dont really come on here anymore but have got a few friends on here i hope so merry christmas everyone hope santa brought you what you wanted
  5. such a nice poem still cant understand why people drink and drive.
  6. happy birthday chris hope you had a good night
  7. really sorry to hear about gerry. just received an email about it cant believe it he seemed such a friendly person on these forums such a shame.
  8. what a w***** he deserves a good hiding when his bodyguards arent there for him
  9. my 50cc single 2 stroke sounds much better than those tractors
  10. when i started school around 10 years ago teachers always used to help me in situations like those stated at the top, i think they stil should be able to but think the checks on these teachers need to be more vigorous
  11. really liked him hope hes alright
  12. lol front first i got 22 secs
  13. and when i joined this forum i thought i was joining a fishing forum
  14. lol caught me there dave, theres is a load of crap in the river down my end though dave any good down yours?
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