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  1. I think the box would sale better if you put a price with your ad. michael
  2. Hi, had a try with the sage fli 3wt today, ok not an idea test as I only have a wf4 flooting line and that an old one with more coils then a snake, But I was able to make some good casts of around 30 foot. This I think will fit the bill and the chap only wanted £50 for the rod, so deal done, now looking for a better line, any ideas, and a lighter reel would not go amiss to. michael
  3. Hi thanks for the replys, casting is not so much an issue as the waters I fish are not well suited to long casting, or long rods as very overgrown this time of year. Has anyone a sage FLI 3wt, I have a mate who knows of one going cheap. are they any good, would it be able to take a 4wt line. michael
  4. hI, i am looking for a good 4wt rod for a bit of late grayling fishing, anyone have any ideas, I am not the best fly caster in the world so one that would help here would be good, I don,t have 100,s to spend on a rod so offer to you, any ideas. terry
  5. Hi Jon, was it 2005, god time flies, no wonder all my hair is falling out. Thanks france is find and I have found a kayak club there that meets over the summer, But my god the red tape to get a kayak in the water, The french must have a chart of area used, lights, compass, radio, insurance 3rd party for self and kayak, cert for kayak to prove its a kayak. and this is all checked at will by the police at any time. As a brit I just take a GPS system and radio. Anyway, yes the malibu is ok, a bit slow and takes a bit more to move along, think along the lines of a p13 but a lot more wet, I sometimes use it single and use the rear position and find it great to have the space at the front, I have kitted it out with anchor lines, and a rod/gps holder. and one of those usa seats with a kit bag. It will work for you i am sure. be good. terry
  6. Hi, I used the malibu XL last year, found it to be ok, a bit of a pain getting into the water but almost as good as my p13 when in use. Found in the freeads paper for £80, it was missing its seat but that was ok as I have two. I would say just right for what you are planning, terry
  7. Hi Richard, the place I use is as follows, custmflys@ij.net With the dollar to the pound its a good time to buy, and sorry simon but there are things one can buy in the states that are far far better and a lot less money then here in the UK and that takes account of the postage, After all whats the weight in a bag of feathers terry
  8. Chris, glad to see that the kayak fishing is taking off for you, well done I would love to meet up for your trip but will be out of the UK art the time. Wish you the best, Terry
  9. yes black works very well if the sun is out, but some reason yellow works in most light conditions, As I said before tying one owns flies is best, there are a number of sites on line that show how to tie flies and very good they are to, Buying from the USA does save a load of money, and they have materials that here in the UK are very expensive at this this time. At the moment I am tying patterns for next year and the total out lay using S/S hooks is around 35 pounds, for that I am looking to make 300 flies maybe 350. So much better then shop items. I am planning to cut down the number of blue/silver pattens, and go for more yellow/green and a lot more with rattals inbuild. And no more crab look alikes. spending hours waiting for a take with thes things is not on, better for the waters of the states then then the waters that I fish. terry
  10. Hi, I went big time with fly making for last season, What worked for me was the Deceiver pattern, I made a lot using lots of colours. But the pattern that took more fish by far on a clear summers day was a Leftys Deceiver with rattal and lots of yellow, The bass just love yellow. I use S/S hooks and buy material mainly from the USA. If you want any patterns please let me know. terry
  11. ark, in answer to your question, what rod. Will I started with a 8 foot spinning rod, which I used on my sea fishing trips, But had know end of mishaps with it on the canel, it was just to long and with a pike playing around I found myselve with the rod in the water on one side of the yat and the pike on the orther and me handlining the fish closer to the yat, Not idea at all and the only people who had any fun was the number of bank fisherman ;-) When in france I picked up a light but strong telescopic rod six foot, its a great little rod for just lure fishing. I also picked up a 7.5 footer for light spinning when on the sea, I can break these rods down so easy when a fish needs lighting and they are a joy to use, the better thing is they only cost 10 euros each. Keep to strong end gear, wire etc, and always think of the pike. Keeping the pike in the water along side is best if you can, and try to unhook well and fast, allowing the fish to recover before letting go. I don,t know whats best with a badly hooked pike, but taking it home for the table is better then allowing a long death due to a lure in its mouth etc. I must say that I have seen with horror some of the gear being used by some fisherman, and have come across a number of fish left on the bank, very bad. enjoy your fishing, but please please let the fish enjoy its life. terry
  12. Hi, I don,t use a landing net from the yat, found that it just made things harder to deal with the pike, I play the fish maybe a bit longer then I would from the bank, always use bardless hooks, and only one per lure. The played fish is clove landed and the hook removed with the fish across the yat on my knees,I always hang both long and short hook removers from a landyard around my neck, easy to get at when times get busy. I then hold the fish in the water until showing clear signs of fitnest to release and let go. I have found that for canel pike fishing, doing away with the life jacket and keeping the yak clear of fish holders and items that to tell the truth just get in the way helps with handling the pike and the pikes well being. nice pics, terry
  13. Hi, I remember something about someone telling me about 3rd party insurrance being needed on sites, but god knows what harm a kayak can do I don,t know. Its best to check out the waters you are thinking of fishing, ring the fishing clubs, I know that sometime ago there was a big to do about kayaks on rivers, and so say no go areas, best to be on the safe side, I have hear that some bank fisherman have been known to use kayaks etc as targets for their leads. terry
  14. Hi there, in answer to your questions, First off one does need a club licence for kayak fishing any part of the river etc that is under licence to a fishing club, one also needs a rod licence. I fish for pike on the exeter shipping canel and have a lot of fun trying for them on the fly, or with lures. At first I took some stick from bank fisherman, but on showing them that I had the club/ rod licence and was keeping to club rules of barbless hooks etc, then all was find, I have been away from the site for most of the summer and taking the kayak out over some great fishing grounds here in france, This winter the canel calls again, its great to just go to parts that the bank angler find harder to get to, I use a P13, which is idea, and now use a fold up rod which I found in france. Hope you enjoy the kayak, I have used mine a lot more then the boat, anyone want to buy a 19 foot bayliner ????????? terry
  15. speciman, It took around 6 weeks to get here from the usa, they lost the 1st order placed. For some reason it just came in the post customs free, can,t remember what I paid due to getting other stuff at the same time, but I sold the other on this site for 70 including postage, so would of been around that mark. terry
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