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  1. Just a thought, if your home is close enough, you could use a wireless link, or if you have a clear line of sight. ie:home roof to business roof you could use microwave link, that way you only pay for your home broadband. But the initial outlay would be higher, which you could probably claim back in some way or another.
  2. Oh, i see, when you cant find a lamp post, you use a bucket.
  3. quote: Only time will say what we are going to face in 2012. It seems based on what is happening in different parts of the world, some one or some entities are trying to avert some calamity.I knew Ken Livingstone was using the Olympics as a cover for his alien buddies to arrive & take over.
  4. If you want ghosts come to Pluckley in Kent. The whole village is haunted [ 08. March 2005, 09:18 PM: Message edited by: melpen ]
  5. will maggots & worms kept in the fridge (not frozen) for 3 days be ok? & if so what can i do to make sure they are as good as they can be? From a newbie angler MEL
  6. Hi, Have just joined a small club, who is holding a fishing competition at Claygate Fisheries, the directions have/are very vague. This fishery is near Maidstone in Kent. Does anybody know the whereabouts & any angling info of this site? Thanx.
  7. Many thanks newt, Have dumped IE. Am now using firefox, with no probs, no freezing, pages are loading correctly. Have not had time too delve into whether firefox is capable of SMP
  8. I live in between Maidstone & Headcorn (In Kent) have been snowed in all day, stopped snowing around 4pm after nearly 2 days of constant snow. Tomorrows forcast is MORE SNOW then turning to rain in the afternoon, i remember the HURRICAN forecast IT WILL BE A LITTLE BIT WINDY.
  9. Great thanx, I prefere lakes at the moment,easier to get setup, as far as tactics are concerned its a case of finding the nearest angler & asking him!(or her). My fishing licence isn`t a year old yet! loads to learn. just walked into local tackle shop & bought loads of gear & off i went. Have read scores of books all of them contradict each other. Watch all the fishing progs on sky. i don`t mind what i catch, trouble is at the moment i don`t know what species i am catching. Is there a chart on the web somewhere i can download? Distance from Maidstone is not
  10. Many thanx, I used to fish mote park back in the 70`s wasn`t much good then, but mabe worth a visit now. I think this forum is great, only found it by accident! Mel.
  11. Not sure at the moment, i must admit that my software knowledge is limited, but my sat drivers & software is full of dll`s & proxies active ports HTTP channel bundling etc. Norton internet security 2004 hates it, have managed to configure it, but took a long time.
  12. Thank you all for your kind words & support. I`m going fishing next weekend, not made up my mind where yet, may go to BAX farm, do you have any more info.
  13. Hi newt, yes sorry i sometimes find it difficult to understand what i`m talking about. I`m running XP pro with dual AMD MP2800 with Satellite downlink. on a MSI k7 master L M/B, & 1 gig crucial RAM (PC100) & many extra`s MEl.
  14. Hi Jaffa, Not an easy question to answer! alot of it depends on your PC setup. ie:- what security software you have,firewall, antivirus etc. all browsers are vulnarable to attacks and so is your operating system, some are built in deliberatly . alot of popups can be stopped by your isp but they just can`t be bothered, freeserve is the worst. How do popups work? Well what happens is when you visit a web site that has been attacked, even when the owner dosn`t even know, a small programme is downloaded to your PC, it can hide anywhere, so when you connect to the internet or a
  15. Thanks for your responses. I am near Maidstone in Kent
  16. ooops sorry, I will refrase my comment, what i meant was, "I like to fish for anything except pike because i have not got the heavy tackle to fish for them" MEL:
  17. Hi all, First of all i would like to introduce myself as a new member of this forum, & also as a person who started fishing 1 year ago, after a 25year brake, & blimey hasn`t it changed! I am looking for day ticket places to fish in kent, as i am not a member of any club just yet, & not very experienced Are there any web sites listing places etc? I like to fish for anything except pike. MEL
  18. I have been using IE or netscape or Eudora for many years because i could not find anything better for my PC setup(which is quite extreme)but all had the same prob,i dont think IE is SMP compatable. ie. (Symmetric Multiprocessing, a computer architecture that provides fast performance by making multiple CPUs available to complete individual processes simultaneously (multiprocessing). Unlike asymmetrical processing, any idle processor can be assigned any task, and additional CPUs can be added to improve performance and handle increased loads. A variety of specialized operating systems and h
  19. Hi all, In most cases of IE freezing the cause is a java application problem, in most Microsoft operating systems there is a little programme called "Microsoft VM" (virtual machine)which IE needs to browse the internet. So a re-load of your latest service packs should solve this problem, UNLESS you are an XP user!!! Now as Max Bygraves once said "I wanna tell you a story" This little programme called VM was not written by microsoft, it was written by SUN microsystems who took microsoft to court and won thier claim. So as a consequence microsoft has to remove this programme f
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