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  1. This has got to be worth tracking. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RTM-MAMBO-SEA-KAYAK-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. My wife uses a Frenzy and we have yet to find its limits. Excellent fun sot good for surf,canals, inshore,rivers lakes. But before you wade in could i suggest you have a look at a local club. Most have a stock of different types of yak availalable for use by members and you can get good tuition. It would help you sort out exactly what you wanted to do and what compromises you were prepared to make. For example River runners like the Acrobat 275 are good fun in surf at a pinch so try as many out as you can and focus on what you need out of the boat. But most important ENJOY
  3. When yousaid cheap, Would this be cheap enough? http://www.onebag.com/popups/wcompass.html No seriously it could have its uses when all else has failed.
  4. Congratulations! I hapenned to see this site http://www.countywedding.co.uk/more-resources.htm Kauai Weddings caught my eye and then a link half way down. Wonder what the fishings like in Hawaii. Does Jack Lord ever drop in on Anglersnet?
  5. Just A quickie.. I put a carp unhooking mat on the roof of my mondeo estate just at the back of the car so it gives it a bit of protection against knocks etc. An old piece of carpet or underlay would be just as good. Saves the paintwork.
  6. How about fitting the hard drive that is in your daughters pc as a slave in the one you've posted on? At least she will have access to her work while you look for a new pc. Either way it's not a problem, just a chance to excel.
  7. Hiya SDD Never fished Fellfoot but use it a lot for getting on to W/mere. You will need your trolley if you're on your todd as its all up hill back to the carpark. River looks very pedunkle gravel banks reedy bays etc but I could imagine the lake a bit hits and miss. There are some reefs and shallow bays in the main lake past Lakeside Quay which could be worth a look. Saw some guys bivvied up there last weekend. Watch out for the dingy racing though because they have right of way on w/mere. It appears the hierarchy is xxxx about face here. with canoes/kayaks being the lowest of the low. The Steamers at the top. Can't say I'd particularly wat to argue the point. Discretion being the better part of valour. They look quite big from a yak. Let me know how you get on.
  8. Did you weather the bivvy before using it. The mix of cotton and man made fibres means they all shrink at different rates and sometimes this can cause leaking along the seams. Fox supply seam sealant with all their bivvies so it might be an idea to hose your new shelter down in the garden first to see what happens. Just a thought. Sorry if you've already been here.
  9. try this link http://www.bigwatersedge.com/ If you look at the movies section and select the surf one they perform (?) a deep-water entry.
  10. Thanks Dingle I may well take you up on that when I'm a bit more at home with the new yak. Never fished on anything so small before. Leyland isn't too far away so I'll keep your offer in mind.
  11. Simon Excellent idea. SDD You know the saying that goes "There's nothing like an old joke well that ones nothing like .......... Do you see any Puffins at St Bees? Been meaning to go up and have a look.
  12. Paul, Good point about UV. Perhaps corregated plastic is not up to the task. Good old roofing felt. SM, The talic racks look fantastic but what a price. The idea of webbing slings to form a creadle so avoiding pressure points on the canoe looks intersting and would be very simple to do. Nice one. Moonyaker, Drugs?
  13. Hi Guys. I've been reading your threads for some time as it always seemed a bit different. My Daughter is interested in canoeing and has an acrobat 275 and in order to accompany her on holiday paddles etc we bought a Tarpon 100. My wife did the bored routine when I asked the sales person about attaching fishing rods etc so I realised an out and out fishing yak was a non-starter. However my wife has decided she would like a yak of her own and not share one so we may soon be the proud owners of a Frenzy and here is the start of my problems. How an I going to store this veritable fleet? Do plastic yaks deteriorate in low temperatures -5 celsius at worst. I am thinking along the lines of a rack alongside the house with a roof of corrigated plastic ets but it wont be heated although it would be protected from the worst of the weather. How do you guys store your vessels? Any does and more importantly don'ts. The good news is that once she gets her own yak I can get to work on the Tarpon and make a few minor alterations. Strictly cosmetic of course. Ian
  14. What a blast from the past. Someones back garden in darkest Sidcup with Jim Gibbinson? My favourite was the pyrannah record.
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