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  1. thanks for that jerry thanks. have you any more news on the voorne canal recent matches please.
  2. thats because he only fished for flies.
  3. his name is not jack its 1stbob,,, happy ny
  4. i used to be a member but this forum is much better at helping people out and not as clicky. if your face don't fit on the MD forum then you ain't coming in is the attitude i drew from the forum, there are some nice people on there but it comes across to me like they have there little gang and they are happy with that so i dumped that childish attitude for this more adult and experienced type of forum. there a bunch of swankers
  5. well done, nice report, keep em coming. makes a change from hearing about pikies catching silver fish eating machines, we need a match forum i think lol.. tight lines.
  6. what part of London, if you are willing to travel a tad then Colman's cottage can produce the goods, as can gold valley, and willow (on the right pegs) the culvert on the middle lake springs to mind. also pegs 12 and 13 at monks lake will produce all year as will Rolf's if you can fit in there very cl icky gang as if your face don't fit you ain't getting in, and they tend to drop the rules for special people so i would try to avoid the latter.
  7. not ganging up bill me ole muka, its just that you northerners are spoiled for choice i would love to be able to run a stick down my peg but the flowing waters round here just ain't flowing enough. the pole just allows perfect presentation and pin point accuracy, there are so many fish oop north that you can spray bait all over the ocky and bag oop dook.
  8. hmm, the accidental angler eh heheh, na that is tough m8, i did the same thing but it turned out to be young son knocked the joints over in my kitchen and lo and behold the 4th and 6th landed on the door step and they broke in two, luckily my house insurance had accidental damage and as the pole was in my house at the time it was covered, if you get my drift. failing that you could always take out some over priced fishing insurance that has so many get out clauses that you are only insured if you are in bed asleep with all your fishing gear and a hurricane blows your chimney down and brake
  9. why not divide the price with any of your mates that might want to use the program as well, im sure a small fee for recovering there data would be in order. can i hace a copy
  10. with that email addy god help all who replies to that advert, obviously not an angler so where did the pole come from eh.. sorry for being so negative but cmon a little more enthusiasm might go a long way, if you buy a pole you must know what its called eh.
  11. have you tried it in another usb port, or even flashed the frimware of the drive from the drives website ?
  12. hit the start button, bottom left, now in the run box type in msconfig and hit enter. now go to the startup tab and take the check out of msworks and hit apply now re-boot, put a check the box i know i bloody changed the startup procedure and don't remind me again I'm not bloody stupid and you should be OK to go.
  13. not our fault m8, blame the french they started it all, all we want to do is catch more fish unlike the armchair anglers who just want to sit on there chairs all day reading books on how to catch a fish. OI, OI oooooooooooooh loughton possie ganging oop on't poor old bill, lmao me dook.
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