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  1. Is that an offence? better put the local bobbies onto the fishmonger then. He sells the things in broad daylight. mate you really are lucky not to find yourself on an assault charge I can tell you that for nothing, what if one of them had drowned?
  2. Arent we missing the point of the original arguement. Immigrants? Some are good news, some are bad. There is no doubt that certain areas of crime in certain places are linked to certain "members" of certain immigrant communitites. Customs need to be changed. We have to educate these people. If they continue to re-offend then let justice take its course. I am sure once they start to see this happen they will be educated. Theft is theft at the end of the day. If they take fish where they are allowed to as disheartening as it may be its not an offence and we have no right to deport
  3. Its not illegal hunt with all animals. only Dogs, just so fox hunting and hare coarsing are outlawed. Setting a cat free in a shop is hardly hunting. otherwise you could certainly be done if your moggy is let out of your sight and accidentally kills a bird, rabbit or a mouse. I would go with the cat option myself. Ferret may have a tendancy to gnaw at stuff.
  4. Does this exist. And if so where can I lay my hands on some? Cheers JB
  5. Are you mobile? There were some cracking waters around Hertford for pike fishing. Recent years they have taken a bit of a battering from whatever source, poaching being amoung these. The lea has some good stretches as does the stort at Hoddesdon prior to fields weir, sadly the weir has been poached to death and no longer holds the sort of fish and the numbers that it used to! Get your walking boots on and try the lea, its certainly not the most peaceful of rivers and you will be plauged by crays but you should get some results if you pesevere!
  6. Sorry last time I looked this was not a police state. Nobody can force anyone to make a statement. If they did I think you will find that that statement would be inadmisable in a court of law military or not as it would have been taken under duress. Having said that, I would still report it to the police having spoken to the pair of them. That way you have given the option of coming clean. I have a mate who thinks its funny to nick other peoples stuff and then pretend he knows nothing about it, winding people up a treat. I dont particularly find it funny and we have nearly come to blows
  7. Nah tried it on a few different lakes one of which in particular I know to have a gravel bottom. Thanks for the help anyway guys I shall put these into practice next time I am allowed out to play!
  8. I have bought a Nash marker rod and am having trouble using it. Basically speaking I cant seem to find features with it. Depth marking is easy and I am happy with this, but apparently I should be able to see what the bottom is like through feel and action of the tip as I wind in? I am using braid and a feature finding weight. Can anyone give me any tips as to what I am doing wrong, or is this just what I should expect from a Marker?
  9. Quick mate check your maths and do an edit I think that the majority of Pike anglers wouldnt use anywhere near that amount of baits. not a chance. Not the johnny come once in a while bugger me its far too cold outside to go fishing types, who everyone else would have us believe are the scourge of modern pike fishing.
  10. You jump to conclusions far too quickly my friend. If you look at the vast majority of stats produced by either side there is usually a rather unhealthy slant on things. Take for example the initial worries about sea level rises if the Greens had been right and the initial Headline figures had been exacted out as originally stated then we wouldnt have the norfolk broads by now, London would be under water. All I was saying is that these people have an agenda. for whatever reason, and we are forced to behave in a certain way because of what someone says. fact is that scare tacti
  11. David, Chill out, I wasnt even replying to you. its just that to me the canal system is for everybody, and Anglers have enough bad press at the moment without generating more for ourselves.
  12. In the 70's we were all going to die in a new ice age, in the 80's and 90's it was skin cancer from the now healing OZone depletion. What produces more Greenhouse gases? a)The world population of Cattle b)The use of Cars and electricity industry. Its the cows!!!! These people have an agenda and will use any method, scare tactic, carefully worded report to produce stuff to keep them in a job. Lets face it if there was nothing for the Greens to report on, they would have no agenda. Its important that we look after the planet, not just for our generation ,but its also impor
  13. Sorry guys, but its not your god given right to fish the canal. Everyone else has a right to use it for their own legal recreational purposes. People have the right to walk dogs, boats and barges to use the canal(After all thats what it was put there for in the first place) ,canoeists to canoe and cyclists to use the toepath. If you dont like it, dont fish em! Simple as. I have lost count of the amount of dirty looks and snyde remarks I have had just for having the gaul to jog past a miserable angler without slowing to a walking pace. We dont own these places we have to sha
  14. Once they have been munched up by those pharyngeal teeth I dont think it matters how hard they are. If they can cope with nuts and snails in the wild then they can certainly cope with Boilies.
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